Who Is Bill Skarsgard’s Character in Eternals? (EVERYTHING EXPLAINED)

A well-known known fact regarding the Eternals film is that it features a fantastic cast of performers who have all had considerable success in other mediums. 

Since much of the focus was placed on the Eternals cast members, it is understandable that not many viewers were aware that Bill Skarsgard had a role in the film. In addition, he didn’t actually stand out in the movie at all. 

So, who Exactly Does Bill Skarsgard Portray in the Tv Movie Eternals? Kro, the main antagonist of the Deviant series, is voiced by Bill Skarsgard. Kro was able to adopt a more humanoid shape and gain the capacity to converse after killing Gilgamesh, who was the one who granted him the power to transform into Ajak and murder him.

If you are confused about what happened in Eternals, Kro was the most powerful of all the other Deviants and the main antagonist of the story.

Due to the fact that there were so many different things taken on at once during the whole of the Eternals movie, it is quite simple to get confused by what is going on. 

Although it was maybe shown that a member of the Eternals was indeed a villain, the Deviants remained the film’s primary antagonists for its whole. 

Including some of the Deviants, Kro, played by Bill Skarsgard, was the only one powerful sufficiently to compete with the Eternals.

Bill Skarsgard’s Secret Role Exposed

Prior to the date film Eternals was made available in theaters and on Disney+, the major stuff that Marvel was promoting regarding it was the film’s incredible ensemble cast, which included a number of well-known actors. 

If you consider the far more seasoned individuals of the ensemble, like Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie, there is no question that Eternals is packed with performers who have done everything in their own way. 

Nevertheless, the remaining members of the ensemble are all quite talented in their own way, and several of them already have a promising future ahead of them. 

In addition, the premise that Eternals has a cast that is comprised of so many talented actors makes it challenging to concentrate on the events that are taking on since your attention will be drawn to the performers themselves.

Having said that, as our emphasis shifts more toward the Eternals and the storyline of the movie, one character named Bill Skarsgard is likely someone you haven’t paid much focus on. 

And if you check the identities of the actors who appear in the film’s closing credits or on the film’s page on IMDB, you will be startled to find out that he is really in the movie.

As a result of his performance, Bill Skarsgard became the first actor from the 2nd gen to feature in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Bill’s father, Stellan Skarsgard, had previously portrayed Erik Selvig in the Thor film franchise. 

However, yeah, the reality is also that Bill Skarsgard is indeed in the Eternals film and performs a part that is fairly simple to overlook since he does not have a bunch of verbal phrases and he doesn’t adopt the shape of a person. 

He does, however, play a role that is extremely difficult to ignore. Who exactly does Bill Skarsgard portray in the television series Eternals?

If you check at the end credits or Google the cast of Eternals, you will discover that the hidden role that Bill Skarsgard plays in the movie Eternals is really Kro. 

You are therefore aware of the reasons why you failed to spot him in the film and why you failed to recognize that he was the actor playing this role. 

Viewers and the remainder of the A-list performers aren’t too held responsible; his role is small and almost unnoticeable in the movie.

Who Exactly Is This Deviant Kro?

Even if you are aware that Bill Skarsgard portrays Kro, you may be perplexed as to who this mysterious individual is. Since Kro’s name wasn’t ever stated once throughout the whole movie, we can certainly see why you have no idea who he is.

The fact is that Kro is really a Deviant, one of the creatures that the Eternals were entrusted with destroying when they were brought to Earth 7,000 years before the happenings in the film’s primary plot. 

With the new information that Bill Skarsgard portrays Kro and is a Deviant, you can easily guess what kind of Deviant he is.

The audience was led to believe that the Deviants were senseless beasts who were incapable of conversing for the entirety of the film. 

They were essentially predators whose purpose was to guarantee that smart species might grow on the worlds they were transported to, however they ended up consuming the smart living species themselves. 

Having said that, one of the topics that were shown in the movie very soon on was a hugely powerful Deviant that astonished the character played by Gemma Chan and the character played by Richard Madden. 

The fact that none of the greatest of the Eternals, Ikaris, was capable to slay this Deviant demonstrates that they are still alive and well on Earth and demonstrates the immense power they possess. 

They were also taken aback by the notion that it has healing skills comparable to those possessed by the head of the gang, Ajak.

As the film went on, it became clear that this Deviant was the most powerful of the other surviving Deviants on Earth and the group’s head. It was also far more powerful than the other Deviants, as it was capable of providing the Eternals a fight for their cash. 

Once Deviant finally took Gilgamesh’s abilities, it proved the idea that it had taken Ajak’s powers and murdered her in the act of doing so.

It wasn’t until after it had murdered the powerful Eternal and acquired Gilgamesh’s abilities that the Deviant changed from its larger, greater horrific shape into a more humanistic look. 

The ability to communicate was a byproduct of its transformation into this shape. It was in this scene when Bill Skarsgard’s character, Kro, made his 1st appearance on screen and delivered his very first line of dialogue throughout the whole of the film.

Why Does Bill Skarsgard Have Such a Supporting Role in Eternals?

As was previously established, Bill Skarsgard’s contribution to the movie was to provide the vocal of the entirely CGI villain, the Deviant Kro. 

You will furthermore observe that Kro didn’t get a bunch of talking moments, which was a bit of a letdown for many, who believed that Marvel had squandered Bill Skarsgard’s talent by casting him in such a supporting character. 

If this is the case, then why does Bill Skarsgard just have a supporting part in Eternals?

Since Marvel never explained their reasoning for casting Bill Skarsgard as a supporting character in Eternals, we are unable to state for definite why they made that decision. 

Nevertheless, one thing that we are able to state with absolute certainty is that they picked a skilled actor who is highly adaptable in terms of taking on a variety of roles.

And besides, Bill Skarsgard is indeed known for playing Pennywise the Clown in the current IT film franchise. This part garnered him the most attention. 

Skarsgard brought Pennywise to life as a result of his multifaceted acting abilities and his incredible impersonation of the terrifying clown’s voice in the role of Pennywise. 

Audiences were let down when they saw that he had been cast in quite a supporting part in Eternals due to the fact that he had a significant amount of skill.

Will Bill Skarsgard At Some Point Be a Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

There remains reason for fans to have optimism, regardless of the truth they might have been let down by the reality that Bill Sarsgaard’s brilliance seemed to be squandered when he was cast in the character of the Deviant Kro, whose name was never even stated in the movie.

When it comes to hiring performers for various roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel is not bashful. Naturally, we are referring to Gemma Chan, who made her debut in the Marvel Comics series Captain Marvel playing a supplementary role known as Minn-Erva. 

On the other hand, as you are well aware, Gemma Chan was able to secure herself a 2nd opportunity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by playing Sersi, a leading character in Eternals.

Therefore, in light of the fact that Bill Skarsgard’s character Kro perished in Eternals, just as Gemma Chan’s character Minn-Erva did in Captain Marvel, there remains a possibility that Marvel will indeed offer Bill Skarsgard a unique part in the MCU, much the same as Gemma Chan was capable of securing a more significant part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.