Will Sasuke Die in Boruto? (EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW)

Having reached the conclusion of the most current arc in the manga. The audience witnessed both Naruto and Sasuke experience significant setbacks at the hands of Isshiki. 

In the end, Sasuke was deprived of one of his most distinctive abilities, his Rinnegan. His Rinnegan was shattered when Boruto, while possessed by Momoshiki Otsutsuki, rushed straight forward at an extremely rapid pace and performed a surprise strike on Sasuke’s Rinnegan. 

This assault caused Sasuke to lose control of his Rinnegan. Does the fact that the Rinnegan possessed a significant portion of Sasuke’s power to imply that Sasuke died as a direct consequence of this event?

So, does Sasuke die in Boruto? Sasuke did not die throughout the course of the series, although there are clues that Naruto and Sasuke could die in the coming future.

And besides, the first episode of the Boruto series depicted a devastated Konoha, and Kawaki promised Boruto that he would lead him to the location where his father “lives.”

This post will refute all aspects of this hypothesis that should never have happened in the first place in the hopes of preventing the majority of fans from being too concerned about their beloved Uchiha. 



It is possible to postulate that Sasuke will pass away at some point in the future, but this does not imply that he has actually passed away in the series. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that another important character from the Naruto series passed away during the same story arc and moment when Sasuke lost his Rinnegan.

Does Sasuke Die?

In the most recent story arc, Sasuke, alongside Naruto, Kawaki, and Boruto, were all able to escape death. 

During the battle, Sasuke was wounded in the left eye by his pupil, who was under the possession of Momoshiki at the time. This caused him to lose his Rinnegan.



Boruto was ready to reawaken and fight against Momoshiki’s influence when Kawaki coerced Momoshiki into absorbing a technique that required him to sacrifice himself.

The death of Kurama was by far the most significant setback for them throughout the arc. According to the most recent information, this was the sole fatality that took place. After the fight with Isshiki, Sasuke’s whereabouts were no longer known to anybody.

When Does Sasuke Die?

At this point in time, nobody can say for certain when Sasuke will pass away, or even whether he will pass away at all in Boruto. Nevertheless, it cannot be said for certain that he will make it through the whole series. 

As we have all seen from following Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Naruto and Sasuke undergo a transformation that allows them to grow more powerful as a result of the death of a loved one.

In the story of Naruto, Jiraiya, who served as a paternal figure to the young boy who had spent his childhood outside of his village, was killed in the battle against Pain. As a result, Naruto became far more powerful than he had been before. 



When it came to Sasuke, it was really his brother Itachi who was responsible. Boruto would continue to develop his strength and maturity if the plot follows the same path even supposing Sasuke was going to be murdered at some point in the future. 

In Kawaki’s situation, the same thing would happen, except alternatively of Sasuke, it would be Naruto who would actually die.

Who Is It That Has the Capability to Kill Sasuke?

Do not misunderstand me; Sasuke’s use of the Mangekyo Sharingan does not diminish his overall strength. Sasuke is unable to use any Path-based methods or Space-Time Ninjutsu due to the fact that he has lost his Rinnegan. 

In addition, he does not have expertise in Space-Time Ninjutsu. It does not alter the reality that Sasuke is still considered a God Tier character regardless of the assumption that the chakra of the six channels remains to circulate through his chakra circuits and that he has a vast arsenal of Jutsu.



However, as was shown in the Kawaki story arc, just a vessel for an Otsutsuki was able to easily dominate Naruto and Sasuke. It merely serves to demonstrate that in order to defeat any of these characters, their opponents need to have the power level of gods. 

Sasuke has exposure to most of his talents, despite the fact that they have been weakened. 

If you followed Boruto, you would have seen that Sasuke infrequently utilizes his Rinnegan and that it was largely employed for nothing else than Ameno and space-time ninjutsu. 

Due to the events that took place at the Kawaki Arc, the only remaining core operative member of the opposing group is a person called Kara. It is possible that Code poses the greatest danger to everybody in Konoha at this time. 

The claw marks that makeup Code’s ability allow him to teleport within them in a manner similar to that of the Flying Thunder God Technique used by the Fourth Hokage. According to the most recent chapter, it would seem that he abandoned some of them in the countryside outside of Konoha.

Who Is Responsible for Sasuke Uchiha’s Death?

Even in the most recent chapter of the Boruto manga, Sasuke remains alive and well. 

The most recent narrative arc in Boruto demonstrated that although Naruto and Sasuke were depicted as very strong ninjas throughout their respective eras, this does not indicate that they are invincible. 

Jigen won the fight against the two ninjas in their first meeting, which saw both of them being stabbed by chakra-draining rods wielded by Jigen.

Jigen made the decision to put a seal on Naruto and then attempted to murder Sasuke, but he was prevented from doing so by Naruto’s shadow clones. 



Regardless of Sasuke’s objections, Naruto was able to persuade him to go back to Konoha so that he may continue to fight some other day. This caused Sasuke to relocate to Sakura’s side before he passed out from his wounds.

This demonstrates that even though they are considered to be two of the strongest ninjas in the novel, they are indeed susceptible to being eliminated from the competition. 

It merely demonstrates that they require a godlike figure in order to defeat the two most powerful ninjas in contemporary Konoha, despite the fact that technically Jigen served as a conduit for the godlike entity known as Isshiki.

Take into consideration the reality that Naruto and Sasuke were lately dealt blows to their power levels in the previous story arc, with Sasuke suffering the loss of his Rinnegan after being stabbed by a possessed Boruto and Naruto suffering the loss of Kurama as a result of using Baryon mode just to defeat Isshiki. 

In the event that Kara attacks them again in the future, they may as well simply give in and give in to the violence.

When Exactly Does Sasuke Plan to Return?

Sasuke has not made another appearance in the manga since the battle he fought against Momoshiki and Isshiki. 

Even while the majority of the tale up to this point after the Kawaki Arc has focused on developing the characters of Boruto and Kawaki, it is well knowledge that Sasuke will eventually come back to train not only his pupil Boruto but also his daughter Sarada. 

As of this moment, we do not know the extent to which Sasuke’s left eye can be repaired by the use of medical ninjutsu.

The only thing we are certain of is that he will return to the fray when Code finally launches its assault on Konoha. Given that Sasuke has lost his Rinnegan, is he going to be able to develop the skills necessary to battle against Code? We are all holding out hope that he will make it through this!


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What Will Code Planning Accomplish?

After Isshiki was killed by Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki, Isshiki’s spirit relocated to Code and emerged from his White Kma to send the last message. 

This occurred after Isshiki was killed by the aforementioned individuals. Isshiki gave Code the orders to use his Kama to convert into an entire Otsutsuki by having to sacrifice whether Boruto or Kawaki to Ten-Tails and consuming the Chakra Fruit that resulted from the sacrifice. 

Code was also directed to handle the Otsutsuki Will by consuming worlds and attempting to develop until he reached godhood.

Code gave his assent, but before he did so he requested Isshiki for a list of the people who were guilty of his death so that he could exact revenge on them. 

Upon hearing, Code continued to recite the names of individuals who were to blame for the killing of Isshiki as he activated his Kma.

What Step Should Kara Take Next?

Code went to Boro’s covert facility since he was not ready to take the risk of going up against Naruto or Sasuke while his power limiters were in effect. 

He ended up murdering eight of Boro’s cultists because they were in his way. He requested that Bug accompany him to Ada, an Outer he felt Boro had disregarded Jigen’s instruction to get rid of. He did not pay any attention to Bug’s warnings and instead broke into her pod.


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Regardless of the fact that she provoked him, Code did not manage to murder her since she showed no interest in him. While she was being cleaned up, Bug spoke on the talent that has the majority of people smitten with her. 

Ada went on to describe how her vision operated, despite the fact that she was conscious of Isshiki’s death and had a sense of what Code’s objectives were. 

She divulged the prerequisites for eliminating his power limiters, which required Amado’s assistance in order to be successful.

In order to further Code’s ambitions, she promised to sacrifice one of her potential boyfriends, Boruto or Kawaki, in order to care for a God Tree and give Code intelligence to assist him to stay one step ahead of his adversaries.

Through her Senrigan, Ada started spilling the beans on all the recent goings-on involving Code’s adversaries. 

Code was taken aback when she learned that despite all of her changes, Ada was only capable of doing basic taijutsu. He made the observation that even if she had shown a desire to make Boruto or Kawaki her partner, there remained a possibility that they would attempt to murder her since her abilities had no effect on them. 

Ada proposed that they have Bug call out to her brother Daemon for help. The young man displayed his guardian instincts for the girl straight away.

A number of the hideout’s security personnel arrived in order to carry out the earlier orders to eliminate them. Code was astounded by Daemon’s ability to quickly mirror any strikes onto the adversaries, thereby putting an end to the guards in record time. 

After some time had passed, Daemon rapidly became a source of annoyance to Code due to the fact that he incessantly pushed himself on Code demanding rides.

 Code swiftly hit the youngster with his claw marks, which were instantaneously mirrored on Code as Daemon switched his focus to Bug, who was attempting to flee from Daemon’s attention. Bug was trying to flee at the moment of this situation happening.

Code stated that he wished to have a deeper understanding of Daemon’s abilities and that he intended to learn more about how his markings allow him to teleport to other locations. 



Code inquired about the workings of his abilities while Daemon remarked how awesome it was. Daemon wanted to inform Code, but his sister forbade it, saying that she did not fully trust Code even though he had shown himself trustworthy in the past. 

The possibility existed, in Code’s mind, that Ada had further skills that she had not yet shown.


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