The TOP 10 Teams In HAIKYUU!!

One of the features of Haikyuu!! that garners the most praise from fans. is that it does not solely concentrate on Kurasuno’s story. Which of the many cherished teams currently holds the top spot?

The ten-year celebration of the beginning of Haikyuu!! was commemorated on February 20th, 2022. During this period, the much-loved novel finished its run, and the anime marked the completion of 4 successful seasons, each of which featured extraordinary volleyball teams.

Even so, some of the teams’ presentations were more impressive than others. Despite the fact that Haikyuu!! is possibly best known for not having any teams that come off as a group of pointless accessories, there have to be teams that are more powerful and better developed than others. 



These teams frequently play an essential role in the story, and they either have individuals who stick out individually or incredible cooperation.

10. Date Tech

The first significant triumph for Kurasuno in the series comes at the hands of defensive juggernaut Date Tech, one of the most effective blocking teams in the competition.

The cornerstone of Date Tech’s defense, Aone, is joined by a variety of other talented players who rotate in and out of the lineup contingent on the season. 


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Kanji Koganegawa, the 2nd most prominent member of the Iron Wall, excels notwithstanding his inexperience despite being probably the highest setter in the series.  

The manufacturing of offense and Date Tech’s lack of experience are their two greatest flaws, both of which place them in a lower tier than the more capable teams in this series.

9. Nohebi

In the Land vs. Air original video animation, Nekoma’s opponent is one of the shadiest teams, which is appropriate for a team with a serpent as their emblem.

The skipper of Nohebi, Suguru Daisho, was undeniably one of the most talented athletes to come out of Tokyo. He is a maestro of misdirection in total and is proficient at turning the ball in particular. 



In season 4, Daisho and his girlfriend serve as narrators for a significant portion of the Spring Tournament. During this time, Daisho reveals that he is also a brilliant analyzer of the game. Unfortunately, when compared to other institutions, Nohebi does not have the same degree of general ability.

8. Aoba Johsai

Oikawa Toru, who served as the series’ antagonist for the first 2 seasons, is widely regarded as one of the game’s top competitors. and most likely would have been able to compete at the national level with a more capable accompanying ensemble.

Izumi and Mad Dog, both of whom are formidable spikers in their own right, are Oikawa’s most potent weaponry. Mad Dog is especially deadly. Oikawa’s serves, on the other hand, are what set Aoba Johsai apart from other teams in terms of their offense.

Oikawa is, perhaps with the exception of Miya Atsumu, the most powerful server throughout the entirety of the series. Aoba Johsai may have been able to advance further in the competition if the middle blocker position had been more competitive.

7. Shiratorizawa

Shiratorizawa was one of the most formidable teams in the country and routinely placed in the top three at championships, in addition to being the most recent team to win the championship.

Ushijima, a member of Shiratorizawa’s volleyball team, is regarded as one of the best players in the country.

The fact that they depend so significantly on Ushijima makes Tendo, their exceptional middle blocker, the only other player on their team who can be considered a legitimate superstar. 

This is both their greatest strength and their greatest vulnerability. However, Shiratorizawa has maintained their title as long-time champions for a reason, and the blade and shield skills of Ushijima and Tendo must be recognized at any level of high school competition.

6. Nekoma

Nekoma, which is Kurasuno’s primary opponent, is almost definitely the greatest receiving team in the complete series, and there is a case to be made for them being the best overall defending team in the competition.

Although Nekoma places more emphasis on team play than on the performance of outstanding individuals, it is impossible to deny that Kuroo, the team skipper, is their most talented player. 

Kuroo is undoubtedly the greatest defensive player throughout the entirety of the series, despite the fact that he does not get as many kill blocks as Aone or Tendo. 

He blocks and receives at a high level while simultaneously sending the ball to Kenma in the position where he will be most effective.

5. Karasuno

Karasuno, the primary squad that the anime concentrates on, has one of the most equitable scoring rosters in the series, which is illustrative of how they are depicted as a massacre of birds.

Along the same lines as Nekoma, Karasuno places more emphasis on the cohesiveness of the team as opposed to the accomplishments of its individual members. 

However, each participant has their own famous Haikyuu!! moments as well as distinct abilities. Asahi, Tanaka, and Hinata all have comparable scoring abilities. Both Nishinoya and Daichi are formidable opponents on the defending end. 

Kageyama is widely considered to be one of the finest setters in the country. There are a few teams that have excelled even further than Karasuno has, despite the fact that Karasuno has developed into one of the finest teams.

4. Inarizaki

Inazrizaki was one of the finest teams in the championship overall, but they were knocked out of the competition by Kurasuno in the 2nd round in a contest that was incredibly tight.

The degree to which Haikyuu!! is faithful to the realism of real athletics is one of the series’ most notable strengths.

In the world of actual athletics, powerful teams routinely fall to lesser teams, and this is precisely what occurred when Inarizaki and Kurasuno competed against each other. 

Even though the teams were more evenly matched than they appeared at first, Inarizaki is still the superior team overall because they have the powerful Miya brothers and a top-five ace in Aran.

3. Kamomedai

At this juncture in the series, Kamomedai is primarily familiar with one character: Hoshiumi, the new little behemoth who serves as Hinata’s primary adversary in the Spring Tournament.

It is safe to say that Hoshiumi is one of the best athletes competing in the national competition. Fans of Japanese animation haven’t seen much of Kamomedai, but the team has managed to advance to the third round of the competition and is now among the most likely candidates to take first place overall.

Hoshiumi is among a handful of players at nationals who have received as much attention as he has, and as a result, he has joined Bokuto and Sakusa as the most dreaded competitors at the tournament.

2. Fukurodani

After Inarizaki’s early elimination from the competition, Fukurodani has emerged as a prospective front-runner to take home the trophy as the squad most directly responsible for the development of Kurasuno.

Bokuto and Akaashi are not only one of the greatest duos in Haikyuu!! but they also have one of the best partnerships in the series. 

The “emo state” of Bokuto is Fukurodani’s one and only genuine vulnerability; however, he possesses the greatest potential of anyone else in the series. 

When Bokuto is on his game and able to maintain his composure, he poses a danger to becoming the greatest player in the competition and unseating Sakusa from his position as champion.

1. Itachiyama

Itachiyama triumphed at the most recent national competition, and he is a prohibitive favorite to do the same at the upcoming spring tournament.

The anime has by now demonstrated Itachiyama’s star player, Sakusa, who is widely considered to be among the finest in Japan. 

It is not known very much about Sakusa, other than the fact that he is afraid of germs, but it is known that he is the greatest captain on the best squad that is competing in the competition. 

Nevertheless, the top contender and clear favorite to take home the trophy for the entire competition must be accorded the reverence that is due to them.