Will Gabi Die in Attack on Titan? (THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW)

During the 4th season of the Attack on Titan anime, Gabi Braun was thrust into the limelight for no apparent reason. Gabi Braun, who was brought into the tale at a point that was considered to be rather late in the progression of events, emerged as a pivotal character in the 4th season of Attack on Titan

Because of the significance of her part in the chain of events that led to Eren’s emergence as the Founding Titan, we have decided to devote an entire post to Gabi. This is only fitting since she was an essential player in those activities. 

In this piece, we will reveal to you whether or not Gabi Braun passes away in Attack on Titan, as well as what exactly happened to her.

So, Will Gabi Die in Attack on Titan? Gabi Braun is one of the characters that made it through the happenings of Attack on Titan. Gabi is able to rejoin her parents and Falco after Eren’s death; however, their time together ended prematurely when the Marleyans arrive and insist that the Eldians immediately demonstrate that they are no longer able to transform into Titans. Armin came to their rescue and saved them. After the struggle, Gabi and Falco decided to become Levi’s caregivers and watch after him for the next 3 years.

The rest of this piece is going to concentrate on Gabi’s journey as it unfolds in the latter sections and editions of Attack on Titan. After reading this post, you will have an in-depth understanding of Gabi Braun since we are going to provide you with further information about her narrative, in addition to her epilogue in the universe of Attack on Titan. In other words, you will understand all there is to know regarding Gabi Braun.


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Will Gabi Die in Attack on Titan?

Fans of the anime series Attack on Titan have been curious about Gabi Braun and her backstory ever since the character came into the limelight in the show. 

The identities of Gabi Braun’s parents remain a mystery, despite the fact that she is a member of the illustrious Braun household and a relative of the even more renowned Reiner Braun. 


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Gabi performs a significant part in the story arc known as War for Paradis, and she is the primary agent behind the circumstances that resulted in Eren’s metamorphosis into the horrific Founding Titan.

Due to the fact that Gabi had an active role in the battles that took place in Marley, fans are justified in wondering whether or not Gabi Braun will perish in Attack on Titan. 

In Attack on Titan, Gabi Braun doesn’t really ultimately die away, to answer your question in a nutshell, until we truly get into depth about her journey following the event with Eren. 

She makes it through the battles in Marley, and she is the one who tells the story. The next step is for us to investigate precisely what took place with her.


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What Happens to Gabi in Attack on Titan?

The force of the gun causes Gabi to be flung back when she shoots Eren, and as a result, she is unable to witness Zeke grabbing Eren’s head. 


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As Gabi is falling to the earth, she observes that the walls surrounding her are beginning to fracture and that the ground is beginning to shake around her. After a few moments, the walls suddenly crumble, and in their stead stand the colossal titans. 

When Gabi looked up, she was shocked to find a titan skeleton sprouting out of Eren’s body as a consequence of a massive explosion of steam. The skeleton had an unusual form and was growing out of Eren’s body.

Reiner utilizes the skills he has as a Titan to shield Gabi from the incoming fragments. He then carries the girl away from the danger while the rubble continues to fall around them. 

But at the same time, the Titan’s armor starts to deteriorate, which compels him to depart from the Titan’s body. As the two go farther on foot, Gabi continues her search for Falco. 

Reiner hypothesizes that the aggressor probably kidnapped the youngster and held him for ransom. At that same time, he is so exhausted that he is on the verge of passing out, and Gabi assists him in moving to the closest building so that he may rest.


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Reiner gives Gabi the command to go south and leave with the remainder of Marley’s men before he eventually loses consciousness. However, Gabi rejects the order and stays behind to seek Falco instead. 

After that, Gabi and Armin will go to Ragako. After Gabi locates Falco, the two of them express their sorrow for the passing of Colt. The following day, the alliance reaches Paradise Harbor, only to discover that it has been taken over by Yeagerists.

Pieck transports Gabi and the other civilians to a boat at the harbor as the rest of the squad is engaged in combat with the Yeagerists. After reaching the boat, Gabi and Magath assist their fellow soldiers while continuing to cover their retreat with return fire. 

The next instant, however, everybody is dazzled by a light that is emerging from the port, indicating that Falco has transformed into a Titan.

As the boat pulls out of the port, Gabi looks back at Falco, who is recovering. After that, she inquires about Magath’s whereabouts from Pieck, only to discover from him that he remained behind so that the others could get out safely. 



After some time has passed, an explosion takes place. The passengers witness the ascent of the flaming pillar into the clouds, which ultimately results in the demise of Theo Magath. In Odia, Pieck instructs Kiyomi Azumabito to hold Gabi and Falco imprisoned in a room onboard the ship since he is certain that they will wish to follow. 

Falco and Gabi both agree to do what they are asked. When the Titans come, Gabi implores Annie to please let them free with all her might.

In order to get Gabi and Annie closer to the action, Falco uses his Titan to transfer them there. Mikasa, Jean, Reiner, Levi and Connie were all in danger of being killed by the Titan army when the gang arrived just in the nick of time to rescue them. 

When Falco finally makes it back to Eren, the other members of the gang come to the conclusion that they have no other option than to murder him. 

After decapitating Eren in Shiganshina, Gabi reveals to the other members of the group that she saw a bright “centipede” arise from Eren’s spine and connect itself to his skull after coming into touch with Zeke.


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Gabi comes to the conclusion that this “centipede” could be the actual nature underlying the Titans’ manifestation, and she proposes that they could see the “monster” once more if Eren is beheaded once again. 

Gabi uses her weapon to shoot Armin in the head from the safety of the Titan’s back, which enables Mikasa to take Armin out of the Titan’s jaws and hand him to Gabi. Falco leads the remainder of the team back to the Fortress of Glory as Armin Arlert changes on Eren’s “back.”

After being rejoined with her family, Gabi makes a beeline to tell Karina the good news that Reiner is still alive, however, their conversation is cut short. 

Eren and the “centipede” are the only ones who made it through Armin’s change. Gabi suggests looking for a solution to prevent Eren from getting back together with the “centipede.” 


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At the same time, though, the crew is taken aback as the so-called “centipede” starts to exhale smoke. The Survey Corps has come to the conclusion that the Eldians now residing in the stronghold will be transformed into Titans as a result of her actions.

Gabi and the others choose to remain behind as Falco and the Ackermans and Pieck go on their journey. As the centipede makes its way back to Eren, the Eldians who are currently within the stronghold undergo the transformation into titans and quickly rush to the creature’s aid. 

Following Eren’s death, the giants’ power is destroyed, and every one of the Eldians reverts to their human forms.

Gabi is reconnected with her family and Falco, however, their joyous occasion is cut short when the Marleyans from the citadel arrive and demand proof that the Titans no longer possess the ability to morph into other forms of life. 

Armin arrives just in time to prevent the Marleyans from opening fire, as he is able to convince them otherwise. Gabi and Falco became Levi’s guardians three years after the Battle of Slava Fortress, which left Levi paralyzed as a result of the conflict.


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Will Gabi Be Given a Titan as an Inheritance?

It is good knowledge that Gabi Braun has Warrior abilities. The Eldian Unit of the Marley Army is further organized into sub-units, one of which is called the Warrior Unit. 


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It is under the supervision of the Marley Empire, which provides its members with Titan Power, and its participants are in control of interacting with Paradis Island. 

In the year 854, when the unit was dissolved, there was simply a single candidate in position among the future Warriors, and that one was Gabi Braun.

Since the Titans vanished following Eren’s death, Gabi Braun never truly gained Titan powers and she was never a Titan. However, we do understand that the Warriors are candidates for Titan abilities and that Gabi Braun was the 1st in line to inherit that ability.


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Which of the Titans Would Gabi Have Been Destined to Inherit?

Even though Gabi Braun hasn’t ever truly become a Titan because of the events we have explained earlier in this section, it is known that she would have inherited the Armored Titan if the Titans had not vanished after Eren Yeager was killed by Mikasa Ackerman in the last episodes of the manga. 


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