Who Was The GUY On The Beach In UNCHARTED?

Uncharted, starring Tom Holland as a youthful version of Nathan Drake, is one of the movies that aficionados of video games are looking forward to seeing the most in 2022. 

Uncharted, like a number of other films, has its own number of easter eggs, which are references to previous entries in the series that are only understood by die-hard fans of the series. 

One of these instances was when Drake, who was played by Holland Dozier, met a guy briefly on the beach before falling out of an aircraft and almost drowning in the water. Who was the character from the film Uncharted who was resting on the beach?

So, Who Was The Guy On The Beach In Uncharted? Nolan North is the character who may be seen walking down the beach in the Uncharted film. For the benefit of those who are unaware, Nolan North is the actor who provides the voice of Nathan Drake in the wildly successful video game franchise. Because of this, it was possible for the video game edition of Nathan Drake and the live edition of Nathan Drake to cross paths on TV. The real-time edition of Nathan Drake encountered the action games edition.

Many people who are passionate about video games have a particular place in their affection for the Uncharted series, which is recognized as one of the best in the industry at the present time. 

Having stated that, it should not come as a surprise to anybody who really enjoys the games that they will instantly identify as Nolan North. However, it is intriguing to discuss further about Nolan North for those people who haven’t experienced the games or aren’t acquainted with them.

Who Was That Man Lying on the Beach in Uncharted Movie?

The iconic Uncharted video game series has just been adapted into a live-action film, making it the most recent in a long line of successful video game franchises to be brought to the big screen in this format. 

Because of this, Uncharted is having a relatively great run at the box office right currently, which is particularly impressive considering how well it did throughout its first weekend.

Uncharted, like many other films adapted from other works, has a number of cameos and easter eggs that nod to the original works. The most memorable cameo was performed by a man who appeared on the beach.

Anyone who hasn’t played the video games or who isn’t a hardcore follower of the brand certainly wouldn’t identify the guy that Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake encountered on the beach for a short period, but people who have actually covered the video game series from the beginning would instantly identify him. Who was the character from the film Uncharted who was lying on the beach?

It turns out that the man lounging on the beach is Nolan North. Who exactly is Nolan North? Those who aren’t up to speed on the games could be perplexed by this question. 

Nevertheless, due to the fact that he is the voice actor that portrays Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video game series, it might be argued that he had the most significant part in the overall development of the franchise.

Therefore, in a manner, this was a cameo performance that incorporated an easter egg for people who genuinely love the video game series. This is because it enabled fans to watch the live performance of their preferred Nathan Drake voice artist in the role of Nathan Drake.

Who Is Playing the Role of Nolan North in the Movie Uncharted?

In the film adaptation of the Uncharted video game series, Nolan North is portrayed as a run-of-the-mill citizen who, by chance, was present in the same location and at the same time as Nathan Drake (played by Tom Holland). 

It is important to mention that he did remark something that many fans feel is a reference to his position as Nathan Drake in the gameplay. This is something that he has alluded to in the past.

First off, it’s worth noting that the film does not follow a single video game in the Uncharted series. 

Rather, it only features a unique tale that takes place before the events of the previous game, with Tom Holland portraying a very much more youthful form of Nathan Drake than in the 1st game. This film provides some insight into the background of the character.

Throughout the course of the film, the character Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland, was seen parachuting into the water from a cargo jet. 

He is able to free himself while swimming to the shore, where he is approached by a guy who inquires as to what happened to him. Obviously, we’re talking about Nolan North here.

Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland, shared his story with an older actor, who informed him that he had been in an identical situation in the past. 

Nathan Drake detailed what had occurred to him. This was an allusion to something that took place to him in the 3rd installment of the Uncharted video game series.

In this context, Nolan North was making a reference to the cargo aircraft level from the Uncharted 3 video game, which the player must complete in order to progress. 

Nathan Drake, during that particular moment in the game, did, in fact, wind up plummeting from the cargo aircraft after it had crashed, therefore in essence, something quite similar did in fact happen to him.

The premise that Nolan North was presumably hinting at the possibility that he too, as Nathan Drake, had faced it previously was perhaps the thing that got people interested in this moment. 

However, given that this is not a film set in a universe, it would be absurd to suppose that there are 2 different forms of Nathan Drake existing at the same moment. 

It’s likely that the Nolan North character from the film was speaking on an identical event, albeit not as Nathan Drake, but rather as himself inside the context of the narrative.

Why Is It So Crucial That Nolan North Make An Appearance In The Movie When It Comes To Uncharted Fans?

Fans of the Uncharted video game franchise place a high value on Nolan North’s participation in the film adaptation of the game because, in addition to the reality that he provides the voice for one of the most memorable figures in the history of today’s video games, his presence in the film serves as a validation of the live-action adaptation of the figure he portrays in the gameplay.

Given that PlayStation, which is held by Sony, is the owner of Uncharted and that Sony is the company that produced the film, it was certainly not difficult to convince Nolan North to appear as a cameo in the film. 

Despite this, his presence was a symbolic “passing of the torch” that let fans realize that even the person who plays Nathan Drake in the animated series is supporting Tom Holland’s interpretation of the character.