Who Was BEN On OZARK And Most IMPORTANT Facts? (FOR FANS!!!)

Ben, Wendy’s brother and one of the Ozark cast members we saw for the first time in the 3rd season, quickly established himself as one of the show’s most intriguing new characters. 

However, despite the fact that Ben only lived through one season of Ozark due to the fact that he ended up passing away at the conclusion of season 3, his death continues to throw a shadow over season 4. On the show Ozark, who precisely was Ben, and how could he meet his end?

So, who was Ben on Ozark? On the show Ozark, Wendy Byrde’s brother is named Ben Davis. When he finally made his debut on the program, it took place in the 3rd season of the series. He was murdered because he became a threat to the group after disclosing too much information about Helen. Ben was shown as a past substitute teacher who suffered from bipolar illness and was fired from his position after losing his anger in front of his students.

The issue with Ben was that he was a spectacular complement to what had already been a terrific show, and this was the feature that stood out the most about him. 

Fans had a positive reaction to the character since he did such a good job of illustrating what it felt like to suffer from bipolar illness. 

Naturally, despite his best efforts, he was ultimately doomed to pay the price for poking his nose into a situation that he shouldn’t have, as he was killed off at the conclusion of the third season.

Who Is Ben, the Character From Ozark?

Ozark, much like many other series that is now accessible to view online, continued to improve with each new season. 

Ben Davis was one of the most valuable additions to the cast during the third season of the program, and despite the fact that he just appeared on the show for one season, he ended up being an indispensable component of Ozark.

Even throughout the happenings of the fourth season, Ben’s influence could be seen and felt in the program. However, who exactly was Ben on Ozark?

Ben Davis is one of the major characters in Ozark. Wendy Byrde’s character, who is also a key character, is Ben Davis’s sister. 

Before making his debut in season 3, he alluded to multiple occasions in the seasons that came before it. Season 3 was his 1st appearance.

Prior to making his premiere as a character, Ben worked in the education field as a relief teacher. 

Yet, due to the fact that he suffers from a mental disorder, he became irascible in the classroom when private images from one of his pupils began to circulate. 

Despite the fact that he might have the finest motives in his heart, he got rid of the telephones on his own and then proceeded to attack another person.

Ben was forced to go into exile as a result of the events that occurred during his time working as a substitute teacher, and Wendy was the one who took him in. 

While he was on the run from law enforcement, he set up a house for himself in the town, but soon after, he began making friends with residents of the town, which led to him getting himself into a predicament that was beyond his control.

What Is the Name of the Ozark Actor Who Plays Ben?

Tom Pelphrey, who plays Ben on Ozark, is a well-known actor who rose to prominence as a result of his depiction of Ben and the skill with which he was able to make people understand the impact that bipolar disease has on a person’s perspective of the world around them.

Fans flocked to social networks in the year 2020 to share their disappointment that Tom had not been nominated for an Emmy Award, despite the fact that he did such a terrific job playing the role of Ben. 

However, he was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award due to the outstanding job he performed portraying the character and all of his mental problems on screen.

Tom Pelphrey’s portrayal of Ben was helped greatly by the fact that he related to his character on a more profound level. This was one of the stuff that Tom Pelphrey did. 

Because he had such a strong connection to Ben as a character and was blown away by the way the writing was progressing as a whole, he ended up crying when he found out that Ben was going to be killed off in the story.

What Kind of Mental Disease Does Ben on Ozark Suffer From?

Ben was identified as having a mental disease that led to his developing bipolar disorder in later life. 

This was the key to understanding Ben. Because of his bipolar disease, he had to take medications that assisted him in controlling his mental troubles. 

It is obvious that the man’s history of bipolar disorder was the root cause of his problems since he was dismissed from his job as a substitute teacher and then murdered shortly thereafter.

But, the most important thing you need to understand regarding Ben is that he was an exceptionally straightforward guy who had a straightforward perspective on life since he struggled with bipolar disorder. 

He had a childlike quality and was a simple person who cared deeply about his whole family as well as his girlfriend Ruth.

Despite the numerous problems he had as a human, Ben had the innocence of a kid, which helped to make him a highly admirable character.

Ben, who struggled with mental illness, had a tendency to see the world in stark black-and-white terms and was unable to distinguish between shades of gray. 

As a result of this, he was a sword with two edges; he could do better, and he could equally cause injury. And in the end, it was his mental illness that proved to be his undoing.

What Is the Relationship Between Ben and Ruth on Ozark?

While Ben was hiding out and finding sanctuary with Wendy, he simultaneously proceeded to become friends with Ruth, with whom he eventually fell in love. 

This all took place while Ben was on the run. Ben’s decision to stop taking his medicine for bipolar disorder, which had a negative impact on his sexual performance, was precipitated by the beginning of his relationship with Ruth.

Wendy, well aware of the potential fallout that may result from Ben’s romantic involvement with Ruth, made an effort to persuade Ruth to quit their connection. 

Nevertheless, the younger girl did not stop visiting Ben, and this ended up being very expensive for him due to the emotional troubles he was experiencing.

The Cause of Ben’s Death In Ozark

As soon as Helen learns of Ben’s secret, she gives the order for a hitman to kill him since she recognizes that he is now a burden who poses a threat to the whole enterprise. 

After that, Ben made an attempt to flee the scene while also behaving erratically due to the mental health problems he was experiencing.

As the hitman continues his search for Ben, Wendy ultimately spills the beans and reveals his whereabouts. Ben is put to death as soon as the hitman discovers him, and this marks the end of the third season of the show. 

Helen was the person who gave the order for Ben to be killed; the hitman could have been the person who fired the gun on Ben, but she was the person who gave the order. In addition, Ben’s careless actions were the cause of his untimely death.

What Did Ben Do In Ozark?

As a result, Ben ultimately became acquainted with numerous significant persons who were engaged with the whole drug cartel throughout the course of his ongoing stay with Wendy. 

He became good friends with a little girl named Erin, who turned out to be the daughter of the antagonist Helen Pierce, an attorney who serves the Omar Navarro drug gang.

Ben, meanwhile, commits the error of revealing the information to Erin that her mother is employed by the cartel. Erin is unaware of this fact. 

As soon as Helen learned about it, she began to see Ben as a significant problem, one that might put both her professional life and her connection with her daughter in jeopardy.


This article was all about Ben on Ozark and how he unfortuitously died. I hope you will enjoy it.