Why Does Tanjiro’s SCAR Change In ‘Demon Slayer’? (DETAILS)

The main character of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro, has always had a scar on his forehead. If this scar has always been there, then it begs the question: Why does it change form as the anime progresses?

CAUTIONThis article contains SPOILERS for both seasons 1 and 2 of Demon Slayer, as well as issue #129 of Demon Slayer.

The anime series Demon Slayer poses a cryptic query to its audience in the shape of what appears to be a scar on Tanjiro’s forehead, but which, by the end of the first season, has been replaced with an altogether another scar. 

In Demon Slayer, the Tanjiro mark isn’t completely addressed, in contrast to the development of Tanjiro’s physical talents, which are consistently discussed as he does a series of activities designed to improve his fighting ability. 

On the other hand, it is expected that future arcs of the anime would shed more light on it and highlight its significance.

So, Why Does Tanjiro’s Scar Change In ‘Demon Slayer’? The mark that can be seen atop Tanjiro’s head is known as a Demon Slayer Mark and changes based on the situation. The ability to earn distinctive markings that correspond with the unique breathing combat tactics that powerful Demon Slayers use is a perk they get as they level up.

At first, it’s presented as an injury he sustained while trying to save his brother from a falling boiling pot. However, it quickly becomes clear that this is not the case. 

In the Japanese manga and anime series Demon Slayer, the main character Tanjiro Kamado has a big scar on his forehead that, at the beginning of the series, seems to be either a burn scar or a birthmark. We, the viewer, don’t find out that it’s anything more than simply a scar until much later.

The mark that can be seen atop Tanjiro’s head is known as a Demon Slayer Mark. The ability to earn distinctive markings that correspond with the unique breathing combat tactics that powerful Demon Slayers use is a perk they get as they level up.


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It is disclosed in Chapter 129 that a Demon Slayer Mark can only manifest itself on Demon Slayers who have lived through the potentially lethal circumstances of having a heart rate that is more than 200 beats per minute and a body temperature that is greater than 39 degrees Celsius.

When you access the abilities of the scar, you may be able to do the following: (1) switch the color of your sword red, which will prevent demons from regenerating their health; (2) gain supernatural powers as well as other physical capabilities that are beyond those of a human; and (3) gain the ability to observe the actions of other individuals with hyper-perception. Essentially a slow-motion version of The Matrix.

The negative to this is that it places a substantial strain on the body and, if done excessively, may considerably cut down on the average person’s expected lifetime.

In the instance of Tanjiro, the mark was formerly nothing more than a light graze; however, during the Final Selection, when he was engaged in combat with the Hand Demon, the mark evolved.

Because of this potentially fatal illness, he underwent a transformation that resulted in the formation of a flame-like pattern that serves as his new Demon Slayer Mark. When he makes use of his powers, things continue in the same manner as before.



This is a fascinating bit of legend that will develop more as the narrative progresses. I won’t reveal everything to you just yet. However, he will not be the final Demon Slayer that we will see with a mark on their body.

Considering his scar becomes more severe after he is slammed into a tree by the Hand Demon in Season 4, the fact that it evolves after this occurrence makes sense. However, neither the way it appears nor the way it is explained makes any sense. 

The broken mask of Tanjiro would neither cause the burn scar to transform into a line of scars nor would it cause the surface area of the scar to alter. In addition, it does not make any sense for a scar to grow even more noticeable with time.

Rather, it is interesting to speculate that Tanjiro’s mark was never a scar but rather always a Demon Slayer Mark, which is something like the markings seen on numerous demons throughout the series. This would explain why Tanjiro did not have a scar. 

These, too, signify great power in the bearer, albeit, in the case of the demons, this power is frequently bestowed upon them by methods other than their own, such as the gift of any quantity of blood from the series’s main antagonist, Muzan Kibutsuji.


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There is a scene in the series when Tanjiro’s father, Tanjuro, has the same “scar” on his head as his son. However, it is very improbable that they both suffered similar burns from a hot kettle. 

Because of this, it is abundantly obvious that this characteristic was passed down from one generation to the next and was not the product of a misfortunate event. When this is taken into consideration, Tanjiro’s struggle against the Hand Demon seems more logical. 

The Hand Demon is the first highly stronger demon Tanjiro faces in Demon Slayer, even though it is still relatively weak in contrast to the demons he faces later on.

The Tanjiro Mark is Explored in Greater Detail Throughout the Manga

The manga provides a great deal of insight into Tanjiro’s mark, particularly in terms of detailing how the Mark presents itself.

It is revealed in Chapter 129 that the Mark will emerge on those individuals whose bodies have undergone specified superhuman situations, such as their heart rate hitting or passing over 200 beats per minute and their body temp hitting or surpassing 39 degrees celsius. 


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This would be a logical explanation for why the event with the kettle set off Tanjiro’s Mark since both the warmth of the kettle and the increased heart rate brought on by worry for his brother (and agony) would most probably occur in each of these conditions being satisfied.

This won’t only be explained better if Demon Slayer season 3 and subsequent seasons keep following the storyline of the original manga, however, the Mark will also come to play a much bigger role in the story for a number of different reasons.

For the time being, however, in order to avoid giving anything away, the only thing that should be said is that it is more essential than simply a scar that looks nice; this is because of the aesthetic appeal of Demon Slayer and the attention to story detail tend to go hand in hand with one another.


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Will Tanjiro’s Scar Continue to Evolve Throughout the Third Season of Demon Slayer?

The Swordsmith Village Arc is the next plotline that will be adapted from the manga for Demon Slayer season 3, which will follow in its footsteps.

Since the Mugen Train and Entertainment District arcs have been finished, Tanjiro’s quest to meet Muzan Kibutsuji in combat and finally vanquish the demon lord is quickly coming to a close. 

As a result, Tanjiro will soon discover more about himself and the significance of his scar.

In the second season of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro’s sun breathing was exposed. This is a skill that he acquired from his father in a manner very similar to the Mark. 


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Tanjiro will ultimately discover the same mysteries that were revealed in the manga about the true meaning of his scar thanks to the fresh knowledge that he now has.

It’s possible that this may be covered in the Swordsmith Village Arc of Demon Slayer season 3, however, most of it is discussed in the final chapters of the Infinity Castle Arc in the manga. 

Thus, it is possible that Tanjiro’s scar will not alter at all throughout the third season of Demon Slayer, however, he is growing closer and closer to finding out the real truth.

My Personal Thoughts

Throughout the course of the series, Tanjiro has been involved in a number of situations that have contributed to the development of his scar. On the other hand, the rationale for this shift may be understood better when seen from the point of view of a screenplay writer.

It’s possible that this was intended to hint at the fact that he was meant for greatness, a truth that Tanjiro went on to show by learning all 13 forms of Sun Breathing, which played a significant part in defeating Muzan.