Who Is Season 4’s Fred Benson From Stranger Things? (DETAILS)

The 4th season of Stranger Things carried on the show’s long-standing practice of adding new people to the narrative with each passing year. This time around, we got to witness more characters who had their own distinct parts to play in the show.

 A few of these characters had more supporting roles, however, they are nonetheless rather interesting. One of these characters is Fred Benson, who plays the role of the stereotypical geeky child from the 1980s.

Who exactly is Fred Benson in the fourth season of Stranger Things, and what exactly happened to him? Fred Benson is a senior at Hawkins High School and works on the school newspaper alongside Nancy Wheeler. It is possible that he has a secret crush on Nancy since it was implied that he was somewhat envious of Jonathan Byers’ relationship with Nancy. Vecna, who had doomed Fred and intended to murder him by exploiting his troubled history against him, ultimately succeeds in taking Fred’s life.

Fans who have been following the Stranger Things series since the first season may have noticed by this point that Fred is yet another of Nancy’s pals who is ultimately taken out by an entity from the Upside Down. 

Despite this, he appeared to be an innocent young guy who was taken from this world too soon. Therefore, let’s learn a little more regarding Fred Benson and figure out what part he had in the drama that unfolded over the 4th season of Stranger Things.

Who Is the Character Fred Benson From the 4th Season of Stranger Things?

We watched additional actors take on the parts of fresh protagonists in the most recent season of the critically acclaimed original series produced by Netflix. 

This was consistent with how the past seasons of Stranger Things had handled the addition of new cast members. Although some of these people had more significant responsibilities, others didn’t even have a significant part in the general progression of the narrative whatsoever.

In the initial episode of the 4th season of Stranger Things, among the new cast members was Fred Benson, and he got his chance in that episode. 

Fred, in contrast to other of the more recently introduced characters, has a part that is not very significant to the progression of the overarching storyline of the series. Who exactly is Fred Benson from the 4th season of Stranger Things?

Fred is a typical teenager in high school that attends Hawkins High School. He was initially presented to the audience as a fellow student who contributed to the school newspaper with Nancy Wheeler, the publisher of the Hawkins High School newspaper. 

In the school newspaper, Fred was represented as being much tighter to Nancy than the other students, plus he was also extremely pessimistic about the school’s prospects of winning the basketball title, which the publication was hurrying to report the same day.

Once Fred was first presented to the audience, he had the appearance of a typical geek from the 1980s: someone who couldn’t harm a fly and struggled with his socialization. 

Throughout a scenario in which they were talking about Nancy’s connection with Jonathan Byers, who was currently in California at the time, it was additionally implied that he had a secret crush on Nancy.  

Nancy considered Fred’s statement that she was the most attractive female in school to be both strange and frightening. It seemed that Fred was envious of Nancy’s connection with Jonathan, and he actually went so far as to name her thus.

Despite this, Fred and Nancy managed to keep up their business connection with one another for the whole of that period of time since they both participated in the student paper. 

Even while they were reporting on the high school championship game, they were observed hanging out together.

It was obvious that Fred and Nancy were very happy working with each other for their school newspaper, so the morning following the championship game, they began their investigation into the mystery surrounding Chrissy’s alleged death. Their goal was to determine whether or not Chrissy had indeed been murdered.

What Happens to Fred During the 4th Season of “Stranger Things”?

It seems as if Fred Benson was one of the side characters in the 4th season of Stranger Things who did not make a significant contribution to the progression of the story. 

During the entirety of the situation, he never stopped following Nancy about in order to assist her with the topics that they were reporting. The investigation into Chrissy’s passing winds up being the most significant project that they worked on collectively in the end. 

It was apparent that he was struggling with migraines and was evidently upset because of something since he was trailing alongside Nancy throughout the inquiry.

Additionally, it was the case that he was following Nancy like a puppy. When they were pulled over by a police officer while driving, Fred got images in his brain of the officer informing him about the high school kid who had been killed in an accident that he had caused while driving.

On the other hand, the police officer never said such in real life since everything was happening inside his thoughts.

It was eventually discovered that Fred was the most recent adolescent victim of the Upside Down demon known as Vecna, who had been torturing teenagers. 

Vecna, the exact same thing who murdered Chrissy, was turning people’s painful memories against them, just as he had been doing to Max for most of the first half of the season. Chrissy’s killer, Vecna, was also using Max as a test subject.

Vecna was using Fred’s terrifying experience of unintentionally murdering a classmate in a vehicle accident a year earlier as a springboard for her argument. As a result, he was applying his mental abilities to force Fred to experience that event repeatedly, yet in a way that was more horrifying.

After some time, Fred and Nancy continued their investigation into the murder of Chrissy by going to the trailer park in which the crime had placed. 

Since Eddie Munson’s uncle had informed Nancy that his nephew couldn’t have been the one to murder Chrissy, Nancy decided to see Eddie Munson’s uncle in order to learn more about the circumstances surrounding Chrissy’s death. 

At that point, Fred went missing while he was having recurring images of the incident that had occurred a year before.

This vision was utilized by Vecna to distract Fred from Nancy so that the mighty monster could murder the young adolescent in the exact way that he had slain Chrissy earlier. 

As Fred’s limbs were being severed and rearranged, he began to float in the air. His eyeballs were squeezed out as blood poured out of them till he ultimately surrendered to his destiny as the second youngster whom Vecna murdered. He was the 2nd victim of Vecna.

Nancy learned of Fred’s passing, and she ultimately came to the conclusion that Eddie was not responsible for Fred’s passing. 

As Nancy’s research into what had happened to Hawkins brought her to Dustin’s group, the passing of Fred only served to increase her desire to learn the truth about what had been going on there. 

By following Dustin and the rest of his group, Nancy was able to learn that Fred and Chrissy had both seen the school counselor prior to their deaths as they were also experiencing indications that were very identical to one another.

Nancy was able to get more insight into what was taking on in Hawkins as a result of Fred’s passing, despite the fact that his demise was not nearly as significant as Chrissy’s. 

She was finally led to Victor Creel by the inquiry, who was alleged to be guilty of the exact sort of killings that occurred in the 50s.

It is important to point out that Nancy’s buddy Fred is the 2nd person she has lost due to an encounter with a monster from the Upside Down. 

The first was Nancy’s closest friend throughout the 1st season, Barbara Holland. After that, Barbara vanished, and it was revealed that she had passed away. 

However, Nancy did not appear to be as distressed by Fred’s passing as she was by Barb’s passing, which appears to imply that she and Fred were not particularly connected but had been simply collaborating together due to their expert connection in the school newspaper.