Wordle 331: May 16, 2022 Hints & Answer

The solution to the Wordle that was posted on May 16 could only have two different meanings, making it quite challenging to predict. It’s possible that these tips will help you guess the word.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This article was written for Wordle answer #331; the answer for the May 17th Wordle puzzle is now accessible.

The answer to Wordle for May 16 is among the most challenging ones to predict due to the fact that the word is a little bit cryptic and needs some smart beginning words.

Furthermore, because of the characteristics of the term, players may not always be able to correctly determine the answer in so little as 6 attempts. This is because there are a restricted number of different ways the question might be answered.

Situational hints, on the other hand, make it much simpler for the player to deduce the correct answer, particularly when they are down to their last few attempts.

Even though the vocabulary puzzle game provides players with visual cues, such hints are not sufficient for them to properly identify the word within the time restriction that is placed on their tries.

Players who are interested in trying their hand at guessing difficult words, like the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle, may give the difficult mode of the game a go. As a result of the more stringent regulations, participants are required to guess the answer by making use of letters that have already been uncovered over their several efforts.

Nevertheless, for players who are content to just guess the solution via hints, these cues could point them in the correct way.

Wordle’s Daily Hints (for May 16th, 331)

The following hints share a passing resemblance to clues that players have seen in prior crossword puzzles. Players will not have the answer spoiled for them by these suggestions, but they will have sufficient information to understand the solution.

The following are some suggestions that players may use to try to guess the solution to the May 16th Wordle, which will help them continue their daily streak:

  • 1st Hint: Thoroughly Research
  • 2nd Hint: To Dig
  • 3rd Hint: Look Closely

After participants have finished attempting to guess the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle, they are able to post their progress on social media without revealing the solution.

Players have the ability to share their progress with other players by selecting the “Share” button, which will add a set of color-coded emojis and the number of times they have tried to the clipboard.

After that, users may copy and paste these emojis into a message on either Twitter or Facebook to let other Wordle users know how close they came to correctly guess today’s answer.

Wordle Answer for Today (May 16th #331)

The correct answer for the May 16th Wordle is “DELVE.”

When we were attempting to predict the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle, we began by using the word “BRAVE.” This led to the discovery of the proper locations of two letters in the response that is being utilized in today’s Wordle solution.

The next step included using the term “SUAVE,” which did not provide any fruitful results. 

After then, we tried the word “TROVE,” which similarly did not provide any additional letters for the solution to today’s Wordle puzzle. 

Next, we used the letter combination “HELVE,” which displayed the appropriate placement of four letters in the solution to today’s Wordle puzzle.

We finally identified the proper answer for today’s Wordle puzzle, which was the word DELVE. This was only possible since we knew the exact order of 4 characters from the answer.