Will Boruto End and When?

It was never Masashi Kishimoto’s goal to carry on the Naruto series, however, his old main assistant Mikio Ikemoto made the decision to accomplish this with a younger breed of protagonists and a primary emphasis on Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki

Since the year 2016, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been serialized, and the series is presently ongoing with Volume 16. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss potential ending dates for the Boruto series.

So, Will Boruto End and When? We do not have any information on when Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will come to a close. Ikemoto claims that the publication of the manga began in 2016 and that it is already fifty percent complete. 

To be more specific, Ikemoto expressed his desire for Boruto to have about 30 volumes, with the ultimate goal of the entire series reaching a maximum of 100 volumes. 

On the basis of this, it’s possible that Boruto may end sometime during the year 2028. Just after the conclusion of the manga, production on the accompanying anime will most likely begin sometime between one and two years later.



The remainder of this essay is meant to be devoted to discussing Boruto and its current mission. On the basis of the data that we have received from the creators of the serial, you are going to discover some details regarding the anime series and the manga, in addition to when it is possible that the series will come to an end.

Are We About to See the Last of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

In 2014, after the Naruto manga came to an end, the Shueisha corporation approached Masashi Kishimoto with a request to create a continuation of the story. 

Kishimoto did not agree with the suggestion and therefore offered that the drawings be done by the artist Mikio Ikemoto, who has been working as an associate for Kishimoto ever from the earliest volumes of Naruto. 


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For the purpose of promoting the upcoming manga, a timer webpage dubbed “Next Generation” was used.

It was revealed in December 2015 that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will be published in serial form. Kishimoto was quoted as saying that he wants Boruto to be more successful than his personal art. Ukyō Kodachi, the creator of Boruto, had previously published a light novel in 2015 titled Gaara Hiden and collaborated with Kishimoto on the script for the film Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

In addition to Kodachi writing the manga, he additionally serves as the chief narrative editor for the anime adaptation. Kishimoto was also the anime’s coordinator for episodes 8 and 9, both of which he oversaw.

According to Kodachi, the fact that his father was a doctor served as a major inspiration for the scenario of the anime, which focuses more on actual science than Naruto does. 

Kodachi found that playing science fiction role-playing games provided him with a wealth of ideas that helped him better integrate the usage of ninjutsu with technology.

Despite the fact that Kishimoto altered the plot of the manga, he encouraged Ikemoto to create his unique art style instead of imitating it. Ikemoto concurred and had a positive attitude toward his artistic approach. 

Ikemoto has claimed that he would try his best to make the manga, despite the fact that he acknowledged that longstanding fans may be dismayed by the fact that Kishimoto will no longer be drawing Boruto.

Ikemoto, who is glad for the opportunity to produce the illustrations for Boruto, expressed his appreciation for the fact that the series would be published once per month instead of every week, considering that producing the requisite number of roughly 20 pages for each chapter would be exceedingly taxing on one’s energy reserves. 


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He is still of the opinion that monthly printing is a difficult task. The average length of one of Boruto’s normal chapters is over 40 pages.

The production of the sheets typically takes 21 days, while the creation of thumbnail drawings requires one week. The leftover time is used for coloring the pictures and polishing up the chapters. 

Ikemoto, while sketching the characters, had the idea that Boruto’s facial emotions need to alter as the tale went on. In the beginning, he made the hero with large eyes for exchanges with Tento, however as he started talking to Kawaki rather than Tento, Boruto’s look changed to reflect more defiance.

In contrast to Naruto, this show has a more lighthearted vibe, yet it starts out with an ominous hint of what’s to come. 

Kishimoto came up with the idea for this storyline in order to provide the manga with a more profound effect and to adopt a unique perspective than the one that was used in the Boruto film. 

Ikemoto created an earlier version of Boruto for this particular situation; nevertheless, he feels that the appearance of the character may alter after the manga hits that stage.

At the beginning of 2019, Ikemoto noted that the connection between Boruto and Kawaki would be the most significant aspect of the story, as it will continue to evolve until the time of their conflict in the flash-forward. 

Ikemoto responded to a question on the length of the series by stating that he planned to offer the series roughly 30 volumes in order to tell the tale. These are the terms that he used:

My utmost priority is to complete the entire story for BORUTO. That said, I do not want the story to sprawl out too much. As the original NARUTO series already has a whopping 72 volumes, I am hoping to complete the story within 30 volumes to keep the entire saga within a hundred volumes altogether.

– Miko Ikemoto

As can be seen, Ikemoto and the creator who is now working on the series, Kishimoto himself, have ambitions for the series that exceed 100 volumes. 

Boruto is presently on volume 16, and as we’ve mentioned, that’s nearly 50% of what Ikemoto had envisioned for the series. 

Given that it required the manga approximately 6 years to accomplish 50 percent of the material that was anticipated, it is possible that it will conclude sometime in the year 2028 if there are no more setbacks. 


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Therefore, in our sincere view, Boruto is not even close to being finished and nonetheless has a significant distance to go.

How Many Seasons of Boruto Are Planned?

As we’ve already established, we have no idea how far Ikemoto and Kishimoto want to draw Boruto and Kodachi together, however, we do understand that Ikemoto originally envisioned the series running for roughly 30 volumes. 

We understand this because of the current publishing and collecting pace, which shows that Boruto released around 2.5 volumes each year, which adds up to the present total of 16 volumes over a span of 6 years.


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Considering that Boruto is expected to run for approximately 30 volumes and that its publication pace is around 2.5 volumes annually, we may figure that Boruto will continue for approximately 12 years, which sums to what we indicated previously – Boruto will most likely conclude approximately 2028. 

It began in 2016, and if you sum up the 12 years we calculated depending on the present publication pace, it equates to 2028. 

However, since we do not know whether there are likely to have any substantial setbacks in the release of the manga, indicating that Boruto may remain here for much longer, we will simply need to sit and watch how everything works out.