Encanto: ISABELA Is Far More Powerful (NEED TO READ THIS THEORY)

Isabela Madrigal uncovered previously unknown facets of her gift while in Encanto; yet, one idea suggests that she has a great deal more strength than she was previously aware of.

There’s a new idea about Encanto that implies Isabela Madrigal has a lot more power than she gives herself credit for.

The power to produce and manage flora is a part of Isabela (Diane Guerrero), the elder sister of Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), who can do so because of her gift.

Isabela spends most of the film Encanto making roses that are considered to be ideal blooms.

It does not occur until afterward in the film that she finds her power stretches farther than her preconceived notions of what it should be capable of doing.

Since Isabela is considered to be the gifted kid, Mirabel has a great deal of animosity against her, which is made worse by the fact that Mirabel does not believe that she possesses any kind of talent or ability.

Isabela is put under a great deal of stress to maintain this picture of perfection, and Mirabel is initially unaware that Abuela (María Cecilia Botero) is the one who is the most difficult on Isabela.

When Mirabel finally reaches out to Isabela and Isabela is made aware of the strain that is being placed on her, Isabela releases the assumptions that she is supposed to meet with her gift, and as a result, she is able to produce a variety of plants and further produce color out of pure nothingness.

Moreover, according to one hypothesis that was posted on Reddit, Isabela’s gift is significantly extra impactful than she even understands, and her gift includes not only the formation and manipulation of flora but also creation.

This theory posits that Isabela’s gift is not just limited to the cultivation of flora.

In her song “What Else Can I Do?,” which depicts Isabela Madrigal’s chamber, the theory reflects on how Isabela finds her gift going far further than she thought, generating new flowers and colors.

The idea behind the argument is that Isabela has the ability to maybe produce other living creatures due to the fact that her gift involves the creation of flowers and plants, both of which are considered to be living beings.

Due to the fact that plants are the least complicated living beings to produce, Isabela should be able to potentially advance to the creation of more complicated creatures as she gains more experience.

Because Isabela was surprised to learn she was able to generate other flowers and plants this demonstrates that she does not actually know the magnitude of her gift, which is incredibly crucial considering that her gift, along with all of the Madrigal’s gifts, might be connected to their imperfections. The hypothesis is reasonable because of this fact.

On the other hand, at Encanto, every single one of Isabela’s new creations is connected to flowers and plants in some kind.

Even her most recent decorative additions to the home took the shape of flowers.

Plants and flowers may be used to extract pigments and color, despite the fact that the creation of colorful bursts is in some ways distinct from the study of flowers.

It is very probable that the colors she is generating are ones that could be obtained from specific flowers.

This is merely an extended version of her gift of vegetation as, until she makes impulses of color out of plants she has created, they initially show up from the plants she has created. 

On the other hand, Isabela is merely just beginning to discover the full scope of her talents in Encanto, despite the fact that her reach has previously been significantly enlarged.

If Isabela can already produce live plants, it is not impossible that she may one day be capable of producing other life forms as well.

There is a possibility that Encanto 2 will have a major plot twist using the Madrigal’s abilities, and it is also not impossible that Isabela would be able to do so.

Since the Madrigal’s abilities span a wide spectrum and their home, Casita, serves as a symbol of life, it is probable that Isabela’s gift is created in its broadest sense.

Up to this point, she alone has generated plants because that is what she was able to produce initially. 

In the more expansive Disney Universe, the use of magic to bring inanimate objects to life is common. For instance, when Elsa (played by Idina Menzel) in the movie Frozen allows her abilities to develop further, she is able to produce Olaf, who is made of ice, which is her power.

In addition, the narrative arc of Isabela is quite similar to that of Elsa in Frozen, thus it would sound right for Isabela’s abilities to progress in the same way as Elsa’s do.

It is possible that Isabela, in the event that there is a sequel to Encanto, may become much more strong than she currently understands and will have a more established talent for creation when she completely lets her gift develop.