Will GTA 6 Be Better Without Multiple Endings (INTERESTING!!!)

It is possible that Grand Theft Auto 6 may be improved if it did not provide several endings similar to those seen in GTA 5, considering that the majority of them are unsatisfying and unsatisfactory.

The plot of Grand Theft Auto 6 may be improved if it took a different, more linear direction than Grand Theft Auto 5 did and did not provide several possible endings. 

If the numerous endings in a narrative are not properly developed, they may decrease the effectiveness of the tale, particularly if it comes down to a single decision, as was the case in Grand Theft Auto 5. 

Providing players an active engagement in how the chapter ends can increase the experience of many games; but, if the various endings are not properly created, they can reduce the enjoyment of several games. 

It is likely that Rockstar would opt to include several endings to Grand Theft Auto 6, despite the fact that very little is revealed about the plot of GTA 6. This would make the tale seem less natural and might perhaps make it less significant.

So while Grand Theft Auto 5’s missions largely followed a predetermined plot line, players were given the opportunity to make decisions that led to one of three possible outcomes. 

In two of the outcomes, Trevor or Michael are killed, while in the third, the main characters engage in combat with the antagonists. The endings of Grand Theft Auto 5 were flimsy and empty, just hardly affecting gamers’ viewpoint of the main characters, and depending solely on the small significant selection gamers made, which also built them poorly. 

This was the case even though the finales contained some of the game’s coolest moments. It would’ve been ideal if Grand Theft Auto 5 didn’t have different endings to choose from since they were both unsatisfying and snatched from the value and meaning of the game.

The Story of GTA 6 Could Have More of an Impression with Just One Finale

It is possible that Rockstar could make the numerous endings in GTA 6 more significant if they made substantial modifications to the storyline of the game; nonetheless, the game would be better off without these alterations. 

Due to the mostly linear nature of the storyline in GTA 5, the game’s many endings were rendered useless. If GTA 6 instead concluded with an excellent finale, the tale would be far more compelling. 

Besides that, by adhering to a linear storyline, developers are able to make use of players’ connections with the surroundings to describe the game’s character, which in turn might influence the outcomes of missions, robberies, and other types of tasks. 

It was accomplished in Red Dead Redemption 2, and it contributed to the game’s finale having more of an effect, making it more passionate, and providing more significance.

It Would Be Beneficial for GTA 6 to Have a More Traditional Story

It is possible that Grand Theft Auto 6 may repeat the error committed by GTA 5 and continue to use this formula, despite the fact that it is completely unnecessary to the narrative that the game is attempting to convey.  

Some games, like Life, Is Strange, benefit from having numerous endings since the story is delivered solely via the player’s actions, while in a series like Grand Theft Auto, where the protagonists complete their objectives in the main mission, a single, exceptional ending may be more fitting.