Most Powerful Hashira In Demon Slayer (RANKED BY POWER!)

The Hashira are widely considered to be the most powerful Demon Slayers currently active. The rankings are as follows for all of them.

Within the Demon Slayer Corps, the Hashira are known as the most powerful members. They are the most powerful fighters that the organization has, and their mission is to wipe out demons. 

Kagaya Ubuyashiki is their leader, and because of this, he will only accept the most powerful individuals into the Corps.


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The Hashira are constantly looking for new member to take their place and learn their methods so that they may pass them on to someone else once they die or retire. 

This custom is kept alive to ensure that the Corps constantly has access to more capable aircraft as time goes on. 

To qualify as a Hashira, an individual must either conquer one of the Twelve Kizuki or 50 demons, all while enduring rigorous training which would require a normal person 5 years to complete.



A warning: the following contains spoilers for Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer.

12. Hashira is Mitsuri’s Love Hashira

The Love Hashira title currently belongs to Mitsuri. As a result of her one-of-a-kind breathing method, she has probably dispatched a good number of adversaries throughout her tenure in the Corps. 


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In spite of the fact that she is known as the Love Hashira, Mitsuri is fearless when facing up against a demon.

Rather, she demonstrates that she is a lethal opponent in a fight. Mitsuri has unique fighting abilities in addition to having skin that is about 8 times thick than that of a typical person. 

Mitsuri’s strength skyrockets whenever she uses her Demon Slayer Mark because of the exponential boost it provides.

Mitsuri is a warm-hearted and enthusiastic individual who never misses an opportunity to show appreciation for those around her. 

She appears to be too concerned with her romantic relationships and is incessantly looking for a partner to marry. 


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Fans are in agreement that her connection with Obanai Iguro is lovely, despite the fact that she has not had much success in her role.

11. The Flower Hashira Was Kanae Kocho

In her time in the Demon Slayer Corps, Kanae served as Flower Hashira. She is also the sister of Shinobu Kocho, a previous member of the Insect Pillar position. 

Kanae was among the handful of Demon Slayers that had a “level head” and could be seen walking around with a charming grin on her face.



She is a compassionate and kind young lady, and she makes it a point to look for her sisters, Shinobu, as well as the Kanao Tsuyuru that they have adopted.

Kanae had the sincere wish that throughout her lifetime, the world would develop to the point where mankind as well as demons might live together in harmony, regardless of the fact that they had a bloody past in common.

Although Kanae hasn’t been spotted to engage in combat very much throughout the series, the fact that she is a Hashira attests to her prowess in the arena.


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10. Jigoro Kuwajima Was Previously Known As “Roaring” Hashira

Zenitsu is mentored by Jigoro Kuwajima. He had been known as the Thunder Hashira in the past, but his nickname was the “Roaring” Hashira. Because he is now an old man, he is noticeably frailer than he was when he was at the peak of his life.



In his prime, he was a formidable adversary thanks to his Lightning Breathing ability. Unfortunately, he was forced to resign due to his advanced age and severe injuries.

Despite this, he has shown himself to be an excellent mentor. Because he has a great deal of expertise in the art of demon killing, it is only natural that he developed into an amazing teacher and now shares his experience and knowledge with younger individuals. 

Jigoro considers it his duty to train future generations of Demon Slayers for the battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, and he does it in the belief that it is his obligation.


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9. Shinobu Kocho Turned Out To Be Hashira, An Insect

Shinobu was a slightly unusual individual even among the other members of the Demon Slayer Corps. She was once known as Hashira, the Insect.

In contrast to other Demon Slayers, she is notably lacking in the physical power required to separate a demon’s head from its body. 


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In spite of this, she honed a vicious and penetrating combat technique as a means of retaliation.

Shinobu chooses to engage in battle using injectable drugs rather than engaging in actual conflict. Those chemicals frequently result in confusion and, in the worst cases, death. 

She has a good understanding of the therapeutic qualities as well as the impacts that particular herbs might have. 


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Shinobu makes effective use of her ability during combat, making her a valuable member of the Corps’ medical team.

8. The Mist Hashira Was Actually Muichiro

Mist Hashira once went by the name of Muichiro Tokito. He has shown to be a very valuable asset to the Demon Slayer Corps. 

Muichiro is a stoic individual who feels that emotions have no place in the process of vanquishing demons. 


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He accomplishes his assignments by employing rationality. On the other hand, he has publicly disputed similar thoughts a number of times.

Because he regularly allows himself to get taken away by his internal thinking and wanders away completely on his own, he gives the impression of being fairly absent-minded.


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Despite this, Muichiro is a very powerful demon slayer. With the assistance of his Demon Slayer Mark, Muichiro was successful in single-handedly vanquishing an Upper Moon.

7. The Serpent Hashira Is Obanai Iguro

Within the Demon Slayer Corps, Obanai is currently serving as the Serpent Hashira. He ends up taking his responsibilities extremely severely and adheres scrupulously to all of the laws that are now in effect.

When it comes to publicly criticize and reprimanding individuals of the Corps who might not obey the regulations, he has no compunctions whatsoever. 


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Obanai is a fundamentalist who has been known to inspire his fellow soldiers to follow in his footsteps and give their lives for the Corps.

Because he doesn’t sensationalize anything, he might sometimes be seen as being too harsh. Having said that, he does sincerely care about other people, particularly Mitsuri. 

Obanai is an experienced fighter, and the Serpent Breathing tactics he uses to make him very dangerous.

Obanai has shown that he is deserving of the role of Hashira regardless of his diminutive height and insufficient physical power.


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6. Sakonji Used to Be Water Hashira in the Past

In the past, Sakonji served as the Water Hashira. When he resigned, Giyu was his replacement, and he provided significant training to the person who is now serving as Water Hashira. In addition to that, he became Tanjiro’s true master.


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Sakonji is an accomplished swordsman who has a “wealth” of experience and information to share with others who are coming up through the ranks. He serves as both a sensei and a mentor to a number of prospective demon slayers.

Because he and Tanjiro both had highly developed senses of smell, he assisted Tanjiro in developing his abilities further. 

Furthermore, Sakonji instructed Giyu and Tanjiro in the Water Breathing Technique that he had developed.

Sakonji definitely has remarkable strength despite the fact that he is a senior citizen at this point in his life. Even though Sakonji is beyond his prime, he is still capable of putting up a respectable fight.


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5. Tengen Uzui Was The Sound Hashira

Until he was pressured to retire as a result of wounds sustained during his bout against Daki and Gyutaro, Tengen Uzui held the title of Sound Hashira. He is known for his flamboyance and his drive to constantly differentiate himself from the rest of the throng.



Until he retired, he was considered one of the most powerful Hashira. Tengen, who came from a long line of shinobi, was put through grueling training when he was young, and just a handful of his siblings managed to survive it.

His training as a shinobi has provided him with the skilled agility necessary to kill demons. Because of his tactics involving sound breathing, he has a significantly enhanced ability to hear, which gives him a tremendous advantage over his enemies.

In addition to that, he was an effective leader. Shortly after he had retired, Tengen continued to make efforts to help the Corps.



4. Giyu Tomioka Is The Reigning Water Hashira

Giyu received his education from Sakonji, who instructed him on how to become proficient in the Water Breathing methods. 

He has gone a great distance in terms of understanding these skills and has already shown several times that he is a powerful slayer.


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Nearly every monster with which he comes into contact is powerless in the face of his prowess. Giyu’s power grows to an even greater extent whenever his Demon Slayer Mark is triggered.

The only reason he seems emotionally detached and guarded is due to his trouble explaining himself, so “don’t take it personally” if you get that impression from him. In reality, he is a good-hearted and honest person.

Giyu is undeniably one of the most powerful demon slayers who has ever lived due to the combination of his genuine demeanor and overwhelming physical prowess.


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3. Gyomei Himejima Is Identified As The Stone Hashira

The name “Gyomei” indicates that he is a calm and composed individual who has an iron will. Kagaya Ubuyashiki is responsible for Gyomei’s recruitment, and she is the Stone Hashira.


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The official records of the series state that Gyomei’s physical talents are incomparable to those of any of his contemporaries. 

Gyomei is the epitome of a loving gargantuan despite his intimidating height of 7 feet 2 inches and a half inches.

Because of a frightening experience he had as a youngster, he developed an interest in exorcising demons. 

Sadly, when she was staying in a temple alongside several orphans, a demon attacked and killed the majority of the youngsters who were there.

Even so, Gyomei managed to live, and the fact that he had to watch his companions perish infuriated him. 

In spite of the fact that he had no prior knowledge at this moment, he rushed toward the demon, and he quickly learned that he had remarkable physical strength.


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Gyomei is undeniably a powerful combatant because of his Demon Slayer Mark and his extensive repertoire of Breathing Techniques.

2. The Flame Hashira Was Kyojuro Rengoku

The Kyojuro was the Hashira of the Flame. In spite of the fact that Kyojuro lost his battle with Akaza in the final, he successfully demonstrated his formidable abilities and unbreakable spirit.


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Kyojuro was taught that it is the responsibility of the powerful to look out for the welfare of the weaker while he was growing up. He never failed to approach his day-to-day responsibilities with a positive attitude and an upbeat outlook on the next day.

Kyojuro was a man who poured his heart and soul into all he accomplished and was constantly eager to provide a helping hand to a friend or neighbor in their time of need. It cannot be denied that he has a number of peculiar traits.


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Despite this, Kyojuro’s determination and power stood out among the rest of his characteristics. He became a powerful Hashira as a result of the immense training he put into his Flame Breathing technique, which enabled him to develop it into one of the deadliest weapons in the series.

1. Sanemi Shinazugawa Is The Wind Hashira

Sanemi is Wind Hashira’s elder brother, while Genya is his younger sister. In spite of the fact that he is a Hashira, he is the kind of person who gets off on the adrenaline rush of a good battle. He gives the impression of being difficult to appease, and it is simple to provoke his wrath.



Sanemi has a deep-seated phobia of demons as a result of a series of horrific experiences with them. He rejects the idea that humans and demons could ever live together in harmony under any circumstances.

Sanemi is a ferocious combatant, and she has an unusual blood type that even the most powerful demons would find enticing. He frequently used this as bait to entice adversaries in so that he may quickly kill them.

Sanemi’s Wind Breathing methods are unparalleled, and when combined with his Demon Slayer Mark, he is essentially unbeatable in combat. Even though Sanemi is the Hashira with the highest strength, he isn’t the most powerful character in the Demon Slayer series.