Who Is Kiyomi Uchiha in Naruto?(DETAILS EXPLAINED)

Because of the choice made by the Second Hokage, the Uchiha clan chose to seclude themselves in their village close to the Konoha. This allowed them to maintain their status as an armed force inside the village by serving as police officers. 

Because it is common knowledge that the Uchiha are all very close with one another, it appears that none of them were banished or permanently departed the village. Kiyomi Uchiha was believed to be the one figure that was sent out of the town, and this was the case according to the theory.

So, who is Kiyomi Uchiha from NarutoKiyomi Uchiha is a junior sister of Itachi Uchiha as a result of the fact that she is Sasuke’s twin sister. Kiyomi was cast out of her clan when she was giving birth, yet she was finally able to learn firsthand that Itachi had slaughtered their clan. Therefore being a direct response to the slaughter of the Uchiha clan by Akatsuki, she put forth just as much effort as Sasuke in her training.

However, why was it that not a single fan of the Naruto series was aware of this mystery individual, who was believed to possibly make an appearance in the Boruto sequence? Because of this, We decided to conduct a little study on this stunning and enigmatic Uchiha character. 


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We’ll be able to tell you whether or not she was a filler character in the series, or whether or not she was created by fans for the sole purpose of adding some excitement to the Naruto plot, despite the fact that she is not canon.

Who Really Is Kiyomi Uchiha?

It is stated that Kiyomi Uchiha is the twin sister of Sasuke Uchiha, which would make her the younger sister of Itachi. She would also be the 3rd child born to Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. 

It was common knowledge that she had been banished after giving birth, and she spent much of her time living alone and in seclusion. 


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She is a powerful kunoichi, however, unlike the majority of female characters in Konoha, she does not focus on the ninjutsu of the medical field.


Kiyomi Uchiha is a gorgeous kunoichi, similar to other Uchihas, who are considered to have excellent appearances. This is one of the reasons why several fans noticed her as soon as they saw her for the first time. 

In terms of hairdo, she resembles the majority of other Uchihas in that she had lengthy, black hair that is styled in a way that gives it some jagged tips at the rear of the upper section of it. She has dark eyes, much like the rest of her family members.


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She is believed to be somewhat smaller than Haruno Sakura in regards to height, although she had longer hair than the other just until she chopped it. This is in contrast to the fact that Haruno Sakura cropped her hair. 

She frequently dons a dark gray jacket, which she pairs with a light gray shirt bearing the Uchiha clan crest, which she keeps wearing the majority of the day. The blue sandals that she uses look great with the rest of her attire. 

Her forehead protection is fastened around her neck in this position. In addition to that, she always has lengthy earrings in both of her ears.

Whenever she goes on assignments, she takes a blue bag with her and wraps bandages over her left arm as well as her right elbow. In addition, she carries a bandage kit in the backpack. 

In addition to that, she has bandages wrapped around her lower legs all the way up to her knees. Kiyomi, similar to the majority of other ninjas, carries her arms in a little bag that is located on the right side of her thigh.


Kiyomi Uchiha has been compared to Sasuke in terms of her incredible skill, and she is often referred to be a genius. She has been extensively taught as a shinobi ever since she had been a youngster, and she is said to have the same innate intelligence as Itachi. 


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She is frequently preoccupied with her own objectives, especially when it comes to exacting retribution against the Akatsuki for the slaughter of her tribe.

Her innate abilities and the fact that she is a prodigy are shown even further by the perilous circumstances in which she often found herself. 

Because of this, she was incredibly inventive when it came to completing assignments or engaging in battle, helping to ensure that anything in her line of sight could be utilized to her benefit.

Kiyomi is noted to have a more upbeat demeanor than her brother Sasuke, despite the fact that Sasuke, throughout his teenage years, has a more sinister disposition. 

Kiyomi is renowned as a joyful person throughout the community, in spite of the fact that she was forced to live in seclusion at a very early age and that she exacted retribution when she saw the slaughter of her clan.

Once more, she had a charming attitude, exactly like Obito Uchiha. Compared to her contemporaries, she is additionally a highly self-assured person, which explains why she is so focused on achieving the objectives she has set for herself.


Because her clan was eradicated, Kiyomi Uchiha was sent into exile at a very early age for circumstances that are unclear. Because of this, she was forced to spend her time alone in seclusion, perfecting her skills via independent practice until Orochimaru discovered her a week later.



When she found out that Orochimaru intended to place a cursed mark on her, although, she no longer trusted him. Due to her training as a kunoichi, she was capable of successfully avoiding the clutches of the formidable Orochimaru.

After that, she didn’t put any faith in anybody and seldom engaged in conversation with anyone else either. As a result of the confidence issues she had after discovering Orochimaru’s intention against her, she went so far as to ensure that she would continue her training on her own, rather than under the tutelage of a master.

Because of this, she was able to access a number of Jutsu without the need for a great deal of coaching, which demonstrated both her genius quality and her drive to exact retribution.

She continues to be a student at the school, however, because she is capable of training on her own, she frequently misses lessons. This is the reason why Naruto and his classmates hardly know her. 

However, she was able to go through the Academy with the help of her skills and finally had become a Chuunin of Konoha. From this moment forward, she would frequently embark on assignments to hone her skills and also research the Akatsuki and the motivations behind their actions.


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Following the events of the Konoha Crush storyline, she eventually became acquainted with Gaara when she was working as a kunoichi. When they were working together on a particular operation, the 2 of them actually got into a battle with each other, however, in the end, their fight was a draw. 

The two ended up being close friends as a result of the argument that they had, and as a result, they frequently saw each other and seek ways to interact with one another. She and Gaara had a romantic connection over the course of many years, particularly following the conclusion of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

She eventually engaged in combat with Itachi and the Fourth Raikage, putting both of them under intense pressure with her dazzling speed and her prowess with the Sharingan. 

Yet, very little information is identified regarding the specifics of their combat in its entirety. It was just mentioned by the audience members, which will be elaborated upon in the next inquiry.


Kiyomi Uchiha has a formidable reputation as a kunoichi, and it doesn’t matter how many adversaries she encounters, she almost always manages to emerge victorious. 


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And besides, she was recognized across Konoha as a very gifted individual, just like her two older brothers. 

Regardless of the fact that she was absent from several of her courses throughout her time at the Academy, she graduated first in her class. She battled with the same skill as well-known characters such as Gaara and Itachi.

Regarding Fire-style methods, she is obviously very gifted. Certain people even claim that her use of the Fire style is much superior to that of both Itachi and Sasuke put together. 

She is indeed renowned for her expertise in dealing with serpents, which was shown to be far superior to that of Sasuke when she studied under Orochimaru. Because of this, she is able to interact with the snakes that live in the Ryuchi Cave in the same way that her master does. 

Ren, who is extremely devoted to her, was the creature that she used as her trademark summon.

During the time that she was investigating the massacre, she awoke her Sharingan. She got the status of being able to battle with dizzying speed and obtain the upper hand over several rivals because of her Sharingan. 

Her Sharingan was indeed the cause for this. According to Orochimaru, regardless of the fact that she is still young and her Sharingan has not completely developed, she is more powerful in genjutsu than Sasuke. This is because her Sharingan is of a higher caliber.



It is said that her skill with the Sharingan in direct battle is the reason she is able to stand her own against seemingly insurmountable odds. As a result of this, she became known as Kiyomi of the Deadly Sharingan.

Kiyomi Uchiha: Is She a True Protagonist?

She is not a genuine protagonist at all, which is a great disappointment. Since she was only a made-up protagonist, all of her tales are hazy, and her skills were never explained in full detail until the Naruto series came to a conclusion. 



This is because she was simply a made-up protagonist. It was reported that she was created by a user on Deviantart who was interested in designing a number of Uchiha figures owing to the shortage of members presented, courtesy of Itachi. She was supposed to be a part of the Uchiha clan.

Are Kiyomi Uchiha and Sasuke Related?

As was said previously, Kiyomi Uchiha is Sasuke Uchiha’s identical twin sister. It can be seen from the images that she and her twin brother seem to have very similar physical looks. Nevertheless, it wasn’t clarified which of the two siblings was born first when they were both born.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha Still Alive Or Has She Passed Away?

Concerning the fan-made narrative she was working on, it would seem that she never got around to finishing it. 

Yet, it is strongly suggested that she is still living when Naruto and the others grew into adulthood because several fans claimed that she got part in the Fourth Great Ninja War, while also being featured in some supporter artworks in Boruto. This lends credence to the notion that she was actually living.



Does Kiyomi Uchiha Appear in Naruto?

The majority of her tale was told in Naruto, both in the first and second halves of the complete series. Naruto provided most of the backstory for her. The following is a list of significant fan-made sequences involving her that appear in the Naruto series:

  • Combat with Haku that had placed before Naruto until the rest could meet him.
  • Attending study halls at the Academy while also avoiding lessons.
  • She became known as Kiyomi of the Deadly Sharingan as a result of the battle she fought, which was against an army of ninjas.
  • Her fight versus Itachi took place at a certain point before the time jump in the series.
  • Early on in life, he began his training under the tutelage of Orochimaru.
  • The conflict she had with Gaara, as well as their connection.
  • Her engagements with the Fourth Raikage in combat.

Appearing of Kiyomi Uchiha in an Anime

There is no record of Kiyomi Uchiha ever showing up. You may, however, look for her on the internet if you have a particular like for her. A significant number of admirers were interested in her not only due to her attractiveness but also due to the fact that she is an Uchiha. 


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Does Kiyomi Uchiha Appear in Boruto?

There is no evidence that Kiyomi Uchiha appeared in any of Boruto’s sequences. On the other hand, there are fan-drawn pictures of her with Kakashi donning the latest flak jacket from Konoha and even alongside Sasuke in his adult form.