Dragon Ball

Toei Animation is responsible for producing the anime television series known as Dragon Ball (Japanese: ドラゴンボール, Hepburn: Doragon Bōru). Dragon Ball is a Japanese name. 

The manga’s first 194 chapters, written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, were serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995 and formed the basis for this translation. 

The anime is comprised of 153 episodes, all of which were first shown on Fuji TV between the months of February 1986 and April 1989. The program was shown in 81 countries throughout the globe. The Dragon Ball media series includes this particular work.

Emperor Pilaf Saga

At the beginning of the series, a little kid with a monkey’s tail called Goku becomes friends with a teenage lady named Bulma. 

They go on a trip together in order to acquire the 7 mysterious Dragon Balls (ドラゴンボール). 

These balls have the capacity to conjure the mighty dragon Shenron, who has the ability to give whoever summons him their deepest wish.

The voyage leads to a conflict with the posture pig Oolong, as well as a desert robber called Yamcha and his sidekick Pu’ar, who both eventually become friends; Chi-Chi, whom Goku unwittingly agrees to marry; and Emperor Pilaf, a blue-skinned imp who wants the Dragon Balls to fulfill his dream of becoming master of the universe. 

In addition, the journey leads to an encounter with Chi-Chi, whom Goku unintentionally.  Oolong is able to prevent Pilaf from utilizing the Dragon Balls by making a wish for a pair of underwear.

World Martial Arts Tournament Saga

In order for Goku to compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament (also known as the 天下一武道会, “Tenkaichi Budkai”), which draws the strong fighters in the world, he must first endure rigorous training under the guidance of Master Roshi, a renowned martial artist. 

A monk by the name of Krillin eventually becomes his training partner and adversary, but through time, the two of them have grown to become the closest of friends.

Red Ribbon Army Saga

After the competition, Goku goes on his own to get the Dragon Ball his grandpa left him, only to run into the Red Ribbon Army, a terrorist group led by the short Commander Red, who wants to gather the Dragon Balls so that he may use them to grow bigger.

After receiving instruction from the hermit Korin, he is able to virtually single-handedly defeat the army, such as their paid assassin Mercenary Tao, whom he first loses to but is able to easily defeat after receiving the training. 

Goku and his allies get back together in order to vanquish Fortuneteller Baba’s defenders and ask her to find the last Dragon Ball so that they may use it to bring back a comrade who Tao had previously murdered.

King Piccolo Saga

Three years later, Goku and his comrades reconnect at the World Martial Arts Tournament where they run upon Master Shen, the brother of Tao and a rival of Master Roshi, as well as his pupils Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, who promise to seek vengeance for Tao’s seeming death at the hands of Goku.

After the competition, Krillin is brutally killed, and Goku pursues and confronts his assailant, Tambourine, together with Demon King Piccolo, only to be vanquished by them. 

Goku is taken to Korin by Yajirobe, an overweight warrior, where he is treated for his injuries and given a boost in strength.

Meantime, Piccolo is responsible for the deaths of Master Roshi and Chiaotzu. He then utilizes the Dragon Balls to grant himself perpetual youth before killing Shenron, which in turn leads to the destruction of the Dragon Balls.

Tien Shinhan comes just as King Piccolo is getting ready to demolish West City as a show of power. Tien Shinhan challenges King Piccolo, but he is beaten and almost killed in the process. 

Goku makes it there in time to rescue Tien, and then he kills King Piccolo by punching a hole through his chest with his energy blast.

Piccolo Junior Saga

King Piccolo gives birth to his last son, Piccolo Junior, only moments before he passes away. 

Goku is given the information by Korin that Kami, the person who first created the Dragon Balls, may be able to repair Shenron and the Dragon Balls. 

This enables Goku to bring back to life his comrades who had previously passed away, which he accomplishes.

In addition, he remains with Kami and continues his training for the following three years.

During this time, he meets up with his old pals at the Martial Arts Tournament, where he also runs across Chi-Chi, who is now a teenager, and the resurrected Mercenary Tao.

In order to exact revenge for the murder of his father, Piccolo Junior also competes in the tournament, which ultimately leads to the showdown between him and Goku.

Following Goku’s tight victory against Piccolo Junior and subsequent defeat of him, Chi-Chi and Goku go away together and get married, which sets the stage for the events of Dragon Ball Z.


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