Will GI-HUN Be a VILLIAN in Squid Game Season 2? (INTERESTING FACT!!!)

Even while the belief that Gi-hun would become the next Front Man for Squid Game is the most widely held for Squid Game season 2, this is not the outcome that Player 456’s tale requires.

How will the second season of Squid Game keep going? After a fairly self-contained initial season is likely the show’s largest challenge, and the brightest future for Player 456 could be as an unheroic. Gi-hun’s tale is the focus of this struggle.

In spite of the fact that the first season of Squid Game featured a number of different people, most of whom were given some kind of background narrative between episodes 1 and 2, Player 456 was undoubtedly the protagonist of the show.


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Gi-life hun’s was observed by viewers from the beginning of the games until the very end of the competition; nevertheless, despite the fact that Player 456 was victorious in the games, Gi-hun was never able to find the contentment that he sought. The conclusion of the first season of Squid Game hinted, in essence, that Gi-hun would go on a perilous journey.

After it was revealed that the Front Man of Squid Game was a former winner of the game who for some purpose teamed up with the founders of the deadly game, many people began to speculate that the latest winner, Gi-hun, will also turn into a psychopath at a certain point in the future. Gi-hun is currently in the first place.

It would be a fascinating turn of events if Player 456 were to become the next villain in Squid Game; nevertheless, the greatest option would be for Gi-hun to transform into an evil character whose acts are neither possible to be defended nor are they anything to cheer for.


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In order to demonstrate that it was worthwhile to continue what appeared to be a story that had reached its natural conclusion, the second season of Squid Game will need to do something that is totally different from what was done during the first season. This must begin with a new story arc for Gi-hun.

It is Not Appropriate for Gi-hun to Become the Next Leading Villain in Squid Game

It is plausible to hypothesize that Gi-hun would play a villainous role in Squid Game season 2, but it would be inconsistent with what was revealed regarding the protagonist in the first season of the show for him to transform into an adversary who is beyond redemption.

Despite seeing Sang-Woo murder Sae-byeok, Gi-hun never forgot who he was at heart, which is a large part of what made him such a captivating core character for spectators to watch across all 6 games.

In fact, this was the case even after he saw Sang-Woo kill Sae-byeok. Gi-hun was shattered by the time the first season of Squid Game came to a conclusion; yet, it would be a huge jump for the plot to have him become the next major Squid Game villain in the same vein as the Front Man or Player 001.



After Season 1 Ends, Gi-Hun Won’t Be Able to Be a Complete Hero

Even if Gi-hun ought not to turn into a bad guy, it is impossible for him to be the virtuous hero that was shown in the first season of Squid Game. Gi-hun did not change significantly over the course of any of the games, although it was clear that he had been severely damaged by the conclusion of the first season of Squid Game.

Gi-hun was forced to engage in mortal combat with his closest buddy just prior to witnessing Sang-Woo murder Sae-byeok. Gi-hun’s confidence was indeed broken by Player 001, who was in fact the mastermind behind the games the whole time and used Player 456’s relationship to further his own agenda.

When Gi-hun finally arrived home, he was shocked to learn that his mother had passed away. Gi-hun is now experiencing what may be the most difficult time of his life, regardless of the fact that he won the games and is now a billionaire.

The ending of the first season of Squid Game hinted that Gi-hun would attempt to put an end to the games, which isn’t likely to be an easy task given the fact that the games have been going on for years.

However, in order for Gi-hun to have any hope of putting a stop to the Front Man, the previous Player 456 will need to transform into the worst possible version of themselves rather than play the role of a hero.

In order for Gi-hun to win the games, he needed to confront a number of difficult moral choices; now, as he works to beat the Front Man, he may find himself in a situation with the same set of circumstances.

It doesn’t matter how drastically dissimilar Gi-hun will need to get in the second season of Squid Game; the program will be at its most compelling if he still has some goodness within him by the time it’s through.