A startlingly high percentage of individuals are under the impression that Pikachu, the official mascot of the Pokémon franchise, had a tail with a point of darkness at the end of it. 

Several individuals are curious as to when and why the creators of Pikachu decided to eliminate the black tip from the end of his tail. But is it really the case? Is it true that Pikachu had a dark-colored tail?

So, does Pikachu have a black tail? Pikachu has never had a black tip on its tail, hence, its tail does not have a black tip. People undoubtedly mistook the black points of its ears for the tips of its tail, assuming, incorrectly, that he truly had a black-tipped tail, in addition to the ears; however, this never actually occurred. 

The (mis)belief that Pikachu’s tail does have a black stripe on its tip is one of the most widespread misconceptions about the Pokémon. 

In the next sections of this post, we are going to examine this problem and provide you with an explanation as to regardless of whether or not it actually looked like that, and if it had been, why the artists and creatives chose to modify it in the first place. 


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Have you ever heard of anything called the Mandela effect? If you don’t already know, you are likely to figure out pretty quickly what it is!

Is There a Black Tip on Pikachu’s Tail? Complete Explanation

Therefore, according to what we may tell, each primary version of Pikachu, regardless of all the differences between them, including in the video games and in the Japanese anime, does have a yellow tail with a brown patch at the bottom of it. 


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This is the case regardless of the fact that there are several variants between them. 

Pikachu’s tail does not have a black spot or stripe anywhere on it. However, what about this particular picture:

The question then becomes, why do people believe that it does? A false memory is defined as “the occurrence in which an individual remembers things that didn’t occur or remembers it contrary to the way it truly took place.” 

This is a typical case of the so-called Mandela effect, which is a phenomenon in which a large number of individuals share the same untrue recollection.

The Mandela effect is the name that has been given to the phenomenon that occurs when a person has a false memory on a larger scale.


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This is what took place at this location. Somebody, someplace, at some time, had a mistaken recollection that Pikachu’s tail had a black patch on it. 

This occurred at a certain moment. Because of this, the fake memory spread, and it eventually became a “reality,” regardless of knowing that it was wholly fabricated.

This erroneous notion has been allowed to endure for this reason, regardless of the fact that there is more than sufficient proof to demonstrate that it is not true.



The previous version of Pikachu, known as Pichu, possesses a tail that is fully black. However, when it develops into Pikachu, the black gradually goes into a brown color, as seen in Pikachu. Therefore, the answer is no; Pikachu doesn’t have a dark-colored tail.

Was Pikachu’s Tail Ever Supposed to Be Black?

The response to this question has a response that is a little bit more involved than the one to the previous question. To be more specific, the original form of Pikachu did not have a black tail. 


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Whether you’ve been talking about anime, computer games, or perhaps all, the color of its tail has always been yellow. This is true despite whatever medium you’re looking at.

Additionally, there are no differences between male and female Pikachu in terms of the coloration of their tails; male and female Pikachu have identical tail patterns. 

The following is a gaming-based example that compares several incarnations of Pikachu seen in various editions of the Pokémon video game series:

It is abundantly evident that the character always has a tail that is of a yellowish-brown color. Like the Red/Green one, owing to the fact that the brownish tint at the base, which appears black however to the coloration pattern of the original games, is truly blackish in appearance.



The only dark part of Pikachu’s body is at the very tips of its ears, where there is some darkness. The end, as they say. In a sense. One thing stands out as an exception:

Five female Pikachu can be seen here; you can identify them by the heart-shaped form of their tails; the tips of their tails are black. So, there is a Pikachu with black-tipped ears and tails after all? To put it simply, yes and no.

To begin, we would want to make it clear that these iterations of the character, which are referred to as Cosplay Pikachu, are new to the series. 

They made their debut in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which are Generation VI modified versions of the initial Generation III gameplay.

Since Cosplay Pikachu was introduced in Generation VI games, and the black-tailed Pikachu fictional story predates those games by a long shot, it is safe to say that they are not responsible for perpetuating the myth.



Cosplay Pikachu is a variation of the standard Pikachu; it is exclusively a female, does have a black spot in the form of a heart just at the tip of its tail, and may be outfitted in any one of five clothes that match to the five requirements of the Contest.

In the gameplay, the item is presented to the player as a gift, and the group subsequently made an appearance in the anime series.

Although the existence of a black-tailed Pikachu is confirmed by this variant, the reason for the black tip on their tails is unknown, and therefore the black tip is most likely an accidental variation rather than the true cause of the mistaken memory.


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Is There a Marking on Pikachu’s Back That Looks Like Stripes?

To be honest, this question is rather simple to respond to. Pikachu does, in fact, possess two brown stripes on his back, and that is one of its hallmarks. 

This fact has been verified throughout every single piece of media in which the Pokémon has actually appeared, despite the piece of media or the Generation.


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Exactly How Does Pikachu Appear?

It should not come as a surprise that Pikachu has attained such widespread popularity. He is really adorable, and it is largely because of this trait that he was able to become a game-changing monster for the whole series.


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It is quite unlikely that you are unfamiliar with the appearance of Pikachu, regardless of whether you’re not a supporter of the Pokémon series.

Pikachu is so well-known that individuals of various ages and backgrounds, even those who have never seen Pokémon or enjoyed the game, are familiar with him. So, can you describe his appearance in more detail? 


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Pokemon and Pikachu are one of our favorite anime, and this question is really interesting. I have spoken with many of my friends, and some of them certainly believe that Pikachu indeed has a black tail, which is not true.