Neo Yokio

Neo Yokio: The Unique Blend of Anime and Western Culture

Neo Yokio is a Netflix original anime series that premiered in 2017. Created by Vampire Weekend’s lead vocalist Ezra Koenig, the show takes place in a fictional city called Neo Yokio, a metropolis situated on a futuristic version of Manhattan Island. The series has been praised for its unique blend of anime and Western culture, its beautiful animation, and its satirical take on contemporary society.

Plot Summary of Neo Yokio

The story follows Kaz Kaan, a wealthy demon slayer and the last surviving member of a prestigious family of demon hunters. Kaan is also a fashion-obsessed bachelor who is trying to navigate the complicated social hierarchy of Neo Yokio’s upper crust. 

He spends his time with his friends, Charles, a robot butler, and Gottlieb, a human scientist, as they get caught up in supernatural events and various escapades.

The first season of the series has six episodes, and each one focuses on a different mission that Kaan must complete while dealing with the various problems that arise in his personal life. These missions range from fighting off a demon horde in a fashion show to trying to win back his ex-girlfriend.

Themes of Neo Yokio

The series explores a range of themes, including class struggle, consumerism, and family. One of the most significant themes is the struggle between the elite and the common people. 

The upper class in Neo Yokio is portrayed as shallow and obsessed with material possessions. They are shown as being out of touch with reality, living in their ivory towers while the rest of the city struggles with everyday life. The show is a biting commentary on the class divide that exists in many societies.

Another important theme is consumerism. The citizens of Neo Yokio are obsessed with fashion and luxury goods. Kaan’s friends are constantly reminding him of the latest fashion trends, and he is always trying to keep up with the latest styles. 

The show’s criticism of consumer culture is evident in the way it portrays the characters as being consumed by their possessions and their desire to fit in with the crowd.

Finally, family is a critical theme in the show. Kaan is the last surviving member of his family, and he struggles with the weight of his family’s legacy. His interactions with his aunt Agatha, who is the head of the family, show the complexity of family relationships and the pressure that comes with being part of a prominent family.

Animation and Style of Neo Yokio

One of the most striking aspects of Neo Yokio is its animation. The show has a beautiful visual style that blends the aesthetics of anime with the architecture of New York City. The characters are designed with a distinctive look that is both stylish and humorous. The animation is fluid and dynamic, and the use of color is bold and vibrant.

The show’s style is also evident in its use of music. The soundtrack features a range of genres, from classical music to hip-hop, and it is used to great effect throughout the series. 

The use of music adds to the show’s satirical tone and highlights the contrast between the luxurious world of the elite and the realities of the rest of the city.

Reception and Legacy of Neo Yokio

Neo Yokio has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some have praised the show for its unique blend of anime and Western culture, while others have criticized it for being too self-indulgent and lacking in substance.

Despite the mixed reception, Neo Yokio has developed a devoted fan base, and it has become a cult classic in the anime community. The show’s distinct visual style and satirical commentary have made it a favorite among those who appreciate its quirky humor and bold aesthetic.


Neo Yokio is a unique and original anime series that blends the aesthetics of anime with the architecture of New York City. The show’s beautiful animation, use of music, and satirical commentary make it a standout in the anime genre. Its exploration of themes such as class struggle, consumerism, and family adds depth to the series and gives it a broader appeal.

While the show may not be for everyone, its distinct style and bold approach to storytelling have made it a favorite among fans of anime and Western pop culture. 

Its blend of humor, social commentary, and supernatural elements make it a compelling watch for anyone looking for something outside the typical anime tropes.

Overall, Neo Yokio is a fascinating and entertaining series that pushes the boundaries of what anime can be. Its unique blend of anime and Western culture, combined with its satirical commentary, makes it a must-watch for anyone interested in the evolution of the anime genre.


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