Viewers of Southern Charm learn that Kathryn Dennis is apparently facing a third eviction because she is unable to pay the exorbitant rent she is responsible for in Charleston.

After apparently being handed an eviction notice, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has found herself in the precarious position of being on the verge of homelessness around the holidays. 

The custody struggle that the redhead has been engaged in with Thomas Ravenel has not made for the easiest few years for her. Kathryn has made efforts to get her life back on track, but it seems that she may have just fallen over a barrier.

The United States Sun reports that Kathryn is in danger of being evicted from the upscale apartment she has been living in for the 3rd time in the year. 

The Sun said that on November 17, Kathryn was given the Rule to Vacate by East Bay Apartments, who charged the actress of Southern Charm for not paying rent. 

The woman, who is a mother to two children, was also given an eviction notice at her previous housing complex, which was called West Edge Apartments. 

On March 16, it was disclosed that Mt. Pleasant Investments LLC had submitted a notice of intent to vacate the contract with Kathryn. The limited liability company said that Kathryn failed to pay the sum of $9,252 in rental for February and March for which she was responsible.

The Apartment of Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Is Not Affordable

There is a significant cost associated with Kathryn’s present living situation due to the fact that the rent for a luxurious townhouse in the East Bay is $6,400 per month. Throughout the eighth season of Southern Charm, viewers were given a sneak peek at Kathryn’s apartment, which she had previously occupied with her ex-boyfriend Chleb Ravenell. 

A sparkling white kitchen with stainless steel equipment and a marble island countertop could be seen in Kathryn’s residence. She additionally had wide windows that reached from floor to ceiling in her living room, which also had a dining room that was spacious enough to accommodate a table with seating for six people and three bathrooms.

After moving to Aiken, South Carolina, Kathryn’s ex-spouse, Thomas, took their 2 kids, Kenise and Saint. Since then, Kathryn has been embroiled in a protracted custody fight with Thomas over the children. 

Since the beginning of the legal troubles, Kathryn has found herself in a difficult financial position.

After the mother of two’s representation, Susan Rawls Strom and Pete Currence, unexpectedly resigned because they were not being paid, fans of Southern Charm realized that she was having financial difficulties. 

There have been several allegations made against Kathryn alleging that she is unable to make timely payments for services rendered.

From the end of the relationship between the two stars of Southern Charm, Thomas has not made much of an effort to support the woman who is the mother of his children. 

During their fight, the disgraced former South Carolina Treasurer has blamed Kathryn for doing drugs, failing to bring the kids to school on schedule, and having a meager total in her bank account of just 11 dollars. 

The people who are rooting for Kathryn are keeping their fingers crossed that she will be able to pay off her debts in time to celebrate Christmas with her kids, whom she presently only sees on supervised visitations every second weekend.