How to Adjust the Tick Speed in Minecraft? (CODE!!!)

The use of a program loop may be seen in a lot of online video games. This is a type of mechanism that regulates how frequently the event triggers are refreshed and made active. It determines the maximum speed, in either direction, that liquids may flow through liquid blocks. The ticks in Minecraft represent one cycle of the algorithm that governs the gameplay, plus Minecraft seems to have a predetermined pace for how quickly the ticks shall run. So how exactly would you go about adjusting the tick speed?

In Minecraft, the tick speed determines how quickly the game updates and performs various tasks, such as moving mobs, growing plants, and triggering Redstone mechanisms. By default, the tick speed is set to 20 ticks per second, but it can be changed by an operator (a player with operator privileges) using the /gamerule command.

So, how do you change the tick speed? To change the tick speed in Minecraft, you will need to have operator privileges on the server or be playing in singleplayer mode. Then, you can use the /gamerule command to set the value of the tickrate gamerule.

For example, to set the tick speed to 30 ticks per second, you would use the following command:

/gamerule tickrate 30

Note that changing the tick speed can have an impact on the performance of the game, as well as on gameplay mechanics. It’s generally not recommended to set the tick speed significantly higher than the default value, as it can cause performance issues and may not be well-balanced with other gameplay mechanics.

Additionally, keep in mind that the tick speed can only be changed by an operator, and players without operator privileges will not be able to use the /gamerule command.

If you increase the tick rate, the pace at which your game updates will also increase. Assuming you select your tick rate to 3600, the most frequent update that will occur in your game is once per hour. If you put it to 20, the information will be refreshed once per second. 

Should you change it to a lower number, it is possible that the game could run more slowly and have more latency as a result of the constant updates. 

In contrast, increasing the height of the tick could enable you to speed up the rate at which plants develop. However, why should you adjust the tick speed, and why is it essential to do so? Let’s find out.

What Is Minecraft’s Standard Tick Rate?

In Minecraft, the passage of time is measured using something called a “game tick.” In Minecraft, the tick speed that is set by default is 20 ticks per second. This indicates that a tick takes place once every 0.05 seconds. 

Ticks are the driving force behind any developments or upgrades made in Minecraft. The duration of a day in the game is represented as 24000 ticks. That would equate to 20 min in real life. The TPS (ticks per second) preset number may be seen on the screen of the game by using the ALT key in conjunction with the F3 key.

Minecraft’s Standard Random Tick Rate

In addition, there is a function in Minecraft that has an impact on a number of non-deterministic aspects of the game, like the rate at which fires spread, the development of vegetation, and the rotting of leaves. This function is known as “random ticks.” 

Inside the Java Edition, the default value for the random tick speed is configured to 3. 1 represents the maximum value for the random tick speed in the Bedrock Edition.

Do not attempt to tinker with the random tick speed if you are unsure how to operate it or how to make adjustments to it. It’s possible that if you set it to really high settings, the game will become inoperable. Permit me to describe how it operates:

By default, 3 is chosen as the value for the random tick speed. If you adjust it to 21, the rate at which plants grow, fires burn, and other processes will all rise by a factor of 7.

What Is The Maximum Tick Speed That Can Be Achieved In Minecraft?

The tick speed may be increased from 0 to 256 ticks per second at your discretion. Once allowing the cheats, the default value will be fixed at 20, although you’ll have the option to alter it as your level improves in the game. 

As your level rises, the number of ticks you get every second will gradually grow as a reward.

How Can You Adjust The Frequency of The Ticks in Minecraft?

Open the chat box in the game and type the command that you just learned in order to modify the tick speed. You can accomplish this now that you know precisely which command to use. 

There are several variations, each with its own unique combination of shortcut keys to activate the chat window.

To access the chat window on Windows 10 and the JavaScript edition of the operating system, press the letter “T.” On PS4 and Xbox, you may access the chat window by using the D-pad on the controller. 

After the chat window has opened, you may alter the tick speed to your liking by entering the command that corresponds to your preference from the list that follows.

The 2nd possibility is to alter the tick speed via the use of your settings. While you are playing the game, navigate to the settings. 

On the absolute bottom of the page where the options are located is an option labeled “Random Tick Speed.” Simply click it and then enter the desired tick speed that you’d like to establish.

Make advantage of this autoclicker to speed up the movement of your mouse when autoclicking.

Minecraft’s Tick Speed Command

Through the use of the command “/gamerule,” you are able to alter the tick speed. The command may be used in a number of different Minecraft editions. For clarity, there are two different instructions to follow:

  1. /gamerule randomTickSpeed <value>
  2. /gamerule randomTickSpeed

The first step is to determine the precise value of the tick speed, which allows the player to manage the rate at which things develop or deteriorate. The second step is to examine the guidelines that govern the game.

How Fast of a Tick Speed Should You Play Minecraft?

When a tick happens, several different components of the game shift or progress somewhat in some way. The position of fluid flow and moving things, as well as growing plants and other things, shifts somewhat as a result of motion. 

When the tick speed is increased to a higher value, the pace at which decays occur also increases.

If you reduce the tick speed to 0, the random ticks will no longer be generated by the program. Unless you want to quicken the pace without making everything go too quickly, putting it on three is probably your best choice. 

Set it to a figure between 6 and 8 if you continue to desire to get things accomplished quickly even if you’ve slowed down.


Only one thing has to be kept in mind, and that is the fact that raising the tick speed would make hacks available while rendering your trophies useless.