The Greatest INFP Anime Characters Ever (RANKED BY FANS)

INFP is an acronym that describes individuals who are introverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting. Individuals with this feature are known as INFPs. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, sometimes known as the MBTI, is a concept of psychology that categorizes people into one of 16 distinct personality types. 

INFPs are the imaginary individuals in anime that have a great concept of fairness, and generosity, and are willing to sacrifice themselves and their allegiance to others. 


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They don’t care what position they’re in; they’re going to attempt to improve the world anyhow, and they’re going to be willing to give up their lives if it means the world will become better. In this essay, I’ll discuss characters from anime who have the INFP personality type.

People definitely have different favorite characters from various anime that we simply can’t get enough of seeing. There is constantly something around them, regardless of whether they are tough, powerful, or completely goofy, that makes us want more of what they have to offer. 

The following is a list of the top INFP anime protagonists, rated from greatest to worst according to how well their personalities reflect their MBTI identity. It is believed that just 4% of individuals on the planet are INFPs. 

Since they are difficult to locate, you will realize that you have encountered a unique individual if you encounter somebody with the same personality type. In a related vein, INFP characters are rare to come by in anime, but whenever they do appear, they quickly become fan favorites.

20. Neji Hyuga (Naruto Series)

As a young boy, Neji Hyuga, a known member of a line household of the Hyuga clan, was exposed to a number of traumatic events, which caused him to despise his personal clan to the point that he contemplated taking the life of his cousin. 


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Neji was the most gifted student in his group and always performed at the highest level on his tests. Neji’s painful history left him with the impression that there was nothing, not even effort, that might alter the course of one’s life.

He was under the impression that the fact that he was a member of the branch family indicated that he’d be forced to serve them for the rest of his life and that there was nothing he might take regarding it. 

When he battled Naruto, who was an extremely weak child at the moment, he had the epiphany that one’s fate could be altered with hard effort and perseverance, and that genius was not the only thing necessary to achieve.

After learning the truth about what happened to his dad, Neji had a transformation and pledged his allegiance to his tribe. Forgiving his cousin Hinata, he became connected to her and began teaching her to be as powerful as could. 


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Once the ninja war began, Neji had an important part in the victory, and in the finish, he gave his life protecting Naruto and Hinata, which helped Naruto see that there is a lot more that is worth battling for.

19. Crona (Soul Eater)

Crona is described as a reserved young individual, however, we do not know what gender they are. Crona is a key adversary in the television anime Soul Hunter. 

Throughout their childhood, they were mistreated by Medusa and Ragnarok, who were their parents. Crona endured the most pain throughout the series, which resulted in a barrage of bad ideas flooding her head and turning the individuals she encountered into evildoers.


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They revealed a very emotionally sick aspect of themselves that was impossible to reject since they had no concept of what was appropriate behavior and what was inappropriate behavior. After spending their whole youth being taught that life’s sole meaning is to murder, Crona turned into a sociopath.

Crona began to change once she became acquainted with some new and reliable individuals, who, upon seeing what was problematic about her and what might be improved, brought about certain adjustments in their actions.

18. Yamaguchi (Haikyuu!!)

In the volleyball-themed anime series Haikyuu, Yamaguchi is one of the main characters. He is a backup player for the Karasuno High School volleyball squad. 


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Following his typical training sessions, Yamaguchi continues to put in a lot of effort in order to enhance his “floater serve,” despite the fact that he doesn’t engage in the sport very often and is well conscious that he does not possess the same level of skill as other players.

He goes to see a nearby ex-volleyball player who can assist him in it as he gradually discovers how to perform it and eventually succeeds to outgrow the once-terrified child who was unable to display his skill because of his fear. 

He fits well with everyone on the squad, is generally reserved, and has one teammate as a close buddy. Anytime Yamaguchi is feeling depressed, having self-doubts, or irritated, he is able to aid him; Yamaguchi holds him in balance and makes him focused.

17. Levy Mcgarden (Fairy Tail)

Levy McGarden, a character from Fairy Tail, is an upbeat and reliable young lady who enjoys reading books. She either spends the majority of her day reading alone or with her closest friend, who also enjoys literature. 


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Levy is an exceptionally kind young lady who is quick to forgive others and looks for the best in others. She enjoys looking at the positive aspects of life.

Also, an individual who had tormented her and her squad in the past was forgiven by her, and she allowed that individual to join their squad as a companion and assist them on their mission. 

She makes it a point to check in on her close pals on a regular basis to see how they are doing and enjoys keeping tabs on them to determine whether or not they have undergone any changes or are experiencing any difficulties.

16. Shizuki Tsukishima (Whisper Of The Heart)

Shizuki Tsukishima is a young lady who attends school and has a passion for writing alternative lyrics to the songs she enjoys listening to as well as reading. 


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She is now 14 years old. Since she devotes the majority of her energy to accomplishing this, she does not have a large circle of close colleagues. She is also pointed out and reprimanded by her professors when she immerses herself deeply in the realm of her imagination while the class is in session.

However, a kid who took her alternate lyrics and continuously distributed them caused her to turn into a complete embarrassment, despite the fact that she is really friendly to other people. 

Despite the fact that she occasionally experiences anger, she has managed to avoid becoming a horrible person despite the many challenges she has faced. 


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As soon as she realizes that a guy is enjoying all the literature that she loves, she gets inquisitive about him and is motivated by him. By the time the movie is out, the boy is becoming her romantic companion.

15. Chifuyu (Tokyo Revengers)

In the Tokyo Revengers anime series, Chifuyu serves as the vice-captain of a team that is commanded by Baji Keisuke. He is a member of a gang that was formed by the squad commanders. 


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Chifuyu is a very faithful guy who is most committed to his boss, Baji.  Chifuyu does all in his power to win back Baji when he deserts the gang to join an opposing gang and makes the decision to wage war against them. 

As a result, he even submits to a brutal beating at the hands of Baji himself. Both Chifuyu and the main character eventually realize that Baji is not running away out of animosity but rather is making plans to identify the gang member who has been betraying them.

Baji is absent from sight during the beginning of the conflict between the rival gangs, and it isn’t until afterward that he reveals himself as a spy and begins tormenting the mole in his old group.


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Chifuyu eventually becomes aware of what Baji does and begins to assist him; however, in the conclusion, their efforts are for nothing since Baji gives up his life in order to save his comrades from certain destruction.

14. Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)

In the manga and anime series Mob Psycho 100, the main character, Shigeo Kageyama, is a young child who finds out that his feelings give him strength. 

When he’s upset, he has the potential to do harm to others. Initially, he is unable to rein it in and ends up hurting countless people; however, he eventually learns to manage his feelings for the sake of those around him.


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He is an uncomfortable person in social situations and doesn’t pay enough focus to what others are saying about him.

His tendency to keep to himself and steer clear of other people only become more pronounced once he discovered the extent of his abilities. Eventually, he develops close friendships and relationships with a select few, for whom he would gladly lay down his life.

13. Shikamaru Nara (Naruto Series)

Within the entirety of the Naruto Franchise, Shikamaru Nara is often considered to be one of the most intelligent characters. He is able to formulate winning ideas on the go, which helps him steer his squad toward success. 



He became the 1st individual in his class to be elevated to a greater level, and as a result, he received special recognition. He is a quiet person who only speaks when it is necessary and who meticulously maintains order among the people he cares about.

He keeps an eye on what his buddies are up to and offers assistance to them if they are having difficulty. Shikamaru, who had lost many loved ones, was among the earliest young folks to assume accountability and see that it was time for his youth to grow up.

Shikamaru has a tremendous impact on the Great Ninja War, rising to the position of vice commander of his unit and contributing significantly to the outcome of the conflict via the numerous choices he takes. 

In the end, his humor helped him land a position as the Hokage adviser for both the sixth and the seventh generation.



12. Chiyuki (Death Parade)

Chiyuki is a character from the anime series Death Parade. She is a young girl. Chiyuki is a compassionate girl, yet she has a strong will and will not hesitate to utter anything that is on her heart when it is required. Generally speaking, Sarah prefers to keep to herself, doesn’t want to voice her opinion on everything, and avoids interacting with other people.



Chiyuki is now with Decim, who serves in the capacity of a leader in that area and is responsible for the bulk of the choices as well as holding a significant amount of influence. 

Regardless of the fact that they have a lot of differences of opinion, Chiyuki is highly devoted to him. She devotes every ounce of her might to finishing the duties that Decim assigns her, and she is prepared to inflict harm on anyone who stands in her way.

Chiyuki is not intimidated by Decim’s immense power, and she does not shy away from speaking her mind if she believes that Decim has made a mistake that has to be addressed or else it will be harmful to both Decim and the people in their immediate environment.



11. Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan)

Erwin Smith, the leader of the Survey Corps, was a devoted individual who yearned for the day when mankind would be liberated from Titan’s restraints. 


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After being presented with a hypothesis of what may be beyond the walls, Erwin vowed to himself that he would realize this goal come hell or high water.

As a direct result of his schemes, he was forced to give up a significant number of his troops as well as his arm. He was a mastermind who was always one step ahead of the adversary and was willing to lay down his life if it was required of him. 

In the end, he was forced to decide between his goal and others, and he ultimately decided to give up his life in order to ensure that others would be able to live and potentially have a brighter life.

10. Junpei (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The character Junpei in Jujutsu Kaisen was depicted as a high school student who was the target of severe bullying at the hands of his peers. He had no buddies and suffered from feelings of isolation and depression as a result.


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He never spoke to anybody, decided to eat separately, attended the cinema on his own, and performed everything else by himself, with the exception of times when his mom was present in the house.

Following a conversation with a unique grade of a cursed spirit named Mahito, Junpei eventually decided to join him after seeing Mahito defeat the bullies.

As part of his plot to exact vengeance on the world, Junpei was recruited to serve as his pawn and do missions for him. It was via his friendship with the story’s hero, Itadori Yuuji, that he began to see how erroneous his beliefs were.

The murder of Mahito’s mother is part of a plan to fill him with rage and transform him into the thoroughly evil monster he ultimately becomes.


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Itadori comes and seeks to persuade Junpei to stop his murder spree, but Junpei seeks to murder Itadori too though. Junpei then continues his killing spree and kills a large number of individuals.

Once Junpei has finished processing what has happened and decided what is good and evil, Mahito mutilates him as a reward for fulfilling his task and obtaining complete use of Junpei.

9. Rem (Death Note)

Misa Amane, also known as Second Kira, was able to get a hold of the Death Note when a Shinigami by the name of Rem gave it to her. Rem was an incredibly devoted individual who was prepared to kill for, and even pass away for, Misa if the situation demanded it.



She told Misa all there was to know about the book and continued to serve her as if Misa were her lord. She also assisted Misa in meeting Light Yagami and promised that she will constantly be on alert to safeguard Misa regardless of whatever.

However, this trait ultimately proved fatal, as the very brilliant Light persuaded the whole police department, even her, to have Rem murder L (Light’s arch-nemesis).

8. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami is the main character of the well-known anime and manga series Death Note. Yagami was a bright young man who never failed a single exam during his time in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. 


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He detested those who committed crimes and wished for their deaths. Light’s adventure as a mediator who murdered people who were in jail started when he discovered a weird book that kills anybody whose name is inscribed on it. This book only kills individuals who are in jail.

This garnered a lot of attention, and a large number of individuals began calling him Kira, who stood up for justice even though other people were against him and wished he was killed. 

Together with the Greatest Detective L, he enlisted in a police unit that had been given the mission of apprehending him, and then the mental games started. 

L suspected that Light was Kira however did not have any evidence to support this suspicion; despite this, they continued to collaborate and, both of them were very bright, engaged in a back-and-forth.


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After he had killed L, Yagami proclaimed himself to be a deity whose only mission in this world is to ensure that justice is served. Ultimately, the Shinigami who handed him the book carried out his threat and murdered him.

7. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto Series)

When she was initially shown, Hinata Hyuga was a young, timid girl who secretly had a huge crush on the series’ primary protagonist, Naruto. She is the heiress of her family’s clan, the Hyuga clan, which has the reputation of being the most powerful family in the village. 


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Hinata isn’t the kind of girl that engages in physical conflict or throws her hands about unless it is absolutely essential.

Regardless of her lack of toughness, she put in a lot of effort to stay ahead of the pack and her goal was to acquire the same level of expertise as his cousin Neji. 

We have witnessed several times during the series that Hinata has placed her life in danger to safeguard Naruto, that she has committed her whole existence to him, and that she has remained faithful to him over the entirety of the story.

6. Killer (One Piece)

Killer is a big, chiseled man who keeps to himself and doesn’t engage in conversation too often. In addition, he is indeed a pirate known for his unwavering devotion to his crew, particularly his captain, his entire family, and his personal buddies. 


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He is not one to reveal numerous mysteries, yet he is excellent at keeping the confidence of everyone else.

In the One Piece anime, he is shown as someone who maintains composure and composure in the face of adversity, putting his faith in and trusting his loved ones when times become rough.

5. Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)

Armin Arlert is a primary protagonist in the Japanese anime series Attack on Titan. A little child who grew up to become a soldier following the destruction of his family’s houses and the permanent loss of their serenity caused by a giant. 

Armin is a clever individual who excels in formulating tactics and plans, which allowed him to ascend to the upper ranks of the Survey corps extremely fast considering his mediocre combat abilities. Because of Armin’s intelligence, the Survey corps promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant.


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Armin made a lot of smart choices that ended up giving the inhabitants behind the wall a second opportunity at living in peace and a world free of giants. 

He is a reserved person who does not say much outside of the company of those he knows well and avoids getting involved in debates and fights as much as possible. 

He exclusively spends time with a restricted group of individuals in whom he places complete confidence and for whom he is willing to be an unwavering defender at all times.

4. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

It is clear that Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul is an INFP and that he should be included on this list. Ken is represented as a reserved individual who prefers to study books in libraries, doesn’t engage in conversation with other people, and stays to himself. 


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Although after he turned into a Ghoul, his character attribute did not alter much (like they ought to have), and he maintained the same characteristics he had when he was a typical student studying Japanese literature.

3. Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood)

When Alphonse Elric and his brother Edward Elric attempted to bring back to life their mother, Alphonse sacrificed his entire body in the process. After spending a great deal of time within the armor, he emerged to go on a quest to reunite with his brother and his physique.

Alphonse was a good-natured individual who treated even the villains with respect and kindness. He is motivated by a deep awareness of right and wrong, and he does all in his ability to work toward that end while also assisting those who are in the greatest need of his assistance. 


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Because of his charisma, Alphonse was able to make new friends who were devoted to him and were willing to lay down their lives for him just as he was. These individuals also made it a point to assist him in his path to regain control of his body.

2. Nagato/Pain (Naruto Shippuden)

Nagato was a resident of the Hidden Rain Village. He was constantly engaged in some form of conflict, which resulted in the loss of the lives of a great number of children. One of these individuals was Nagato, who had both of his parents taken away from him and was forced to fend for himself without any food, drink, or shelter. 

After moving in with 2 other children, Nagato and the three of them were eventually taken in for a period of time by Jiraiya, a well-known hidden leaf ninja.


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Nagato awoke the Rinnegan, the pair of eyes considered to be the most potent in the globe, and worked hard to fulfill his ambition of ridding the world of conflict and hate. 

Regrettably, he took a wrong turn and established a group that, for the sake of unity, was responsible for the deaths of a great number of individuals. The actions that led to Nagato’s transformation into Pain were the murder of his mentor Jiraiya and the destruction of the leaf community.

Following his conversation with Naruto, he came to the conclusion that there was definitely a glimmer of optimism in the world as he employed his Rinnegan to resurrect all of the leaf villagers who had been murdered throughout the course of his mission.

1. Gaara (Naruto)

Gaara, the Kazekage of the secret sand town, is at the highest point of the list because he is a complete INFP.  In earlier episodes of the program, it was revealed that he had a very charitable nature even as a kid. 

Gaara nonetheless had become a heartless killer as a result of the hostility and disdain shown toward him by the villagers because of a tailed beast that was locked inside of him. He murdered in order to obtain some type of appreciation from humanity.


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Gaara was the chief of his village when he was able to atone for his past transgressions. He also was a good personal friend of Naruto and was willing to give his blood to him anytime it was required. 

He is a reserved individual who does not converse with anybody but his brothers, Naruto, or his people, even when he is required to do so. Although he is not an introvert, he will often keep his mouth shut until it is absolutely essential.

My Personal View

In this article, my wish was to give you the best ranking of INFP anime characters based on fans’ thoughts as well as my own. Since I have been following anime for more than 10 years (13 to be more precise) I felt the need to share this list with you. I hope you will check the entire list and give us your thoughts.