Who Are Goth Mikasa & Nerd Armin?

Concerning the idea of the multiverse, our level of knowledge is dangerously limited. Or anything along those lines. This is a line that was said by Doctor Strange in the most current installment of the Spider-Man film franchise produced by Marvel.

The subject of this post indicates that there may be an Attack on Titan universe somewhere out there, despite the fact that Attack on Titan isn’t a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and has absolutely no connection to Marvel. By elucidating the identities of Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin, we will determine whether or not the Attack on Titan series takes place in many realities.

So, Who Are Goth Mikasa & Nerd Armin? In the episode “Attack on School Castes,” Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert are seen in two different guises: the Goth Mikasa and the Nerd Armin. This is really a hoax preview series for the manga adaptation of Attack on Titan, which was written and drawn by Hajime Isayama. These two people are not a part of the official plot for Attack on Titan, but they do suggest that there may be a broader universe overall.

In the next section of this post, we are going to share with you all of the information that we have gathered concerning Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin. 


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Since you now know who these characters are and can be certain that they definitely appear, we will proceed to detail all of the times they have made a presence in the Attack on Titan canon. This page will provide you with all of the information you require concerning Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin.

Is the Character Goth Mikasa Real?

Goth Mikasa could be actual or she could be an illusion, depending on how you look at the situation. The protagonist, Mikasa Ackerman, has already been seen in the Attack on School Castes series, and this heroine is almost probably an alternate take on her. 


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Attack on School Castes is, in reality, a series of false teasers for the initial Attack on Titan manga. Hajime Isayama is the author and illustrator of all of these previews, which can be found in Attack on School Castes.

Beginning with volume 21 and continuing until volume 34, the series was included in all of the main manga’s volumes. The plot of this series focuses on Eren Yeager and his buddies throughout their time as typical high school students, and it chronicles their many escapades.

Mikasa is presented as a Goth girl throughout the series, and as a result, she is sometimes referred to as “Goth Mikasa” and Gothkasa. She is without a doubt the most well-liked character in the series and a huge hit with the audience in general. 

Is it true that she exists? The fact that she is out there and can tell her tale indicates that she is, in fact, genuine. To the contrary, the series wasn’t ever intended to be included in the official Attack on Titan canon, and even Isayama has admitted that these previews are not real. Therefore, in a certain sense, she does not exist either.


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Does this imply that there are other universes in which Attack on Titan takes place? It’s possible, however, this interpretation is more of a hypothesis held by fans rather than anything else. We will now provide a list of the tales in which Goth Mikasa has appeared, beginning with the first:

A Few Words… Can Change Everything.

Eren Kirstein, the victim of Armin Arlert’s bullying, is someone who Eren encounters at school. Eren’s courage in the face of Jean’s bullying has earned the respect of Armin and Mikasa Ackerman.

Candid Camera

Eren, Armin, and Mikasa visit Mr. Smith and Dr. Zo in order to inquire about Levi; however, they flee in terror after seeing that Levi’s cleaning goods are on Mr. Smith and Dr. Zo. After some time has passed, Levi begins to annoy Eren and forces him to assist the janitor in cleaning.


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A Little Something Called an Ouija Board!

Eren is convinced by Mikasa and Armin to participate in their usage of an Ouija board. Everybody is shocked as the board begins to move, and Marco eventually confesses that he was the person who did it. 

Eren makes the inference that Marco was the person who shifted the board twice when he says that the board has shifted two times. Armin and Mikasa are both disgusted that he’d say such an insensitive joke regarding a student who had passed away.


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End Roll

Following the viewing of the film, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa discuss their thoughts on the experience. Eren thought the film was entertaining, and he hopes there will be a follow-up installment starring Armin and Mikasa if such a thing is even possible. 

Armin reveals that the Titans lived one hundred years ago and expresses his desire to learn more about the film’s hidden elements, which are still being kept a secret.



Is Goth Mikasa a Character That Can Only Be Found in the Manga?

Goth Mikasa has only ever appeared in the manga up to Episode 19 of Season 4 of Attack on Titan, but as we’ve established, even throughout the manga she isn’t canon and therefore is included in Isayama’s fake teasers for the original series.


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However, in the previously stated episode, when Eren was clinging to the edge separating life and death, he got a glimpse of flashbacks from his personal life as well as the lives of his Titan ancestors. 

The faces of two of the author’s most beloved alternate characters, Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin, were emblazoned over a mosaic of recollections that were now floating through the ether.

The makers of the anime have recognized the fake previews, and as a kind of fan service, they have incorporated the shapes of these 2 characters into the animation. This does not imply that the two of them have been included in the official anime canon, however. To the best of our knowledge, this event will not have any additional effects.


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Is the Nerd Armin an Actual Character?

Nerd Armin might be either genuine or not real, based on how you examine the situation. In any event, the character is a different take on Armin Arlert, who was a main character in the television program Attack on School Castes. 

As we’ve already established, this book is just a bunch of phony teasers for Hajime Isayama’s legitimate Attack on Titan manga.


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The tale of this series, which is told throughout every volume of the original manga, beginning with volume 21 and continuing all the way through volume 34, recounts the escapades that Eren Yeager and his pals get into while they are still in high school.

Armin, who is presented in the anime as a geeky high school boy, is given the nickname “Nerd Armin” due to this portrayal. He is beloved by the audience and is consistently ranked as one of the most well-liked figures in the anime.

So the question is, does he actually exist? Since he does appear and he has a history, we may conclude that he is, at the very least, historically accurate. 

On the other hand, the series was never intended to be a part of the official Attack on Titan canon, and even Isayama himself has recognized that these teases are not real. Therefore, in some sense, it is not real either.


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It’s possible that this indicates that there is more than one universe in the Attack on Titan series, although it’s more of a fan idea than anything else. The following is a list of the tales wherein Nerd Armin has featured, except the ones that we have already stated above:

Bullying Isn’t Cool

Eren is the victim of persistent bullying at school on the part of his other pupils, but he is unaware of what is happening until Armin explains that there are rumors circulating that he committed something to Historia. 

Historia feels ashamed of what her group did to Eren, yet she won’t acknowledge that she created the story herself to cover her tracks. When he attempts to approach her, she turns the tables and attacks him instead.

Don’t Believe Armin’s Twisted Words!

The video of Historia and her colleagues assaulting Eren becomes viral, which ultimately results in the girls getting shunned by the other students at the school. 


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Eren goes up to Historia and everyone else in the school and says sorry to her for starting the conflict in order to rescue Historia from being made fun of. Armin’s idea inspired him to do this.

After he walks away, Armin starts formulating a strategy for how he may blackmail her into repaying the favor she has promised to Eren.

So, Is Nerd Armin Just a Manga Character?

Nerd Armin was a character that was only available in the manga up until fairly recently, which is to tell until Episode 19 of Season 4 of Attack on Titan. However, as we’ve previously discussed, even within the manga, he was not a canon personality and was instead a portion of Isayama’s faux teasers for the earliest manga.

Nevertheless, in the previously stated episode, when Eren was teetering on the brink of life and death, he had a vivid recollection of his personal life as well as the lives of the Titans who came before him.

The faces of two of our most beloved alternate characters, Nerd Armin and Goth Mikasa, appeared in a compilation of those experiences that were floating about in the ether.


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The makers of the anime have recognized the fake previews, and as a kind of fan service, they have incorporated the shapes of these 2 characters in the show. 

This does not imply that the 2 of them have been included in the official anime canon, however. To the best of our knowledge, this event will not have any additional effects.