Ever since its first release, Prototype 2 has been out for a whole decade. And a whole decade has passed with no sequel. The announcement of Prototype 3, which fans had been anxiously anticipating, was not made despite the fact that the previous installment was favorably received when it was made available to the public. 

The current state of it is a mystery even to this day. The Prototype game series may not quite have a cult following, but the games are good enough to warrant consideration. Understandably, followers still have questions. Is a third prototype going to be created? Is it No Longer Happening?

So, will there be Prototype 3? There is no scheduled release date for Prototype 3. Activision has conceded, despite Prototype 2’s reasonably successful launch, that the sequel did not live up to the company’s hopes for the game. The franchise wasn’t really terminated in the conventional sense at any point. 

Rather, the company that was responsible for its development saw massive cuts while being slashed in half. As a direct result of this, the Radical Entertainment studio was chosen to assist in the development of the next Activision projects, and the production of Prototype 3 was essentially scrapped.

There is still more to the tale, so continue reading to discover what it is in spite of the fact that Prototype 3 is not presently being developed (at least not that we are aware of).

Did The Prototype 2 “Disappear”?

For those of you who are not acquainted with the follow-up, let me explain. It is sufficient to state that Prototype 2 is a narrative about getting retribution. 

The new protagonist, James Heller, has two goals: he wants to get vengeance on Alex Mercer, who was the previous protagonist, and he wants to stop the spread of the blacklight virus. 

It’s a tale that will destroy your trust in mankind and leave you reeling from treachery and conspiracies.

It is an open-world game that took place in New York, and the location remained the same. They improved your powers and introduced more content that you could participate in. However, the fundamental aspects of the game did not change. 

It was an all-out slaughterhouse that sprayed you with various severed limbs and internal organs. Thus, what exactly took place? What went wrong with the 2nd Prototype?

The narrative was one of the aspects that had room for improvement. Fans were disappointed to learn that Alex Mercer will play the role of the villain. And despite his best efforts, James Heller was never able to “come out on top” the way that Alex Mercer did. 

The adventures were monotonous; the main tale was the only thing that offered any variety or interest. In addition, from a purely technical standpoint, the PC version was flawed. 

Overall, for a game in the sequel series, it was decent. But not satisfactory enough to appeal to a larger number of people. That was hardly the end of the difficulties that Prototype faced.

The year 2012 was a very successful one for the gaming industry. Around the same time as the release of Max Payne 3 and Diablo 3, the game was made available to consumers. 

And this is despite the fact that it was able to outsell titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Dragon’s Dogma. It was not successful in outselling either Max Payne or Diablo.

So, Why Was It Canceled in the First Place?

despite the fact that the Prototype was well reviewed by critics and already had a substantial fanbase thanks to the success of the original game, Activision’s financial projections were not met by the outcome of this endeavor. As a result of the aftermath, the development studio 

that was responsible for it, Radical Entertainment, went through a process of downsizing and laid off almost half of its workforce.

They ceased the development of their own games, which resulted in the cancellation of Prototype 3. It was determined that from this point on, Radical Entertainment would only perform in supporting roles in any projects it is involved in. 

This indicates that they will lend their backing to other Activision ventures. Destiny, which was created in 2014, was their most recent project to be attributed.

The only thing that is known about the studio at this time is that it does exist in some capacity since it was mentioned in Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision a year ago. This is the only piece of information that is currently available.

Will There Be a 3rd Iteration of Prototype?

The current state of affairs does not bode well, unfortunately. And it honestly doesn’t look like we’re going to ever receive a successor. Especially considering how much of the original studio has already been shut down. 

The video game Prototype 2 was a commercial success; it lived up to expectations, and the majority of players and reviewers regarded it favorably.

It was simply not great so much to warrant the significant monetary commitment that had been made. 

Prototype 3 would need an even larger financial commitment, and the likelihood of rekindling the same enthusiasm and excitement that the original game left behind is, to say the least, very remote