Who Would Win in a Fight Between The Joker and Harley Quinn?

The connection between the Joker and Harley Quinn is perhaps the most nefarious one that can be seen in comic books. Abuse is the primary issue, despite the fact that both parties continuously affirm their love for one another. 

Nevertheless, Harley left the violent relationship not too long ago and is now pursuing her own path, although the two of them have never truly competed against one another in the matter. In an all-out fight between Joker and Harley, the issue is: who would come out on top?

Who Would Win in a Fight Between The Joker and Harley Quinn? If we’re dealing with conventional hand-to-hand fighting, then Harley has a better chance of winning versus Joker than anybody else. She is at the top of her physical power and is an excellent combatant, mixing her gymnastic abilities with her training in martial arts. Nevertheless, if they are allowed to plan ahead and apply all of their resources and capabilities, Joker is able to simply triumph.

Nevertheless, if they are allowed to plan ahead and apply all of their resources and capabilities, Joker is able to simply triumph.

Merely said, he has much too many tricks on his sleeve. And despite the fact that she managed to get away from him in the end, Harley would never hurt Joker since she has a lot of affection for him. 

On the other hand, this could not be the case with Joker. If there was any way for him to benefit from her death, he would not hesitate to take her life; the only person he is actually concerned about is Batman. 

So with that out of the way, let’s see who would come out on top amongst Joker and Harley’s skills.

What Are Joker’s Strengths?

The Joker is a DC Comics criminal who made his debut in the Batman #1 comic book in 1940. He is also known by the names the Red Hood, the Clown Prince of Crime, and Puddin’, which is what Harley Quinn nicknamed him. He is a supervillain with a sanity problem who lives in Gotham City and is one of Batman’s most dangerous adversaries.

Even though according to the book, he’s merely a person, there are a lot of traits that set him apart from other people and make him seem almost extraordinary. What are some of the things that he is capable of doing that consider him so tough?

1. Neurotoxin Specialist

The Joker’s history and upbringing have been told in thousands of ways, yet there are commonalities among them. He was a thief who went by the name the Red Hood, and he was working at a biochemical facility when he fell into a tank of chemicals, which caused his healthy skin to change white, his hair to become greenish, and his lips to become a vibrant red, alongside his signature smile.

Because he worked at the facility, he was quite knowledgeable about chemicals because he was constantly exposed to them. The Joker’s blood became poisonous as a result of the various tests he carried out on his real body throughout the ages. 

According to Batman #663, the trials and ages of drug addiction rendered him immune to most poisons. This was indicated in the comic book. In this same comic strip, a mosquito bites him, and it ultimately succumbs.

Moreover, because of his extensive knowledge of science, he is capable of developing very potent armaments, such as nerve gas and other similar devices.

2. Armor and Supplementary Items

The majority of the Joker’s victims were killed by his one-of-a-kind, comical, and lethal props, such as sharpened decks of cards, joy buzzers, and other such items. 

It is hardly unusual for him to utilize his knowledge of chemistry to charge up his weaponry by employing substances such as cyanide, acid, toxic gases, and so on.

Even though he isn’t very skilled in martial arts, he more than makes up for it with the props, weapons, and intellect he carries.

3. Superior Mental Capacity

There is a fine line that separates geniuses from those who have crossed over into insanity. Both of these descriptions fit the Joker well; he is a criminal genius with a vast level of expertise in escapology. 

If you provide the individual some time to prepare and enough assets to implement, all you need to do is hand him a stick, and he’ll figure it out.

In addition to this, he is renowned for being one of the most skilled manipulators in history. 

He convinced Harley to join him and freed him from Arkham Asylum, where she had been working as his psychologist, Harleen Quinzel. He did this by manipulating Harley. 

Additionally, in one other dimension, he had poisoned Superman and controlled him such that he killed Lois Lane without realizing it and became an evil tyrant.

His expertise in brain chemistry is impressive, however, his mental instability sets him apart from other brilliant people (such as Bruce Wayne, his sworn enemy), who also excel in their fields. 

He is absolutely devoid of any ethical principles and he is fully psychotic. He does not show any concern in any situation.

Despite the context of his connection with Harley Quinn, he has demonstrated on several occasions that everything is merely a game for him. 

In reality, the single individual he genuinely worries for is Batman, despite the fact that he gives off the impression – and most likely believes – that he has genuine feelings for her.

4. Absence of Suffering

The fact that the Joker does not experience pain is one of the many characteristics that contribute to his otherworldly status. 

He apparently does not suffer any pain whatsoever or his madness enables him to just reject it, yet he is able to bear torture while smiling his head off.

At one point, he severed his face, threw it against a wall, and afterward proceeded to reattach it as if nothing had happened. If he is capable of feeling pain, then his threshold for discomfort must be off the charts.

The Abilities That Harley Quinn Possesses

The DC Comics character Harley Quinn made her debut in the Batman: The Animated Series in 1992, making her one of the more recent additions to the DC universe. 

Her debut introduction in a comic book was in episode 12 of The Batman Adventures, which was published a year later, however Batman: Harley Quinn # 1 from 1999 was when she was really introduced.

Harleen Quinzel was her name, and she was an inhabitant of Gotham City like everyone else. In addition to her work as a psychologist at Arkham Asylum, where she examined Joker, Harleen was an accomplished gymnast. 

Shortly after, she became susceptible to his charms and assisted him in evading capture, which led to the birth of her alter identity, Harley Quinn.

Regardless of the fact that she was mistreated on a regular basis, she was Joker’s girl and developed a strong attachment to him. 

She had also lost her mind and turned into a supervillain when she severed connections with the Joker in order to forge her own path and develop her own skills.

1. Biological Resistance to Chemical Agents

When we write about Harley having chemical resistance, we are referring to her resistance to chemicals, toxins, and other such agents, much as Joker does. 

She actually wound herself in a toxic container, which is what gave her such a pale complexion. 

The time she spent in the tank, along with her time spent with the Joker, bestowed upon her some of his signature powers, such as immunity and potentially even poisonous blood.

2. Superior Performance in Both the Body and the Mind

The intelligence of Harley Quinn is through the roof. Because of her expertise in psychology as well as her general intellect, she is always able to keep one step ahead of the competition. 

Despite the fact that she becomes insane as a result of Joker’s deceitful plots, her intelligence remains unaffected, however, corrupted.

Moreover, in addition to her intelligence, Harley is likewise in excellent athletic shape, which contributes to her overall value. Prior to becoming Harley Quinn, Harleen was a very excellent gymnast. 

This is a talent that she brings with her into a fight, where it serves her fairly well. When it comes to hand-to-hand fighting, she is unbeatable because of her incredible reactions and nimble movements.

This is not the end of the story. In issue #30 of the first volume of Harley Quinn, which was published in 1999, Harley is shot by Poison Ivy with a formula that endows her with superhuman levels of fitness, quickness, flexibility, and most crucially, endurance. She has a far higher threshold for pain than the average human being.

3. Armor and Supplementary Items

Even though she constantly has access to great weaponry, Harley most often employs a massive hammer as her primary weapon. 

She is very proficient with weapons, or she is just insane enough to be able to use them regardless if she has no prior experience with them. 

She also has two hyenas at her disposal at times, which she puts to use for fighting her opponents and doing much more besides.

Who Would Come Out on Top: The Joker or Harley Quinn?

Who do you think would come out on top in a battle between Harley Quinn and the Joker, taking everything into consideration?

The odds of Harley defeating the Joker in a fistfight are higher than they are for anybody else. She is in great physical shape, with increased strength, quickness, and reactions, and she’s able to withstand a blow as nobody else can. Nevertheless, it is pretty much the only thing working in her favor at this point in time.

Under any other circumstance, I definitely pick the Joker above Harley Quinn in a battle. First of all, he is a very skilled deceiver and criminal genius, and if he had any preparation time at all, he would easily outwit Harley.

In addition, the use of his weaponry and devices gives him a significant advantage; nonetheless, I feel that Harley would ultimately prevail over herself.

Although if she is no longer with him, she still has excessive feelings for the Joker. She could never get up the courage to put an end to him. 

In addition, he had already shown more than once that he was capable of pressuring her, and it seemed likely that he would be able to do so once more. 

One difference is, he wouldn’t think twice about killing her if he was forced to, unlike how she definitely would.

Ultimately, his deceptive talents, cunning strategies, weaponry, and chemical knowledge would be overwhelming for Harley Quinn, who actually adores him to the point of truly damaging him — despite if she is undoubtedly better in hand-to-hand fighting.

Is There Romance Between Harley Quinn And The Joker?

Is it really possible to argue that the Joker and Harley Quinn were always in love considering that their whole connection is based on lying, cheating, and taking advantage of each other?

To be honest, I believe so. At least according to how they understand love. The Joker is a narcissist as well as a lunatic, which means he is essentially unable of experiencing genuine human feelings. 

It’s possible that he felt a certain degree of closeness to Harley, and at one time he may have even thought that he loved her, yet he hasn’t ever quit harassing and controlling her, which is ultimately what led to her leaving him.

Multiple times he told her he loved her, but he also maintained that love was a weakness and that was why he wanted to get rid of her.

The opposite was true for Harley Quinn, who was over heels in love with him. It was clear that she would give her life for him. Despite the fact that it was all a deception and that she wasn’t in her sane way, Harley adored her Puddin’ as much as she was capable of or as she was aware of.