Bachelorette LOVE TRIANGLE: Dale Moss, Kristin Cavallari, and Jeff Dye

During the time when she was going through her split with Dale Moss, ex-Bachelorette Clare Crawley was spotted at a Los Angeles Lakers match with Jeff Dye, who is Kristin Cavallari’s ex-boyfriend.

After Clare Crawley and Dale Moss arrived on the 16th season of The Bachelorette, they were under the impression that they had discovered the love of their lives.

However, Clare has since moved on and is currently dating Kristin Cavallari’s ex-boyfriend.  Clare was spotted at Los Angeles’s Staples Center with Jeff Dye. The two were attending the same event.

It is well known that Clare and Dale shocked the whole Bachelor Nation when Crawley chose to quit the program after only 4 weeks and got engaged to Moss.

Her time as The Bachelorette came to an abrupt and unanticipated conclusion as a result of her decision.

Crawley was simply replaced by Tayshia Adams, who then assumed the role of the main actress on the famous ABC drama. This was the first-ever casting change on the show.

Clare and Dale’s engagement did not survive, and the pair finally broke up in September regarding the instant spark that existed between them and the close relationship that they had.

Since January, the two had been dealing with problems, but it seemed as if they were getting closer and closer to solving them. Nevertheless, Crawley’s tearful statement in October essentially revealed that the pair was over for good.

It would seem that the 40-year-old didn’t stay down for very long. Crawley was spotted at a Los Angeles Lakers match on Tuesday with the comedian and actor Jeff Dye, who is 38 years old. The match was a victory for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Houston Rockets.

Dye, a former presenter of the show Money From Strangers on MTV, was earlier romantically involved with reality TV actress Kristin Cavallari after the ending of her divorce from retired NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.

But, in March of this year, Dye and the Very Cavallari and The Hills actress ended their relationship. Clare and Jeff are said to have “hung out 2 days in a row,” according to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life about the rumor. Their alleged activities include visits to the Staples Center and an Alo Yoga program.

“It is possible that she may attend one of his comedy concerts in San Diego this coming weekend. She is really done with Dale,” the insider said, indicating that Clare is moving away from the 33-year-old Moss “once and for all.”

It was in the month of July that Clare and Dale made public their second engagement, and it was said that they were arranging their wedding in a leisurely fashion at the time.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances, the couple went through a rough patch in the midst of a wave of cheating allegations in addition to Clare’s mother getting into intensive care, and Clare having surgery, which eventually resulted in them calling it quits for real in September.

During the time when Dale, Clare, and Abigail, along with Noah, were on vacation together, it was speculated that Dale began a romantic involvement with Bachelor in Paradise actress Abigail Heringer.

It seemed as if Clare was prepared to move on from the guy she left The Bachelorette to be engaged to when she banned Dale’s phone, so it’s possible that this was the case.

Their romantic involvement did not end up having the satisfying end that either of them had hoped for, but Crawley appears to be moving in the proper way in terms of finally leaving Moss in the past forever.