Why Is Mitsuri’s Bath Scene in Demon Slayer Provocative? (FANS VIEWS)

After the conclusion of season 2 of Demon Slayer, people are beginning to make preparations for the impending season 3 of the program, which is going to follow the Swordsmith Village Arc. 

However, although that arc is going to offer us a number of excellent battles and moments, and despite it being very enjoyable, there is a particular moment in the manga that generated criticism long before the season’s exact release date was announced.


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This particular scenario is now referred to as “Mitsuri’s Bath Scene,” and during the course of this post, we will provide you with all of the information that you want concerning it.

So, what is “Mitsuri’s Bath Scene”? During the Swordsmith Village Arc, there is a moment referred to as “Mitsuri’s Bath Scene.” In this scene, Mitsuri appears in an open bath without her clothing on, although she is not completely nude. The incident was nearly ignored in the manga, but it sparked debate between certain fans who believe that it is too mature for Demon Slayer.

However, given how thorough Demon Slayer is, it is unlikely that the scenario will be cut from the anime adaptation.

The remainder of this post is intended to provide you with further information on the contentious bath scene that included Mitsuri. 

You will learn about the moment, its consequences, the debates that have developed as a result of the scene, and our opinions regarding if the program will be terminated. Concerning the notorious “Mitsuri Bath Scene,” this really is gonna be your reference, so get comfortable.



Why Is the “Bath Scene” in Mitsuri Considered Controversial?

In the anime Demon Slayer, Mitsuri Kanroji is a really intriguing main character. She is distinct from the remaining characters in various ways and therefore is, somewhat, a standard shonen female protagonist, a characteristic that is not particularly prevalent in the universe of Demon Slayer.

Despite this, Love Hashira has a wonderful history, a wonderful persona, and a very lovely progression, all of which contribute to the fact that the fans like her so much. 


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Mitsuri is brought into the story for the first time during the Swordsmith Village Arc as she is using a public bath to relax. You may get a glimpse of the action here:

Because she is seen from the side and her hair covers her natural breasts, we are unable to discern any other aspects of her appearance. There are swimsuits out there that are far more exposing than what you’re seeing here. 

In spite of the essence that Season 3 of Demon Slayer won’t air for a minimum of one year, the particular scene has, for some inexplicable reason, managed to stir up quite a bit of controversy on the internet. What is the probable reason for that?

Since they believe that this sequence, which would likely take up about 3 seconds of air time, shouldn’t be featured in the forthcoming season 3 of Demon Slayer, our regular Reddit and Twitter squads have lit the Internet ablaze.   

You were right to assume that it is not suitable for youngsters to see. Whose children are these? Demon Slayer is a shonen anime that features very violent brutality, directed not just at demons but also against people. First and foremost, it is not meant to be seen by the youngest audience members.


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If you experience a concern with a female taking a bath but you don’t have difficulty with a family being murdered, including the kids, then you have some significant problems that you have to discuss with somebody. 

The critiques on social networking sites are, as they typically do, reacting badly, and then as a whole canceling society demanding the withdrawal of something that is absolutely unrelated to the storyline and entirely suitable in each and every possible way for the population group that is being aimed, which consists of young adults and adolescents.

If you are allowing your kids to enjoy Demon Slayer due to the bright colors and the gorgeous, blood-red layers that are spilt in every episode, then you should definitely allow them to watch this sequence too. 

Individuals who are clearly seeking publicity have a tendency to react strongly basically since they can, and they have a habit of creating scandals in places where there isn’t space for something like this. 


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Since a little bit of nakedness is constantly a valid reason to garner some attention on social media, individuals who are looking for attention have this tendency.

The initial scenario was published in the manga in 2018, but it wasn’t before February 2022 that a gang of “freedom fighters” realized it could be wrong to publish the chapter. 

I mean, really, how silly can you get? The degree of cynicism associated with this subject is unfathomable, and it certainly brings to mind those illogical cries for the termination of the show since Neuzko’s demon appearance wore a kimono that was seen to be way too short by some viewers.

Guys, if you’re enjoying watching a Japanese anime like Demon Slayer and you’re more worried about how the characters appear than they are about what’s going on in the story, the fault isn’t with the manga and anime; it’s entirely on you. 

So that we have described to a tiny number of “Reddit vigilantes” why the scenario is eventually contentious, we don’t believe that it will make a significant impact at all; in fact, we don’t believe it will even be noticed. Why do we e so? Continue scrolling (reading) to find out what our thoughts are.



Is It Appropriate to Show Mitsuri’s Bath Situation?

In aspects of the storyline and the anime itself, there is not one particular path that is drawing our attention more than the others. In particular, we are of the opinion that the animators are in the greatest position to determine what is suitable for the anime, as well as which sequences are essential and which ones may be omitted. 

Due to the fact that Mitsuri is presented during this scene, they would either have to entirely bypass her opening to the arc or radically alter it; while the former possibility is possible, the latter appears highly improbable taking into consideration how the anime has been structured up until this point.



Nevertheless, due to the stupid criticism from certain fans, which has very much infuriated us, such as that moment with Nezuko, we would truly want to have the scene animated.

Nezuko was an example of this. We all understand that the creators of anime don’t really give a hoot about Western fans, and given that the bulk of negative feedback originates in the United States, they’ll probably make the adaptation due to their desire to or they won’t do it at all because they don’t want to. 

Fortunately, Japan isn’t really America, and the overly dramatic aspects of the cancel culture have not yet made their way to the Land of the Rising Sun or the world of anime.

To cut a long tale brief, the creators could perhaps consider animating the sequence, however only if they believe it to be essential.


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Will The Scene of Mitsuri Take a Bath Be Cut From the Anime, Or Will It Be Included in The Third Season?

First things first, we need to ask ourselves why it is necessary to get rid of it in the first place. Is there no clothing on at all? Nah. Is it sexually inappropriate or disgusting to do so in any war? The answer is no; she’s now taking a bath. 


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We are going to assume that the naysayers take their showers nude, right? Is it on the cusp of hentai, or does it cross over totally? Never in a million years! Therefore, why exactly should a scenario like that ever be taken out?

Because the arguments of these organizations have already been outlined in the prior chapters, we will not be talking over them once more here. We feel the need to clarify that the assertion that the bath scene would be deleted from the anime after the release of Season 3 is completely devoid of any foundation whatsoever. 

To begin, the art of anime hasn’t been influenced by the culture of the West, and as someone who has been a fan of anime since he was in his late 20s, I can affirm that I am familiar with the subgenre.

From Son Goku’s urinating moments in Dragon Ball to Mayuri Kurotsuchi cleaning up Nemu in Bleach to the female protagonists in One Piece, the universe of anime is packed with stuff that is on the verge of being considered sexual, the majority of which is utilized in a setting that is quite comedic.

As such, it fits well within the target audience for shonen manga and anime and may be considered a description of the shonen genre. 

And although Western cartoons seldom go too far, Western live-action programs, particularly those that are viewed by both kids and adults, have a lot of material, nakedness, and violent content that is far more unsuitable than a girl swimming in a bathtub. In what manner should she have carried it out? Are you dressed in full?


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The second point is that Japanese animators do not actually give this type of feedback from the West that much consideration. 

Thankfully, Japan is not the same as the United States in this regard; instead, they have a universe of their unique, a society of their own, and a population that not only anticipates but also wants such scenarios to occur.

It’s not because it contains unsuitable content; rather, it’s because it represents a cultural and creative perspective that contributed to the uniqueness of anime. 

And before you ask, no, we are not suggesting that comparative nakedness is really what gives anime exactly what it is. What we’re actually arguing is that the rebellious approach that anime has regarding the cultural norms that are prevalent in the West is what gives anime so unique approach.

Lastly, the animators of Demon Slayer have, up to this point, demonstrated that they are faithful to the original manga. 

They have demonstrated sequences that aren’t actually suitable for some viewers (such as the slaughter of the Kamado family), but they have done so with hardly any doubt.

Because of this, we believe that they will not be hesitant to broadcast the moment with Mitsuri even at this late stage, since it is likely to be highly amusing and will be totally in character, given the essence of Mitsuri’s Breathing Style and her general fun.

In conclusion, the contention that Demon Slayer is a program geared at younger audiences is not only unconvincing but also fundamentally flawed. The shonen genre is not appropriate for younger readers since it is written for adolescents and young adults. 


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Demon Slayer does not actually push the boundaries of what a youngster of any age is able to watch comfortably from the canon of a shonen anime, which includes all of its episodes. Despite the scene with Mitsuri taking a bath.

Furthermore, the contradicting dishonesty of these complaints cannot be ignored; these men have no difficulty with an entire family being killed on screen, along with many very small kids, or humanoid demons getting their heads cut off straight after they’ve fed the guts of genuine people, however, a girl in a bath is troublesome?  Yeah right LOL.

As a result of all of these considerations, we do not believe that the scenario in which Mitsuri takes a bath will be subjected to censorship and, as a result, eliminated from the anime series.

All that we understand leads to the notion that the sequence will not be deleted from the anime’s 3rd season, and we will get into that topic in a little more depth in the following paragraph. For the time being, however, all that we can say is that the scenario will be included in the coming season.



Where Can I Find the Scene Where Mitsuri Takes a Bath?

The event that we have been discussing in the earlier parts of this post took place in Chapter 100 of the Demon Slayer manga, which is entitled “Go to the Village!”. 


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Since this is the opening chapter of the Swordsmith Village Arc, you may anticipate that the scene will be included in either the first or second episode of Season 3 if the artists opt to incorporate it.

Final Thoughts

We humans as a species are prone to criticizing everything, and this is the case with this anime, specifically this scene as well. We don’t see anything unusual in this scene, and considering what other material is available and easily accessible to our children online, we think that seeing Mitsuri’s bath scene is the least that we should worry about.