Anime Nosebleed: Scientific Explanation (INTERESTING FACT!)

Fans of anime are used to seeing characters, like Master Roshi and Sanji, who experience nosebleeds when they become aroused. But are they even conceivable in the real world?

The gag that an attractive person causes a character’s nose to bleed in a comedy anime is practically as old as the entire genre itself and has become a mainstay in many of those shows.

Specifically, if you watched a series featuring a bunch of fan care when you were younger and watched anime during the 1990s and early 2000s, the likelihood is high that you’ve witnessed something similar at least once.

Nevertheless, why do the people in the anime get blood coming out of their noses? And is there any chance that it will actually occur in the everyday world?

The cliché originates from an ancient ladies’ story that states that when a teenager whose body is rife with hormones witnesses something that excites them, the blood pressure increases to the level where it leads them to bleed from the nostrils.


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It is believed that the hilarious comics drawn by mangaka Yasuji Tanioka in the 1960s were the first instances of the trope to appear in the manga.

When it is used, it is typically done so in conjunction with an underwear shot or when a protagonist is depicted as looking more gorgeous than normal.

Yuru Yuri’s Chitose is known for having them anytime she speculates about her pals coming together, especially Kyouko and Ayano. This happens rather frequently.

Due to the fact that Master Roshi is an elderly and lascivious guy, he is also linked with experiencing nosebleeds. Ever since the beginning of the Dragon Ball franchise, this character has served as a paradigmatic illustration of the nosebleed stereotype.


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The flash that Bulma gave him was the initial cause of his bloody nose. From that time, he has become the figure that most people picture when they think about nosebleeds in the context of anime. Similarly, Sanji from One Piece is a lecherous man who regularly receives them.

Karin Maaka from Chibi Vampire is yet another illustration of the anime nosebleed, although one that is very acute. Even if they aren’t always caused by excitement, she has some of the most severe nosebleeds that have ever been seen in an anime.



She is a “reverse vampire,” which means that she creates an excessive quantity of blood instead of having a desire for it in her body. This causes her to have waterfalls. She seeks out people whose spirits are low and, when she has bitten them, she injects them with some of her blood, which immediately lifts their spirits.

Despite the fact that they are typically seen as having a standard red color, there are occasions when white steam is exhibited rather. These are typically shown in shows geared toward younger children.

Its purpose is more to communicate enthusiasm in general than it is to express arousal. The character Brock from Pokemon is a great illustration of this alternate form.

Steam is frequently substituted for blood when presenting a film to an international audience because of concerns about offensiveness.

How likely is it, then, that one will experience a nosebleed as a result of sexual arousal? In order to respond to this question, let’s investigate the two causes that occur most frequently.

The first is the practice of picking one’s nose, and the other is staying in environments with high levels of relative humidity for lengthy periods of time. The second reason for this is that during the winter months, you are more likely to encounter them.


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A whole other factor that can bring on nosebleeds is having high blood pressure. In addition, there is anecdotal evidence of persons who have gotten them as a result of having too enthusiastic sexual encounters.

On the other hand, there isn’t any proof that sex can trigger nosebleeds from a scientific standpoint.

Note: In a conversation with NicoNico News, the ear, nose, and throat expert Dr. Kouichirou Kanaya stated that while elevated blood pressure and a rise in the heart rate are unquestionably induced by sex, nosebleeds are not anything that has any link to it at all.

To summarize, a normal person will not experience a nosebleed as a direct result of having sexual activity. However, there is some evidence to suggest that the increased blood flow that occurs in males who take performance-enhancing medicines like Viagra can cause them to get nosebleeds.


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Even though it has no basis in science, the cliché of nosebleeds in manga and anime is a great method to depict the pent-up hormones of youths, lecherous males, and sometimes even ladies.

In general, the nosebleed trope is a terrific way to do this. It is extremely unlikely that someone may have a nosebleed as a result of pleasure or excitation unless they are taking a specific medicine that has this undesirable side effect as one of its potential outcomes.


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But when it comes to a protagonist since they became overly enthusiastic about seeing a pair of underwear, or when a vampire generates a river of blood instead of ingesting it, we can’t help but chuckle.