Who Are Asta’s Parents? (ASTA’s FAMILLY TREE)

In both the manga and the anime adaptations of Black Clover, Asta serves as the main character. Even though we have a lot of information regarding Asta’s exploits and ambitions, we don’t have a significant amount of data about his past since he was presented to us as an orphan. 

Who Exactly Are Asta’s Parents, And Who Else Does He Have in His Family Tree? Richita was shown to be Asta’s mother in the Black Clover manga. His dad wasn’t ever mentioned in the Black Clover manga. In terms of his additional cousins, Yuno is known to be his foster brother. He furthermore seemed to have special ties to Sister Lily Aquaria, who brought them up in the church, and Father Orsi Orfai, who discovered them in front of the church when they were infants. Both of these individuals took care of them when they were young.

The remainder of this post is going to go into additional detail about the response that we have already provided to you. Not only are we going to fill you in on all there is to understand concerning Asta’s parents, as well as the other members of his family and all of his other cousins. 

In addition to that, we are going to respond to certain questions that are connected to Asta’s prospective family links.

Who Exactly Are Asta’s Mom and Dad?

Since his mother left him when he was only a baby, Asta was first presented to the audience as an orphan who was being raised by a church in Hage.

In later episodes, it was discovered that Richita was in fact Asta’s mother, although the identity of his father wasn’t ever discussed in the manga. In the upcoming sections, we will provide you with further information on this topic.

Who Is Asta’s Mom?

After some time, it was discovered that Richita is, in fact, Asta’s real mother. Because of her peculiar illness, which enabled her to steal the magic and life energy from other people, Richita was exiled to the outside of the community and was not allowed to return there. Henry, a known member of the Black Bulls, has been seen to suffer from this peculiar ailment.

She was given the Grimoire of the Five Leaf Clover by Licht when she was 15 years old, and many years later, she came across an exhausted and wounded demon when she was walking through the woods.

She takes the demon into her house and raises him as her own, giving him the name Liebe after she gives him the honor of being her son. 

When Lucifero learns that there is a demon residing in the physical world, he makes an effort to take control of Liebe’s body and they enjoy a happy and joyful life together until Lucifero makes the discovery. 

Lucifer takes possession of Liebe’s left arm and thrusts it into Richita’s chest as she tries to intervene.

At that very time, she is confronted with a flashback in which she abandoned a kid at the front door of a church. She decides that she would never abandon any baby again, resulting in Lucifero being expelled from Liebe’s body. 

As she is passing away, she encloses Liebe inside the five-leaf Clover Grimoire ensuring that she might spend her childhood free from the threat posed by Lucifer.

Richita makes use of her magic to conceal maneless goods and animals inside other items. This enables her to transport a significant quantity of items without being limited by their weight, dimensions, or shapes.

In most cases, she utilized more diminutive bottles. Because Richita’s body is able to passively suck the magical energy and life energy of the individuals and animals around her, this is eventually the reason why she turned her back on Asta; she did not intend to use her ability to suck his life energy.

Richita was a lady known for her warm personality, an upbeat demeanor, boundless energy, and lack of inhibition when it came to expressing her thoughts. Regardless of whether the person seeking assistance was a demon, she would not think twice about assisting her.

She was definitely a highly bold and caring person, as seen by the fact that she dared to face Lucifero in order to rescue Liebe. She gave off the impression that she was feeling guilty about some unexplained incident from her past, which ended out to be the fact that she had given up custody of her kid.

Who Is Asta’s Dad?

In spite of what has been claimed, we do not know who Asta’s biological father is. There seem to be a number of hypotheses and explanations proposed, although none of these have been proven to be accurate. Because of this, we really aren’t going to discuss any of these ideas in this part of the article.

Who Does Asta Have in Her Family Tree?

In this part, we will discuss the additional characters in the story that are connected to Asta in some way. Even though Richita, Asta’s mother, is the only member of his family that is publicly known about, these individuals have played such a significant role in Asta’s life that they may be regarded as members of his family despite the fact that they are not his biological relatives.


Yuno is Asta’s foster brother, as well as her closest friend and fiercest competitor. They spent their childhoods in Hage together. Both want to win the position of the magic emperor for themselves. 

Respect and admiration are qualities that both Asta and Yuno share with one another. When their lives collide, they share compliments on how far the other has come and how much more powerful they have grown. 

They inspire one another to improve their fitness and become more powerful, and they never stop thinking about one another even when the going gets rough.

In spite of the fact that they direct nasty words against one another, they seldom take such criticisms seriously and virtually always wrap off their talks by restating their determination to become the Magic Emperor.

When Yuno is brought up in conversation, Asta usually talks very highly of him since in his eyes, Yuno is a genuinely excellent Magical Knight and somebody he should constantly compare himself versus. 

Asta is at ease while fighting with Yuno, and the two of them transform into a formidable force in combat when they are able to cooperate with one another and take on the incredibly potent Licht.

Yuno maintains a cool and impersonal exterior, and she only opens her mouth to talk when it is absolutely necessary for her to do so. The manner in which he discusses himself leads many listeners to erroneously interpret his meaning. 

Yuno has a strong desire to become the Wizard King, which is something that he cultivated when he was growing up with Asta despite the fact that he is an individual.

In addition, Yuno feels such a deep feeling of competition with him that he would stop at nothing to prevent anybody from putting Asta in harm’s way. Yuno is quite close to Asta in appearance and personality as a result of the fact that she lived with him for most of his upbringing. 

One of them is his dogged determination and his refusal to ever quit, both of which he picked up from practicing with Asta when he was younger.

Yuno tended to appear to be much a crybaby, to the point that he was unable to defend himself, which is in stark contrast to his present disposition. After Asta had rescued him, he began to transform as a result of the example of his desire and his commitment.

Lily Aquaria

At the church in Hage, Sister Lily was a big part of Asta and Yuno’s upbringing. Despite the fact that Sister Lily is a member of the church, Asta has made several marriage proposals to her throughout the course of their relationship because he is over heels in love with her. 

She refuses him each and every time, even going to the point of using her powers to express her disapproval on occasion.

Asta’s childhood dream of being the Wizard King was inspired by the tale of the First Wizard King, which was told to him by Lily’s sister when she was a child. Asta wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming the Wizard King so that he could make life better for everyone in the church and win Sister Lily’s love.


In the same way as Yuno, Nash is Asta’s foster brother; however, their relationship is not as strong as Yuno’s. After Yuno had interrupted Asta’s string of propositions to Sister Lily on one occasion, Nash makes fun of Asta. 

Although Nash is assisting Recca in lighting a fire so that they may bring a kettle of water to a boil, Asta is reminded by Nash of the distinctions that differentiate him from Yuno. In March of the coming year, a ceremony to receive the grimoire is held, and a large number of the villagers attend.

The other children in the orphanage, including Nash, are taken aback when Yuno is given a four-leaf clover and Asta is not given one. After that, they had a feast at the church where they originally were. 

6 months afterward, Yuno and Asta depart for the Magic Knights entrance test, and they task Nash with the responsibility of guarding the church while they are away.

After a couple of days have gone by, both Asta and Yuno write a letter to the church, and Nash is shocked to discover that Asta has passed the test.

Just several months after, once the kingdom of Hage has been protected from the darts of judgments and the demon skeleton has been revealed to sparkle in the daylight, the peasants of Hage are left bewildered.

They watch as a dungeon ascends just above the skeleton and moves above it moves through the scene. 

The villagers are then attacked by a purple orca that has been cursed. When Lily is attacked by the elf, Nash springs to her feet to defend her, and Yuno and Asta arrive just in time to rescue both of them.

When the elf has been vanquished, Nash rushes up to Asta and gives her a hug. In a short time after that, the three Magic Knights leave, and the villagers wave farewell to them as they go away. 

A couple of days later, Nash decides to read the story in the newspaper regarding Asta’s court case. Six months after the invasion by the elves, the Clover Country is attacked by a demon, and Nash, the other characters, and the audience watch as Asta defend the kingdom.

The connection between Nash and Asta is one that can best be described as being on the more casual side. 

They are not biologically connected to one another, however since they were brought up in the same environment as one, it is possible that they may be regarded as foster siblings. 

This is the situation with Asta and Recca, Aruru, and Hollo. Although they are all Asta’s foster siblings, the only one with whom she has a particularly close bond is Yuno.

Orsi Orfai

When Asta and Yuno were still newborns, Father Orsi was the one who discovered them on the threshold of his church. 

Even though Asta loves Father Orsi very much and looks up to him as his father, he has a habit of making humorous remarks about the condition of the church, which irritates Father Orsi. 

As soon as he heard that Father Orsi had been poisoned by magic by an individual of the Purple Killer Whales who was cursed, he rushed to his help.


Is It Possible That AMD Is Asta’s Brother?

Liebe is a highly strange figure who is additionally known as the Anti Magic Devil. He is the single known individual that was allowed to stay in the same room as Richita since he was resistant to the effects of her abilities. 

In addition to this, he is a low-ranking demon that has evaded capture from his world.

During one time, he was located and brought in by Richita, Asta’s real mother. Richita raised him as her own son and ultimately gave her life so that he may have a better future.

Because of this, Liebe is considered to be Asta’s brother; however, this is not the case in real life.

Who Is Asta’s Ancestor?

The origins of Asta’s family are mostly a mystery, with the exception of Richita, who is known to be his mother. However, due to the fact that we are unaware of Richita’s family background, we do not in fact own any information on her ancestry.

Some of the claims that Asta is descended from Licht or the First Wizard King have been debunked, whereas for others there is just no proof to back up them.

Is There a Connection Between Asta and The First Wizard King?

The idea that Asta is truly linked to Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, the First Wizard King, is one that has gained traction in recent years. 

There are some parallels to be seen between the two, and there is no doubt that there is evidence to suggest that there is a link connecting them; nevertheless, neither the manga nor the anime series generated any evidence to definitively establish this connection. 

Because of this, it is necessary for us to basically clarify that, to the best of our knowledge, Asta is not linked in any way to the First Wizard King.