When Will Disney’s MOANA 2 Be Released? (DETAILED INFO AND MORE!!!)

Moana, an animated film produced by Disney and released in 2016, was a rather popular addition to the company’s catalog of animated films. 

Moana, the main character of the movie, was really so popular that Disney decided to include her in their roster of Princesses as the 12th member of the club. 

Therefore, given that it is typical for Disney to capitalize on the popularity of its films, we will find out whether or not we may anticipate a sequel to Moana in the near future.

So, when will Moana 2 be released? There is current information that Moana 2 will be released on June 21st, 2023. However, Disney is now focusing on an animated tv adaptation that will premiere on Disney+ in 2023 and will stand as a successor to the Moana film. 

In light of the fact that a film adaptation is not currently in process, we will tend to direct our focus to the anticipated television series and provide all that we are aware of about its premiere date, its storyline, and its ensemble cast.


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Will Moana Have a Sequel?

When it was first made available to the public in 2016, Disney’s film Moana was an instant smash success. 

As a result, Disney made a healthy profit from the film, as it brought in around $645 million at the box office on a budget of between $150 and 175 million to produce it. 

In addition to that, it was shortlisted for 2 Academy Awards plus furthermore won a number of additional prizes. Because of Moana, Disney was able to demonstrate its commitment to multiculturalism by depicting new unique culture again on tv, which was one of the most significant benefits the film brought the company.


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So, Moana was highly welcomed by supporters and reviewers, particularly kids, therefore it is simply reasonable that you would wonder if the film would get an upcoming sequel or not. 

This is particularly true if you have kids. Because Disney has a strategy that involves capitalizing on the performance of its films the production of a sequel to Moana could be something that would come about naturally. 

If you’re hoping for a proper theatrical sequel, Moana 2, hold off on your expectations for the time being; Disney has announced that a sequel seems to be in the making and should be released on June 21st, 2023.

Having said that, Disney has plans to revisit the world of Moana in the shape of a sequel tv show that will premiere on the Disney+ streaming platform in the year 2023. 

It is likewise in line with Disney’s business policies since several of its animation masterpieces have been turned into television programs in recent years (Hercules, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, and Timon & Pumbaa, to mention a handful).

Therefore, there will be a sequel to Moana, but this time it will take the shape of a tv show instead of a film.

Moana 2 Teaser

There is a trailer available for the Moana sequel series, and given that the program is scheduled to premiere in 2023, we can anticipate more video teasers to be made until the Moana 2 will be released. 

Moana 2 Release Date

As was previously mentioned, Moana is set to have a sequel in the shape of a tv show, which was set to be released on June 21st, 2023.

Moana 2 Crew

The fact that we do not possess any specific info makes this a difficult topic to answer, and it is well-known that Disney’s television series often use different actors than those that appear in the films. 

This has been a standard procedure in television for many years, although circumstances have gradually shifted in the last few years, and as a result, it is possible that the actors and actresses who starred in the film will also appear in the television program; at the very least, some of them will, but we will simply need to sit tight and watch whether this happens.

Auli’i Cravalho played the title character, Moana, in the film Moana. Dwayne Johnson played the role of Maui, Rachel House played Tala, Temuera Morrison played Tui, Nicole Scherzinger played Sina, and Alan Tudyk played Moana’s beloved rooster, Heihei.

Moana 2 Storyline

At the time it was launched in 2016, the movie Moana had a story that was quite intriguing. It all began when the locals of the Polynesian island of Motunui began to worship the goddess Te Fiti. 

According to legend, Te Fiti is the one who breathed life into the ocean using a jade stone, which is also considered to be the goddess’s heart and the origin of her strength.

So in an effort to bestow onto mankind the ability to create new things, the metamorphic deity of wind and sea known as Maui takes the human’s heart. Te Fiti disintegrates, and Te Kā, the demon of earth and fire, launches an assault on Maui in an attempt to get the desired heart.

During the conflict, Maui is launched into the air and suffers the loss of its magic hook as well as its heart, both of which sink toward the bottom of the ocean. 

After a thousand years had passed, the sea decided that Moana, daughter of Tui, chief of Motunui, would be the one to return Te Fiti’s heart to its proper place.

Moana, meanwhile, has her heart broken when Tui shows up and drags her away. Moana’s father, Tui, and mother, Sina, do all they can to keep their daughter away from the water in the hopes of better preparing her for her future role as chieftain of the island. 

Many years later, the island was beset by calamity: the coconuts withered, and there was no more fish.

Moana advises fishermen to search for fish further than the reef in order to determine what really is triggering everything; however, Tui legally bans them from doing so. 

Moana makes an attempt to swim over the reef, but she is swept away by the tide and ends herself on the shores of Motunui.

Moana’s grandmother, Tala, tells her granddaughter that the people of the island were indeed excellent explorers but that they stopped their efforts when the heart of Te Fiti flew away since the ocean wasn’t any more secure. 

Tala also shows Moana a hidden cave that conceals numerous vessels. Tala then reveals to her that it is Te Kā’s destructive force that is polluting the island and that the only way Te Kā can be prevented is if Moana locates Maui and he recovers Te Fiti’s heart, after which he delivers it to Te Fiti’s granddaughter. Moana will then be able to save the island.

Soon after that, Tala becomes sick and when she is on her deathbed, she reminds Moana that she has to get started on her adventure. 

The same evening, Moana goes out on an adventure on a rocking boat that she discovered in the Secret Cave. 

She is caught in a cyclone and washes up on an island, where she meets Maui for the first time. She requests that Maui give the heart back to Te Fiti, but he ignores her request.

The coconut-armored pirates known as the Kakamora assault, looking for the heart, but Moana and Maui manage to get away. 

Moana learns that Maui isn’t any more heroic, and she makes a promise to Maui that she would bring back her heart in exchange for her forgiveness. 

The very first thing that Maui has to do is discover his magic hook, which is located in Lalotai, the Monster Kingdom, and is now in the custody of Tamatoa, a massive coconut crab.

After that, they go to Lalotai in search of the hook. Moana makes an effort to divert Tamatoa’s attention, but Maui realizes that he is no longer in charge of his transformation power. 

This causes Maui to lose his self-assurance, and he is then simply dominated by Tamatoa. However, because of Moana’s efforts, they are able to get away with the hook.

Maui admits to her that the experience of being disowned by his parents inspired him to get his initial tattoo. 

Maui takes command of her abilities and begins instructing Moana in the skill of sailing after first receiving reassurance from her. The two main characters make it to the island of Te Fiti, where Te Kā immediately launches an assault on them.

Moana, on the other hand, is adamant about not turning back, and Maui’s hook sustains significant destruction. 

Moana is left behind because he has the mistaken belief that he will lose his hook and, as a result, his abilities if he goes back to battle Te Kā.

The latter gives up and begs the ocean to choose anyone new to mend the heart by giving the heart back to the ocean. The ocean agrees to do so.

Moana is motivated to fulfill her destiny by the appearance of Tala’s ghost, which takes the shape of a manta ray. She then gathers her strength and makes her way back to Te Kā with determination. 

Moana is granted more time to complete her journey to Te Fiti after Maui’s homecoming thanks to an assault on Te Kā that results in the destruction of his hook. 

Moana finds out that Te Fiti is not on the island, and then she understands that Te Kā’ is really just Te Fiti with her heart removed.

Moana then requests the water to make a pathway for her, which enables her to deliver Te Kā’s heart to Te Fiti, who subsequently transforms back into Te Fiti. 

After that, she rids the water and the islands of the disease that has been spreading. Te Fiti accepts Maui’s apology, crafts a new hook for her, and then bestows a new boat to Moana just before falling into a deep slumber and transforming into a mountain.

Moana bids her last farewells to Maui and travels back to Motunui, where she is reunited with her parents. She takes on the responsibility of becoming the leader of the island and brings back navigation so that the inhabitants may once again engage in exploratory activities.

As can be seen, the universe that was established by the initial film is incredibly expansive, and there is room for expansion in about every possible direction. 

Now, even though we do have not the slightest idea as to how the story of Moana will play out, we are confident that the authors will devise a fantastic plan to carry on Moana and Maui’s quests.

Final Thoughts

This article will give you the proper information about Moana 2’s release date, and all we can do is be patient in the wait for the sequel to be released.