Even though the Naruto manga by Masahi Kishimoto came to an end quite some time ago, the adventures that take place in the shinobi world have gone on in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Even though Boruto, Naruto Uzumaki’s kid, is the main character of the program, Naruto nonetheless plays a very significant part in the series. This is because the series explores Naruto’s life following the happenings of the Naruto series.

Taking into account the latest occurrences in both the manga and the anime, we will inform you in this post whether or not Naruto truly passes away in the Boruto series, as well as what happens to him after that, if he does.

So, did Naruto die in Boruto or not? Naruto is still alive and effective as possible in the Boruto series, however he is much weaker since that Kurama is dead. Although the mysterious opening episode of Boruto, we wouldn’t know exactly what occurs to him further on, yet given what is known thus far, we presume that he might endure the future happenings.

The remainder of this post will be centered on the ending that the Boruto anime gives Naruto. 



By the end of this article, you will know all there is to know regarding whatever keeps happening to Naruto Uzumaki in the Boruto series, as we will have answered all your pertinent concerns and provided more information (spoiler alert) concerning the happenings of the manga and the anime series.

What Happens to Naruto in the Boruto Manga?

The response to this inquiry is identical to the one offered in the previous section. The Boruto anime features a lot of gap information, yet it also matches the manga, therefore the two works really don’t oppose one another despite the fact that the anime seems to have a bunch of volume fractions.

As of the publication of Chapter 64 of the manga in January 2022, Naruto Uzumaki still seems to be alive. This is consistent with the fact that he is still alive in the anime adaptation.



Is It Revealed If Naruto Dies in the Boruto Anime?

If you’ve been paying attention, you may recall that the very opening episode of the Boruto anime gave us a sneak peek at a possible future where the Leaf Village has been utterly decimated and Naruto seems to have passed away. 

However, this was only a little glimpse into the past before the story abruptly returned to the current moment, at which Naruto is nonetheless very much alive and doing well.

Since this is accurate as of Episode 231 of the Boruto anime series, it may be deduced that Naruto remains alive at this point. However, will he still be alive when the future from the first episode finally catches up with the present? We don’t have that view.

There is no proof that indicates to Naruto really dying; he may be damaged, but he isn’t dead, and we will discuss our reasoning in more depth in the last portion of this post. 


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For the time being, however, everything we’re able to state is that there isn’t any material that leads in that direction.

To be more specific, it is hinted that Naruto has passed away at the time, although we haven’t seen his body, and we are all familiar with the unofficial rule that governs Japanese anime, which states that if you don’t see a protagonist end up dying and you haven’t witnessed the body, it’s highly unlikely that they have passed away. 

The dramatic news that Naruto is actually dead was presumably carried out in such a manner to draw interest, but we think that we will see Naruto living once the future meets the present since this is how the discovery was handled.

Who in Boruto Came So Close to Killing Naruto?

Furthermore, over the course of the Boruto anime series, Naruto did come dangerously near to losing his life. During the battle versus Jigen, it was discovered that he was under the control of the formidable Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. 

This event had a place. In the following paragraphs, we will share some information with you on that conflict.

If you recall, Naruto’s fight versus Jigen, who was under Isshiki’s influence, was among the most challenging encounters he’d ever had to deal with. 


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Jigen, who it was later revealed was being manipulated by Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, swiftly dominated and crushed Kurama, Naruto, and Sasuke regardless of their greatest attempts. In the end, Kurama, Naruto, and Sasuke were eventually defeated.

Throughout a key time when Isshiki was ready to murder Sasuke, Naruto successfully stopped Isshiki using his clones as Sasuke fled with his Rinnegan. 

This allowed Naruto to give Sasuke the opportunity to use his Rinnegan. The odd universe that Jigen had trapped them in was really escaped by Sasuke after he had undergone his transformation.

Kurama advised Naruto to stop talking and that Isshiki hadn’t ever planned on killing him from the beginning, and yet he could simply decide otherwise and massacre them anywhere at any time. 

In response, the tsutsuki congratulated the fox before sealing them in a large coffin. Naruto continued to tease Isshiki as Kurama spoke. After then, the seal was entrusted to Boro’s care and custody.

Team 7 and Kawaki were so motivated to free Naruto and Jigen that they utilized Kawaki’s and Boruto’s Kâma to break through the barrier that separated them from the realm in which they were being held captive and Isshiki. 

Boruto and Kawaki utilized their Kâma to make a crack in the seal as they were fighting Boro. This allowed Naruto, who was unconscious at the time, to escape. 



Following the team’s victory against Boro and their return to Konoha alongside Naruto, they were all brought to the hospital for care, and Naruto made a speedy recovery during their stay there.

Later on, once Boruto had successfully relocated Isshiki and himself to the realm where Isshiki had trapped them, Kurama, Naruto, and Sasuke were able to join Boruto for their 2nd battle against Isshiki. 

In spite of this, the Otsutsuki yet again showed that they were far strong for them by incapacitating Sasuke and obstructing Naruto’s sensory skills by materializing enormous black cubes. Kurama was swift to recognize this truth.

Kurama proposed that they use some kind of extreme measure that would definitely result in death after seeing how dedicated Naruto was to defeating Isshiki, albeit if it meant that Naruto would lose his life in the process. 

Naruto gave his assent, explaining that at the time he made the decision to become a Hokage, he was aware of the dangers involved and was prepared to die. This new form became known as Baryon Mode when it was accepted by Naruto.

Naruto asked Kurama about the mode, and Kurama told him that it worked on the same concept as nuclear fusion, absorbing all of their respective power and that he needed to be cautious not to perform any motions that weren’t essential. 

Everyone was surprised by how powerful the new shape was. Isshiki was swiftly put in a position where she was outmatched by Naruto. Shortly after that, the strain of Baryon Mode started to take its toll on Naruto, and he started to feel more and more exhausted as time went on.



Kurama saw that all life energies, even Naruto’s, were steadily depleted when this mode was activated. On the other hand, each contact caused Isshiki’s power to diminish, which meant that they had no choice but to maintain the pressure they were applying on him until his obviously shortened lifetime came to an end. 

After Isshiki was vanquished, Kurama had a last talk with Naruto in his subconscious about how difficult Baryon Mode was going to be for Naruto to manage. Kurama came to the awful understanding that this was the case.

In spite of the fact that the demonic fox was responsible for the deaths of Naruto’s parents, Naruto assured him that he had no ill will toward him. 

During the time when Naruto was about to pass away, Kurama explained that Naruto would not pass away since it was really his own life that was in danger due to the use of Baryon Mode.

Kurama stated that he’d never deceived Naruto, yet because he understood that Naruto was not putting his life in danger, Kurama decided to conceal the true situation. 

Until Kurama completely vanished, the latter told Naruto that he was about to lose access to all of his chakra and skills, which indicated that he needed to be more cautious going forward. Isshiki was ultimately vanquished, but the price paid for this triumph was very high.

Will Kurama’s Absence Cause Naruto’s Death?

The fact that Naruto was capable of surviving so many difficult bouts without sacrificing Kurama led many people to believe that Kurama would be with him till the final end of the series. Naruto’s defeat of Kurama was a significant event that few people were prepared for.

Now, seeing that Naruto did actually endure Kurama’s death, it can be said that Kurama’s passing does not directly affect Naruto’s life; yet, would Naruto grow so fragile without Kurama that he will finally perish without her?



We don’t have that view. To be more specific, Naruto hasn’t made heavy use of Kurama very frequently; certainly, the demon was continuously present for backup, but Naruto has really not made heavy use of the demon’s abilities frequently. 

Regardless of the assistance of Kurama’s powers, Naruto has demonstrated that he is incredibly strong and durable. His abilities are so great, in reality, that he hasn’t only prevailed in a great number of difficult fights against extremely strong and skillful enemies, however, he has also withstood a huge number of them.

Because of this, we don’t believe that Naruto’s absence from Kurama will necessarily result in his defeat in the next fight. It is still possible for him to survive a fight thanks to the amount of chakra, talents, and experience he has, and this is what we anticipate will occur in the near future.

Will Naruto Be Able to Reunite with Kurama in Boruto?

This remains a really perplexing enigma. To be more specific, Kurama was an important component of Naruto since the very start. Despite the fact that Naruto did not always make use of Kurama’s abilities there was even a time when he was unable to manage Kurama, and Kurama remained constant.


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This painful farewell led to a great deal of misunderstanding, and now all of us are perplexed as to the precise nature of Kurama’s predicament.

This is a circumstance that we have never been in before, and to be honest, we have no idea what the final outcome will be with Kurama. 

It’s just a bunch of good wishes at this point, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll get to see the demonic fox sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, we can’t make any promises about that.

What Will Happen to Naruto in the Future, and Is It Likely that He Will Pass Away?

We do not believe that Naruto will pass away very soon, as is the case with all of the characters in the series. The Eight Hokage will take over after Naruto’s passing. 

Specifically, Naruto is indeed a mortal man, and as such, he will pass away from old age at some point in the future; nevertheless, we don’t really envision him passing away before that.

He has been the cornerstone of Kishimoto’s brand from the very beginning, and despite the fact that the spotlight has turned to his son, Naruto continues to play an essential part in the whole of the series, including Boruto. 

Although the story seems to be moving on to the next ge


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neration, we never get the impression that Naruto will pass away.

Since there are no signs to suggest that Naruto would die before his time, we can safely believe that Kishimoto will not take the story in that direction. To begin, Boruto was originally a sequel written by another author before Kishimoto took over the tale. 

This suggests that Kishimoto never had any concrete intentions to continue the story after Naruto was finished since Boruto was written before Kishimoto took over the plot.

Since Naruto has been a staple of the series for so long and is undoubtedly its most recognizable face, it’s quite improbable that Kishimoto would ever “murder” him.  

We do not anticipate it occurring and we believe it would be ridiculous for Kishimoto to proceed in this way, but it’s possible that a more great plot idea is going to surface where Naruto needs to die. If this happens, however, we don’t see it coming.

Boruto Uzumaki has not surpassed his father in regard to popularity, and it is highly unlikely that he ever will do that. On the highest part of all that, Naruto Uzumaki is equated with the entire franchise, which means that it would be foolish to actually kill him off. 


In this article, you will learn everything regarding Naruto’s end.