LPBW: Zach’s Explanation of The Amount He Gave Matt for the Farm

The amount of money that will be exchanged when Matt Roloff sells his farm to Zach Roloff, his son, is something that viewers of the show Little People, Big World are quite interested in learning.

Fans of Little People, Big World are interested in finding out exactly what Zach Roloff gave in his bid since there has been a lot of discussion regarding whether or not Roloff Farms should be sold. 

Due to the failure of previous discussions over the family property, Zach and Matt Roloff have been at odds with one another for the last year. Zach intended to acquire ownership of the property, but it was obvious that Matt had other plans in mind.

Fans of the television show Little People, Big World are familiar that in 2020, Amy Roloff sold the 32 acres of the family farm that she owned to Matt for the cheap price of $975,000 using the app Distractify. 

It’s possible that fans are unaware that Amy already sold a section of her property in 2019 for the same price as this transaction, but the fact is that she did.

Amy’s plan was for the sale of her part of the business to simplify the process for Matt to invite his elder boys, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, to participate in the buyback of her shares once they had been sold. 

Unfortunately, as was seen in the previous season, Matt said that he made every effort to sell to his twins by offering them a “half-off family discount;” however, Zach did not view the offer in the same light.

What Was Zach’s Actual Proposal Regarding the Roloff Farms?

After it was all said and done, Matt forked down a grand total of $1,642,000 to acquire full ownership of Roloff Farms. In the first episode of the new season of Little People, Big World, Zach revealed to the TLC cameras that he had submitted a competing bid. 

He said,  “I had a starting point, and it was based on what my dad bought my mom out for.” The audience understands how Zach’s father’s counteroffer could have turned him away from the opportunity.

There is a disparity of over $ 500 million between Zach’s bid of roughly $1.6 million and Matt’s asking price of $4 million when he placed the property up for sale on the open market if Matt requested $4 million.

It is not surprising that Zach felt deceived by his father, given that the patriarch could have been looking to earn money from the situation.

Amy continues to have misgivings over the decision she made to sell the farm to her ex-husband, despite the fact that it is abundantly evident that neither Zach nor Jeremy will indeed be inheriting the family company. 

Amy said in the latest episode of Little People, Big World that she had kept the faith that Matt would act in the correct way and “negotiate” with the boys even though she knew this was unlikely to happen. 

After then, Amy admitted in an open and honest manner that she had made the decision to vacate the farm so that her sons could run it.

Zach has gone on and purchased a home in the suburbs, despite the fact that Amy may be feeling down and wishing she had handled the situation somewhat properly.

The star of Little People, Big World, and his family just relocated to a new house in Battleground, Washington, which is an hour away. 

In their new home, they have more room to get away from Matt and the family strife. 

Although it is possible that the actual worth of the proposal could never be disclosed, it is reasonable to conclude that Zach attempted to be frugal, whilst Matt was anticipating something far greater.

In the end, it was regrettable that money drove a wedge between the family members.