JoJo Siwa Acknowledges that She and Jenna Johnson Would Be “Livid” if They Lose on DWTS

JoJo Siwa, who is now in the lead for Dancing With the Stars, has revealed that she and her companion, Jenna Johnson, would be “livid” if they do not end up taking home the trophy.

JoJo Siwa, who is now in first place on Dancing With the Stars, has revealed that she & her partner, Jenna Johnson, would be “livid” if they do not win the program due to their fierce level of competition.

Ever since the beginning of the contest in Week 1, JoJo and Jenna consistently maintained a position on the scoreboard that is either very close to or exactly at the top.

They are the first couple of the same gender to ever compete in the program, blazing a path through week after week of groundbreaking new experiences in the ballroom.

The judges and public were blown away by JoJo and Jenna’s quickstep during the first week of the competition, which resulted in them earning the top place on the scoreboard.

Their ratings continued to rise week after week, culminating in Week 5’s Grease Night foxtrot performance, which earned them a perfect score of 10 from each of the four judges.

The next week, they performed their jazz performance for Horror Night and once again received perfect scores and outstanding praise.

They continued to have success the following week, as seen by the almost flawless score that they received for their tango performance on Queen Night.

They were in the top position up until the relay dances when the judges did not award them any additional points for the foxtrot they performed. After that, they fell to second place.

The true surprise, though, happened when it was revealed that JoJo and Jenna had been eliminated from the competition for having excellent scores.

Even though they were spared by the judges, it served as a wake-up call for them that the Mirror Ball Trophy would be more difficult to win than they had anticipated.

During an interview with Us Weekly, JoJo said that she and Jenna would be disappointed if they are not victorious in this season’s competition. In point of fact, she said, “I actually talked to Jen about this a couple of days ago. I was like, ‘We are both going to be livid [if we lose], obviously, because we’re super competitive and we want to win, of course.” 

JoJo said that the trip itself has been so gratifying, despite the fact that she really wants to win.

She went on to say,  “But at the end of the day, this experience has already been more than anything I’ve ever done before that I’ve already won, and it’s been such a journey.”

JoJo has stated her appreciation for the chance to participate in the program, despite the fact that she has said that she would be disappointed if she did not win the contest this time.

She continued by stating that  “The mirrorball isn’t even the icing or the cherry or the sprinkle on top. It’s, like, the box that it comes in. It’s just, like, the extra little thing.” 

She spoke in glowing terms regarding her relationship with Jenna and the importance of Jenna in her life. She gets the impression that she has made a friend for the rest of her life.

Jessalynn, JoJo’s mother, who was likewise there for the conversation, commented that having Jenna around is “like having an honorary daughter.”

JoJo and her mother also discussed how much mental growth JoJo has experienced during the course of the contest and how the program has been the perfect platform for her to move from being a kid star to an adult celebrity.

They couldn’t believe how much JoJo’s courage and sense of self-assurance had developed in only the last 7 weeks, and they couldn’t stop marveling about it.

In spite of the fact that JoJo has said that she would be “livid” if she and Jenna do not win Dancing With the Stars this season, she has kept it very obvious that her participation in the competition has been a prize in and of itself.

They continue to have a very strong shot at winning the competition because of the excellent marks they received from the judges and the spectacular dances they performed.

Since her relationship with Jenna and her own personal path toward self-confidence and self-acceptance, JoJo can be happy and at peace with herself no regardless of the outcome of this season’s competition because she won a lot more than the Mirrorball Trophy throughout this season.