Most Powerful Demon Moons In Demon Slayer (RANKED BY POWER!)

The Lower and Upper Moon demons in Demon Slayer are combined to form the 12 Kizuki, who are among the most powerful demons seen in any series.

In almost every piece of fantasy ever written, demons have always been seen as being innately terrifying. 

Nevertheless, the demons in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba are much more fearsome than the majority of the others. 

Some of the most seasoned slayers are likely to have trouble sleeping as a result of the unpredictability of their Blood Demon Arts, their warped worldviews, and their horrific aesthetics.



Demon King Muzan Kibutsuji selects the strongest demons to have a chance at gaining further power by swallowing his real blood. These demons are chosen by hand. 

These are the 12 demon moons, and they are arranged in a hierarchical structure with 6 higher levels and 6 lower levels. 

They are all very powerful, and they were able to give some of the Hashira who was considered to be the most powerful in the Corps a fight for their cash.

11. Kyogai Assaulted His Rival Using His Drums While Also Using Them To Manipulate Their Environment

Lower Moon 6

In the past, Kyogai was the lower-ranking of the 6 moons. In spite of the fact that he was expelled due to his handicap, he demonstrated a higher level of fighting prowess than the majority of the remaining lower ranks.

The drums that were embedded in Kyogai’s body gave him the ability to spin the space he was in, which helped him throw off his opponents.


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In addition to that, Kyogai’s drums have the ability to produce lightning-fast cutting strikes and even transfer everybody in the house to a separate room. 

Because of his intrinsic abilities, he had a home advantage over Tanjiro and the rest of the group, who found him to be one of the most difficult demons they faced.

10. Rui Developed a Powerful Spider Family and Made It Necessary for a Hashira to Defeat Her

Lower Moon 5

Throughout the story arc of Demon Slayer that took place on Mount Natagumo, Rui became the 1st Muzan’s 12 kizuki to show up in the story. 


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On the mountain, Rui used his Blood Demon Art to ensnare and imprison a number of lower-level demons in his web. In exchange for saving their lives, he took them in as members of his family.

A little portion of his blood bestowed greater strength on less powerful demons and enabled his improvised family to constantly kill hundreds of slayers. In the kizuki, Rui had the position of lower-ranking 5.

Because of the number of problems he produced for Tanjiro and Nezuko, their latent skills were brought into play as a direct result. They would have suffered a loss in the event that Giyu had never shown up at the scene.

9. Enmu’s Dream Manipulation Quickly Made Him The Greatest Lower Moon “Player”

Lower Moon 1

Enmu was the sole demon to make it through Muzan’s ruthless culling of the lower-rank demons and live to tell the tale.

Since he was the demon with the lesser rank, Muzan reasoned that he should provide him with the opportunity to demonstrate that he deserved to obtain a greater quantity of his blood.


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All through Mugen Train, Enmu’s Demon Blood Art was the highlight of the performance. 

He put everyone on the train to fall asleep and then led a group of people with insomnia into the slayers’ dreams, where they were able to find their spiritual center, destroy it, and then murder the slayers.

It needed a team effort from numerous slayers to safeguard the passengers from him since he is undoubtedly the most powerful lower-rank demon.

8. Because He Lacked Expertise With His Blood Art, Kaigaku Thought That He Was Inferior To His Predecessors

Upper Moon 6

Even if every member of the Demon Slayer Corps puts in a lot of effort to protect mankind from demons, it doesn’t mean that everyone in the Corps always has the greatest of intentions. Zenitsu has been in class with Kaigaku in the past.

They were students under Jigoro Kuwajima at the same time. Kaifaku was resentful that Jigoro had picked both of them to succeed him as his successor because he wanted all of the accolades for himself.


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Most of the Thunder Breathing Techniques may be performed by Kaigaku, with the exception of the 1st style. 

The title of Hashira was never bestowed upon him, and he willingly allowed himself to be transformed into a demon in order to increase his might.

Even while he lacks expertise with Blood Demon Art, Muzan promoted him to the upper-rank 6 due to the fact that his strength was so great.

7. Gyutaro and Daki Were Inseparable and Had One of the Series’ Most Heartbreaking Histories

Upper Moon 6

Upon becoming demons, Gyutaro and Daki got to share the upper-rank 6 titles and lived together as a single entity. Throughout most of the story arc that took place in the Entertainment District, they were the stars of the show and astonished the crowd with their raw might.


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The fact that Gyutaro and Daki were both so formidable led spectators to speculate about the prowess of the other members of the higher levels. In order to defeat them, required the concerted efforts of the core trio, which consisted of Nezuko, Tengen Uzui, and all three of his wives.

There is little doubt that Gyutaro was the more powerful of the two siblings, but Daki’s capabilities should not be underestimated in any way.

6. Gyokko Would Engage in Dazzling Strikes that Were Designed to Overwhelm His Adversaries

Upper Moon 6

In Muzan’s system of twelve kizuki, Gyokko is the fifth and highest-ranking kizuki. He always added a unique twist to each of his assaults, and he had some very impressive talents overall. 


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It appeared as if he was infatuated with arts and crafts, since he frequently incorporated these abilities into his fighting style. Gyokko had water-related abilities as well.

Gyokko was able to defeat his enemies by tricking them into falling into water traps, traveling between handcrafted ornamental pots, and summoning demons that resembled fish. 

He came dangerously close to defeating Muichiro, the younger version of Mist Hashira. Upon triggering his Demon Slayer Mark, thankfully, he was able to dispose of him in a prompt and decisive manner.

5. When Hantengu Finally Revealed His True Self, He Had 1st Projected an Image of Weakness

Upper Moon 4

The four-star Hantengu is the highest-ranking of the 12 kizuki. It may not be immediately clear why Hantengu was given this responsibility, but during the course of the series, he has shown to be one of the most fearsome adversaries.


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Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, Tanjiro, and Nezuko, as well as Genya who was armed with a rifle, had a difficult time defeating this adversary.

Although Hantengu was timid, this trait served to fuel his might. The Blood Demon Art that he practiced split him apart into his fundamental feelings.

When his vulnerabilities were exposed, his anger could take control and he could lash out at anybody who stood in his way.


4. The Fact that Nakime Was Capable of Rearranging the Castle Made It Very Difficult to Negotiate with Her

Upper Moon 4

After Hantengu was defeated, Nakime was promoted to the upper rank 4 positions as a reward. 

She has the ability to reorganize the Infinity Castle just by strumming her biwa, and she may transfer herself quickly to any location she chooses. Additionally, she had the ability to transport other individuals.

It turned out to be quite difficult to locate Nakime when we tried to look for her. In addition to this, she was able to escape the sun, which prevented the demon slayers from using their most effective weapon.



Her Blood Demon Art wasn’t extremely scary, but she was able to transport her enemies anyplace she desired, even a tatami full of ravenous demons if she really wanted to.

3. Akaza Had Sufficient Strength to Defeat a Hashira

Upper Moon 3

Akaza was a master of martial arts who was so powerful that he was able to defeat Kyojuro Rengoku, also known as the Flame Hashira. According to him, he was also responsible for the death of another Hashira.



In the course of the whole series, Akaza was consistently regarded as among the most dangerous rivals. Even while his appearance at the end of Mugen Train was more than enough horrifying on its own, the final fight against him was difficult.

Additionally, Akaza has one of the most terrible backstories of the series, which is something that most fans who simply watch the anime might not even actually know about him.

Before Muzan had ever come across him, he had already called him a demon for the mere reason that he was powerful enough to slay hundreds of skilled warriors with only his hands.

2. Doma Was Not Only Powerful But Cruel As Well

Upper Moon 2

In the company of the 12 kizuki, Doma was without a doubt the most malevolent demon. Hardly anything was too absurd for him to handle given his position as the upper-rank 2.


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His mouth was blown to smithereens by Akaza, and his body simply disintegrated after receiving a lethal dosage of Wisteria poison, yet nothing of these things fazed him in the least. 

It appeared that he was taking pleasure in every aspect of his demon existence.

Doma was to blame for the deaths of many individuals who were very important to the Corps, such as Kanae Kocho and Inosuke’s mother. 

The collaborative effort and meticulous preparation were necessary for his demise. There is little doubt that he is one of the most powerful demons encountered during the course of the series.


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1. The Combination of Kokushibo’s Breathing Techniques and Blood Demon Arts Helped Him Gain His Place At the Top of the Rankings

Upper Moon 1

Throughout the Sengoku period, Kokushibo was known for his work as a demon slayer. He eventually transformed into a demon but kept most of his expertise in swordsmanship. 


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He merged his Breathing Techniques with Blood Demon Art, and as a result, he rose to the status of Upper-Rank 1 among the Twelve Kizuki.

Kokushibo revealed that the reason he turned into a demon was cause he wished to outlast the lifetime that was predicted for him once he triggered his Flame Mark. 

It may come as a surprise, but Kokushibo is also connected to Muichiro, the Mist Hashira. He was able to have a kid before he passed away, and Muichiro is a member of his family to this day.