Why HALLOWEEN ENDS Didn’t Include More LINDSEY Scenes?!

In Halloween Ends, Kyle Richards reprises her role as Lindsey Wallace; nonetheless, the third and final installment in the Halloween remake trilogy fails to live up to the character’s full potential.

Attention: This paragraph contains huge spoilers for Halloween Ends!

In Halloween Ends, Kyle Richards plays Lindsey Wallace once again, but regrettably, this installment of the series does not live up to the potential of the character.

The Halloween remake trilogy directed by David Gordon Green comes to a close with Halloween Ends, which also puts an end to the rivalry between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. 

After acting in John Carpenter’s Halloween in 1978 as the little child Annie Brackett was babysitting, Richards had her triumphant comeback for 2021’s Halloween Kills. Richards played the role of Annie Brackett’s niece.

Lindsey, who was one of the first people to survive Michael Myers’ attack, was confronted by The Shape 40 years later, but she was able to make it through the meeting unscathed.

When Michael Myers began on his killing spree across Haddonfield, the mood of Halloween Kills quickly shifted from one of joyous celebration to one of terrifying dread.

Lindsey was the only original character to survive the events of Halloween Ends, making it possible for Richards to make a comeback despite the deaths of other originals such as Tommy Doyle, Marion Chambers, and Lonnie Elam.

It was hoped that Lindsey, who is an important partner of Laurie’s, would have a significant part in the movie that would be released in 2022. 

Lindsey Wallace is treated as an aside in the sequel Halloween Ends because the writers chose not to give her any meaningful role to play in the story. 

It is unknown why Halloween Ends made the decision to not completely use Richards, especially in light of the fact that the studio had built so much anticipation for her comeback in the finale of the Halloween reboot trilogy, but still, the character most definitely did deserve far more.

The Wasteful Way That Halloween Comes to an End L. Wallace, Lindsey

On Halloween night in 1978, Laurie takes up the responsibility of babysitting Lindsey and ended up being the one who ultimately saves the little girl’s life. 

Many years later, Lindsey got the opportunity to assist in doing what Laurie had constantly desired to do, which was to locate and murder Michael Myers.

Quickly after 4 years have passed after Halloween Ends, both Laurie and Lindsey are struggling to lead lives that are at least somewhat normal.

While they proceed to observe Haddonfield’s downward spiral into pain and anxiety, they have both made preparations for Michael’s eventual comeback.

Despite the fact that Lindsey is seen with Laurie in several moments, confirming that their relationship will continue, Halloween Ends makes little use of the character’s ability in any way.

It is revealed in the episode “Halloween Ends” that Lindsey works as a bartender at a neighborhood tavern that both Laurie and Allyson visit. Additionally, it appears that she spends a significant amount of time at Laurie’s home.

During the time when Laurie is occupied carving a pumpkin, Lindsey is having a tarot card session with Allyson. 

This scenario is evocative of the 1978 original Halloween scenario in which Curtis’ character was seen doing the same thing with Tommy and Lindsey.

Lindsey’s appearances are short and easily forgotten, with the exception of her expressing support for Allyson and bringing Laurie to Jeremy Allen’s father, who issues a warning about Corey Cunningham. 

It’s a pity that Lindsey doesn’t even have a role in the 3rd chapter of Halloween Ends since the prior sequel established her as a pivotal character who would be prepared to battle to put an end to Michael Myers in the last part of the story.

Why Lindsey Should Have Been Given a Bigger Role in Halloween Ends

Lindsey did not get the happy ending that she rightfully deserves in Halloween Ends, which is acceptable given that she was not as important to the story as Laurie or Allyson had been. 

Lindsey is the sole original character besides Michael Myers and Laurie to return in the 2022 sequel. Michael and Laurie are the only original characters to return.

Lindsey, like many others in Haddonfield, has endured tremendous suffering over the course of many decades; yet, she has also been directly affected by the trauma caused by Michael Myers. 

The mysterious murderer didn’t stop there; he also slaughtered her babysitter and the family dog before turning her family’s residence into a “butcher shop”.

Four decades later, the same guy was responsible for the deaths of many of her best friends before he admitted her to the hospital.

Lindsey is the individual who, in addition to Laurie and Allyson, is most deserving of achieving personal closure. 

It’d have been appropriate for Lindsey to be there at the climactic scenes of the kitchen scene, in which Michael Myers is seen being killed by Laurie.

Even if she had only been sitting in the vehicle with Laurie and Allyson throughout the procession sequence, that would have been enough to please the audience. 

In its place, Halloween Ends treats Lindsey Wallace as if she were a minor supporting character, despite the fact that she has already shown that she is prepared to stand up to evil.