Will LYDIA MEGGS Be On Welcome To Plathville (JUICY DETAILS!?)

Olivia Plath, who stars in Welcome to Plathville, has gotten back in touch with her sister, Lydia Meggs. On the TLC program, would the two of them be a formidable adversary to be fought against?

Even though Olivia Plath doesn’t spend much time discussing her family on Welcome to Plathville, viewers continue to speculate that her sister Lydia Meggs could appear on the TLC series at some point in the near future.

Lydia was raised in a strict, conservative Christian home in the Plathville tradition, and she has been working very hard to distance herself from the influences of her childhood. 

In spite of this, she does have a strong connection with her little brother, Nathan Meggs, despite the fact that her relationships with her other family are known to be difficult and tense.

Despite this, it seems that Olivia and her younger sister, Lydia, are making amends and getting back on good terms as of late. Because of this, viewers of the popular reality program assume that her brother will be participating in the next season of the show.

Olivia has reportedly been spending a lot of time with Nathan and Lydia, as seen by postings on various social network platforms.

In the midst of all the conflict and tension that has been occurring on Welcome to Plathville, followers have not been slow to note that it could be in part preparing for a visit to the program.

A discussion was kicked off by a member of Reddit who said, “Lydia Meggs is now staying in Tampa, and her hotel room has lighting designed for a professional setting. Do we have reason to believe that she is currently shooting and will appear in the next season?” 

It is probable that Olivia and Lydia may reveal more of their backstory now that they have been reconnected since this would allow them to discuss more of it with each other.

Is It Possible That Lydia Meggs Will Replace Moriah Plath?

Olivia and Moriah Plath, who was her sister-in-law, had a strong connection and were inseparable for a number of years. The 4th season of Welcome to Plathville marked the beginning of the end of their love.

Since Moriah made a choice to easily forgive her parents, particularly her problematic mother Kim Plath, their relationship has been strained, and as a result, her connection with Olivia has suffered as a result.

Olivia has made it quite plain that she is not prepared to forgive and forget, and she feels that Moriah and her family have been trying to coerce her into making amends with Kim. 

On the other hand, Moriah is worn out by always having the impression that she is in the thick of everything and has to always tread carefully so as not to hurt Olivia’s emotions.

The scenario proceeded to ratchet up the tension, which resulted in bitter remarks, rage, and hatred from both parties. Since Olivia charged Kim with committing credit card theft, their formerly close sibling connection has been significantly strained.

It is possible that the truth that Olivia seems to be no longer accompanied by Moriah will serve as the impetus for Olivia to make amends with her sister, Lydia. 

After relocating to Tampa, the star of Welcome to Plathville has expanded her circle of acquaintances, but she does not include too many of those new acquaintances among her close personal relationships.

 Despite this, Olivia and Ethan have had their fair share of challenges and arguments, and it could be more vital than ever before for her to keep her parents by her side at this time in her life.

Other fans believe there is a better plausible justification for the presence of specialized gear in the hotel room, despite the fact that it is not impossible that Lydia may have a role in the next season of Welcome to Plathville.

Olivia’s photography company has been quite successful, and as a result, she is often required to travel for work.

It is not obvious at this time whether Lydia will get engaged in the drama involving the Plath family or whether she will maintain her distance. 

Audiences will have to hold tight until the next season premieres before they can find out what secrets the sisters have been keeping from them.