Who Is Joy Boy from One Piece?

Joy Boy is a mysterious and enigmatic figure in the world of One Piece, a popular manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda. His true identity and motivations remain shrouded in mystery, but he is known to be a powerful and influential figure within the series’ lore.

Despite his significant role in the series, Joy Boy has never physically appeared in the story and is only mentioned in passing by other characters. Despite this, his presence is felt throughout the series and his actions continue to shape the course of events in the world of One Piece.

So, wo is Joy Boy? Joy Boy is believed to be a member of the ancient Kingdom of Joy, which was founded over a thousand years ago and is thought to have possessed great knowledge and power. According to legend, Joy Boy made a promise to the ancient mermaids to return to the surface world and restore the happiness of their people, but he has not been seen since. Despite this, his presence is felt throughout the series and his actions continue to shape the course of events in the world of One Piece.

In the next sections of this essay, we will share with you all that we truly understand about the character of Joy Boy as he appears in the One Piece series. 

A decade-long mystery surrounding Joy Boy’s identity is supposedly solved in the forthcoming Chapter 1043, and you’ll learn everything about the character’s known background and renown in this article.

The Identity of Joy Boy Is Yet to Be Revealed

During the time period known as the Void Century, there was a character known as Joy Boy who was crucial in the progression of events that took place on Fish-Man Island. 

The Sea Forest Poneglyph was the earliest place that made reference to him. It was 900 years ago that Joy Boy brought Noah to Fishman Island, and it was 800 years ago when poneglyphs were developed on the island, which is where he penned his remorse.

If this is true, then Joy Boy has been around for over a hundred years and has continued to impact society. Additionally, Joy Boy was the one who owned at least a portion of One Piece in the past. 

A guy called Joy Boy was a recipient of a promise that was made by the people living on Fish-Man Island some 900 years ago. He gave them Noah, which will play an important part in the future; nevertheless, it appears that Joy Boy was unable to maintain the pledge.

The people who lived on Fish-Man Island made a solemn vow that till a specified date arrived, they must maintain Noah protected from harm. The previously stated poneglyph contains an apology letter written by Joy Boy to Poseidon. 

In the letter, Joy Boy expresses his regret for not living up to his half of the deal. In addition to that, Zunesha was his companion. At some point in time, Joy Boy set sail for the last stop on the Grand Line, where he abandoned a piece of wealth that would later be referred to as the One Piece.

After Monkey D. Luffy was instructed to defend the island at all costs, regardless of whether it required ultimately destroying Noah, the Fish-Man Island vow was partially breached throughout the happenings of the Fish-Man Island arc.

Until Luffy could fully demolish the ship, a squad of Sea Kings who had been unwittingly called by Shirahoshi halted Noah. This saved Fish-Man Island and ensured that the country would uphold its pledge to Joy Boy. 

Despite this, the ship had sustained significant devastation. After some time had passed, the Sea Kings sent the boat to the Sea Forest in order to have it fixed there.

Oden claimed that he intended to open Wano Country “prior to actually Joy Boy’s appearance,” which is a reference to the fact that the character of Joy Boy was thus referenced on several occasions as a name that is on its way to the globe. 

After he had successfully fought Luffy for a 2nd attempt, Kaido said that “he couldn’t be Joy Boy either.” It would appear at this point that Kaido’s idea was indeed incorrect.

Is It Possible that Joy Boy’s True Identity Has so Far Been Uncovered?

It would appear from a preview of the forthcoming Chapter 1043, which is due to be released on March 14, 2022, and will be named “Let’s Die Together,” that the identification of the Joy Boy will be disclosed at long last. 

You are aware that there’ve been discussions, between the fans, over the nature of the Joy Boy persona, and the hypotheses that it was a label proven to be right. Therefore, you are aware that these discussions have taken place.

Given that the nomadic elephant Zunesha has reappeared, the door has been opened for the big revelation. This is because Zunesha had some kind of connection to the first Joy Boy some 800 years ago and therefore would, appear to, be capable of recognizing him. The following was discovered in the Chapter 1043 preview display:

Once Luffy has finished his fight with Kaidou, this scenario happens at the end of the conflict. Luffy eventually falls on the ground, victorious yet laughing, and when Zunesha comes and looks at him, he appears to recall that Luffy was once his close friend. 

This argues that the main character in the story, Monkey D. Luffy, was really Joy Boy the whole time, and such a notion would make perfect sense if it were true.

Even though this is just a sample panel and we still need to observe the story in its entirety it would appear that the riddle of Joy Boy has been answered at last.


Overall, Joy Boy remains a mysterious and enigmatic figure in the world of One Piece, with his true identity and motivations remaining largely unknown. 

However, his actions and influence continue to be felt throughout the series, making him a significant and important figure within the series’ lore.