What Is the Meaning of Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo in Berserk?

Berserk is recognized as being among the most reliable and high-quality manga series that have been published over the past 30 years. Ever since its debut, the manga has captivated readers all around the globe, demonstrating that some series can still be enjoyable even after more than two decades of publication. 

This masterpiece was the work of the late Kentarou Minura, and the universe of Berserk that he created is going to be continued.

Naturally, the future vision in Berserk is likewise fantastic, and the primary characters, such as Guts, Griffith, and Casca, have a great deal of depth to their personalities. Furthermore, in this post, we shall discuss the Brand Sacrifice Tattoo, which rose to prominence among many readers of the Berserk manga and continues to enjoy widespread acclaim.

So, what does the Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo mean in Berserk? The Brand of Sacrifice is a symbol for individuals who have been blessed for the Invocation of Doom. This is a sacrifice rite in which those who take part in it will surpass their basic humanity. 

This leads to the formation of an apostle or a member of God’s Hand, which will sever the bonds that people have with mankind. Differ in various regards, one who lives, such as the central protagonist Guts, gets entrance to the Astral world. 

Since Guts resides “beyond the logic of the Physical World,” this gives him a half-step advantage over the majority of the other people who are now casualties.

We are going to have a more in-depth discussion concerning the Brand of Sacrifice and do our best to describe the role that it plays in the mythology and narrative of Berserk. 

In addition, we will determine what the Brand is founded on, who is marked in Berserk, and whether or not the Brand exists in the actual world. If you feel that this is something that would be of interest to you, stick around to the conclusion of the post.

What Is the Foundation of the Brand of Sacrifice?

It is common knowledge that throughout the last three decades, the Berserk anime has been responsible for educating us about a great deal of what is fascinating and amazing in the field of worldbuilding. 

Miura has claimed on several occasions throughout the course of his career that he found inspiration in many different aspects of the fantasy industry. 

For instance, the look of the central protagonist Guts was affected by Mad Max, while the setting of Berserk was largely motivated by features of Conan the Barbarian and Elric of Melniboné.

The notion of casualty, as well as the Physical World and the Astral World, draws its influence from Greek Tragedies and religion. The topics of the manga include human resistance, treachery, and retribution, as well as human nature and morals. 

Because Miura combined all of these facets in such a deft and creative manner, many now believe Berserk to be the finest dark fantasy manga in history, and it has influenced a large deal of excellent manga and anime over the course of decades.

In terms of where the idea for the Brand of Sacrifice came from, the Brand itself has a good amount of resemblance to ancient Norse runes, whilst the idea behind Invocation of Doom was presumably influenced by Christianity and its notion of hell and the afterlife. 

All of this is speculative because Miura did not directly address the question of what served as the impetus for developing the Brand of Sacrifice. 

Nevertheless, the idea is remarkably comparable to Christian doctrine, and the fact that there exist apostles and members of the God Hand only strengthens concerns about the group’s religious affiliation. There is apparently an association between the legend of the Vikings and the Lord of the Rings series.

Who Possesses The Brand of Sacrifice In Berserk?

Following an explanation of the sources that served as inspiration for Berserk’s Brand of Sacrifice and the material upon which it is founded, we shall now discuss the characters from the Berserk manga who have been marked. The following are examples of branded characters:

  1. Guts – his tattoo is located on the right side of his neck.
  2. Judeau – his tattoo is located on the palm of his left hand.
  3. Casca – her tattoo is located on the upper portion of her chest.
  4. The Brand has been placed upon the right shoulder of the Lady Priestess of the Cherry Blossoms.
  5. Pippin has a tattoo located on the right arm of his body.
  6. Corpses under the Tower of Rebirth have tats on their foreheads.
  7. The tattoo that the Count’s wife has may be found on her upper chest, in the space between her breasts.
  8. Corkus – his tattoo is located on his forehead.
  9. The Egg of the Perfect World – has a tattoo located on his tongue.
  10. Gaston – has his Brand on the left shoulder.

Each of these protagonists obtained the Brand of Sacrifice in their own unique manner, which typically takes place during the Eclipse that occurs once every 216 years – the occultation ritual is a unique ritual sacrifice event that takes place in which a new participant of the God Hand is born. 

Griffith sacrificed them in order to join the God Hand, a group of demon kings who carry out the Idea of Evil’s will. This resulted in Griffith and Guts’ gang, the Band of Falcons, receiving a brand.

Casca and Guts were the only members of the Band to survive after the majority of the other members succumbed to their wounds and perished. 

Casca, on the other hand, came out on the losing end of the bargain since a new recruit of the God Hand, previously known as Griffith and now known as Femto, victimized and sexually molested her in plain sight till the Skull Knight showed up, cracked the Eclipse, and ended up saving both Guts and Casca. Guts were able to escape the ordeal unscathed.

This specific occurrence was traumatic not just for the protagonists but also for the audience, and despite the publication of the “Eclipse arc” in the late 1990s, Berserk enthusiasts often consider the section of the tale to be gruesome and upsetting to the point that they choose not to revisit it.

We can appreciate Miura for pulling us back into the Berserk universe by providing us with fresh storylines and arcs that include both Guts and Casca.

The Brand of Sacrifice: Does It Exist?

Despite the fact that the developer of Brand of Sacrifice, Kentarou Miura, has said on more than one occasion that he was motivated to create the series by a variety of fantasy novels of entertainment from across the globe, Miura’s concept for the series is completely unique.

Although there are versions of this sign throughout history and in mythological legends, as well as some resemblance to Viking runes, we can confidently assert that the Brand of Sacrifice does not exist in any form whatsoever. 

It is a work of fiction that was first introduced in the manga series Berserk, which was published in Japan.

However, a number of fans found themselves invigorated by the late Miura’s work, and after following this illustrious series for a number of years, they came to the conclusion that they should mark themselves with their very own version of the Brand of Sacrifice.

The themes of Berserk, such as treachery and retribution, have previously been discussed, however, human endurance and suffering are the primary characteristics of the major characters, as well as one of the primary pillars around which the manga narrative itself would be built.

The protagonists in Berserk are not big fans of redetermination, and some of the story’s major themes are that individuals have to learn to take control of their own destinies. 

To put it another way, “you will die one day, but you have the fortitude and bravery to give your best until you inevitably do pass away.”

In spite of the fact that some fans have joked that the Brand of Sacrifice seems a little like a Bluetooth sign, enthusiasts continue to tattoo it into different portions of their bodies in spite of this.

Although the Brand of Sacrifice does not exist in the actual world, it does in the minds of Berserk fans, and we will now share with you one of the fan-created reasons for the Brand of Sacrifice tattoo: “The Brand of Sacrifice reminds me that I am mortal, but it also reminds me that I have the power to fight until my very last breath.”


In conclusion, the Brand of Sacrifice tattoo in Berserk carries a great deal of meaning and significance for those who bear it. It is a mark of devotion to the God Hand, and it is said to grant its bearer great power and success in exchange for their loyalty.

However, the true cost of bearing the Brand is the person’s soul, which will be claimed by the God Hand upon their death. The Brand of Sacrifice is a powerful symbol of the person’s willingness to make a pact with the God Hand, and it represents the sacrifices that they are willing to make in order to achieve their goals.