Will Kayce Die In Yellowstone 5th Season? (DETAILED EXPLANATION)

Yellowstone has dropped hints that one of the main characters is about to die. Here is why every indication appears to lead to Kayce Dutton’s untimely demise in the near future.

There are a number of occurrences that take place in Yellowstone season 5 that give the impression that Kayce Dutton’s death is imminent. 

Not only did Kayce’s visions at the finale of Yellowstone season 4 disclose the two divergent routes that Kayce had taken in her life, but however they also prophesied treachery, comeuppance, and dying. 

Until Kayce and Tate went for the cattle drive, Monica wept as if it were the last time she would see them. It’s possible that the fact that Kayce’s death is imminent was the cause for her emotional outburst. 

Even though the fifth season of Yellowstone began with the loss of infant John Dutton, there are a few hints that suggest Kayce could be the following Dutton family member to pass away.

It is important to point out that Kayce’s guardian and spirit animal is a wolf, despite the fact that the actual murder of wolves in Yellowstone National Park by ranchers Ryan and Colby doesn’t really appear to be connected to Kayce. 

However, it is worth mentioning that the wolf has been exposed to be Kayce’s spirit animal.

Another piece of information may be gleaned from the sneak peek at Yellowstone season 5 episode 6, which depicts an emergency medical services helicopter landing after the rest of the group has already left for the cattle drive. 

Additionally, the teaser reveals John Dutton consoling Tate, Monica, and Summer paying a visit to the cemetery of Dutton, and the primary characters of the ranch, with the exception of Kayce, responding to something that is hinted to be traumatic. 

These hints indicate Kayce Dutton’s demise in Yellowstone season 5, which is now airing.

What the Loss of Kayce Would Bring for the 5th Season of Yellowstone?

If Kayce passes away, the future of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch would be in considerably more jeopardy than it already is; nevertheless, killing her off would be a daring decision that has the potential to offer the program a much-needed shakeup.

Kayce is, in many respects, the core and soul of Yellowstone. She acts as a live link connecting the Dutton ranch and the tribes of Broken Rock, which makes her an integral part of the community. 

Despite the fact that Kayce has already chosen Monica and Tate above the Dutton Ranch, everybody in his life convinced him to keep his job as livestock commissioner, and John admitted to Clara that he still thinks of Kayce as his only son. 

If Kayce were to pass away, the world that he lived in may devolve into complete anarchy.

In the same manner as Kayce and Monica’s son infant John Dutton, Kayce would be laid to rest on the Dutton ranch and would be considered a permanent resident of the Confederated Tribes of Broken Rock upon her passing. 

One may argue that this would represent the greatest terrible death in Yellowstone’s long and storied history.

In contrast, if Kayce were to pass away, it might serve as the impetus for Governor John Dutton and Broken Rock Chief Thomas Rainwater to reach an agreement for the final time or it might serve as the impetus for the disagreement between them to intensify, given that Kayce would no longer be around to maintain harmony. 

In whatsoever situation, that may be precisely what the main storyline of Yellowstone needs to take a step in an interesting direction, so it’s worth considering.

Who Takes Their Last Breath in Yellowstone Season 5?

It’s possible that Yellowstone’s implication that Kayce may die is really a red herring, a distraction meant to divert attention away from the reality that viewers of Yellowstone should be more concerned about Lloyd. 

Even if it won’t have quite the same magnitude of an effect as the passing of Kayce Dutton, Lloyd’s passing would nevertheless bring with it some significant gravitas. 

The possibility of the death of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch hand Lloyd Pierce, who has worked there for a significant amount of time, would likewise portend an ominous future for the ranch, as Lloyd is the oldest remaining “registered” cowboy.

Forrie J. Smith, who portrays Lloyd Pierce, is the real-life father of Forrest Smith, who performs the youthful Lloyd in Yellowstone season 5 memories. 

In the context of these sequences, the death of Lloyd may serve as a moving homage to the life of the Montana cowboy, plus it would fit in very well with the local cattle drive that happens in season 5. 

In any event, the 5th season of Yellowstone will see the passing of a much-loved member of the group, and it might be Kayce, it could be Lloyd, or it may be somebody else.