BORUTO: 10 THINGS You Need To Know About JOUGAN!!!

In spite of the fact that its real power has not been disclosed in its fullness, a great deal about the eye has previously been disclosed regarding the Jougan.

The appearance of an older Boruto Uzumaki in a flash-forward piqued the imagination of the fans instantly, and many began to speculate about his appearance. 

Both his Jougan and his karma have been given names throughout the course of time.


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His Jougan remains a mystery to those who study it. There have only been a few instances when Boruto’s Jougan was already revealed to be engaged in battle. 

The full scope of this kekkei genkai has not been disclosed at this time.

It is stated that not maybe the people who designed the Jougan completely comprehend its capabilities and limitations. From what little we do know about the Jougan, we may infer that its eye has considerable strength. 

Although not all of the details of that power have been disclosed, a great deal of information on the eye of the Jougan has previously been disclosed.



10. Old Kekkei Genkai

It would seem that no one is aware of what the Jougan is, despite the fact that very few people have truly observed the eye. The Otsutsuki, on the other hand, acknowledge the Jougan without delay. 



It is because of this that some people believe the Jougan to be an ancient kind of kekkei genkai that hasn’t been spotted in many generations of people.

It’s possible that the Jougan has been hibernating for many decades. It is possible that Boruto will have no choice but to seek answers from the Otsutsuki given that they are the last ones who can comprehend his eye. There is a good chance that the Otsutsuki will not be particularly cooperative with facts.


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9. Ability Of Jougan

It has been discovered that the Jougan has the ability to detect and pick up on chakra. In the Naruto series, chakra is the source of strength that ninjas draw from to develop their various techniques. 



Boruto is capable to trace a particular chakra signature by using his sight.

It’s feasible that in the future, Boruto may be able to follow anybody with the use of his eye. Just by seeing the chakra network of another individual, he may likewise be capable of engaging in hostile behavior.

There is a hypothesis that suggests it has skills that are a combination of those of the Sharingan and the byakugan. The Jougan’s true capabilities won’t be fully understood until much more time has passed.


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8. Having Mastery Over The Jougan

It is demonstrated that the adolescent version of Boruto has complete command of both the Jougan and the Karma. 


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The youthful Boruto does not yet have complete mastery of any of these 2 things. It was clear that Sasuke, Hinata, and Neji had a firm grasp over their own kekkei genkais even while they were still young and naive.

Even though Boruto is unable to exercise authority over the Jougan at the moment, he will soon be able to do so. 



At this point, followers can just speculate about what challenges Boruto will need to overcome in order to perfect that complete control.

Both Boruto’s Jougan and his karma manifest themselves at random; nevertheless, he will one day be capable to exercise control over the Jougan.


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7. The Origin and Significance of the Name

Before one of Jougan’s designers shared some knowledge regarding it on social networks, very little was available about the thing. A straightforward drawing of Boruto with some text put at the bottom of the page was made public. 


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After further investigation, it was discovered that this was in fact the identity of Boruto’s eye.

The meaning of the term “Jougan,” which may also be spelled “Jogan” in English, is “pure eye.” The authors of Boruto have not yet disclosed the reason why the Kekkei Genkai is referred to as the pure eye. 


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When the eyeballs’ whole capabilities have been unveiled, maybe the meaning of their name will become clear.

6. Creation Of Byakugan

Fans are aware that Masashi Kishimoto often releases information that is not accurate. He would intentionally mislead interviewers as well as readers of his literature by using false wording.


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In spite of what the show’s makers have said, there is a widespread belief among fans that the Jougan is in some way connected to the Byakugan.

The parallels between the Jougan and the byakugan have been brought to the attention of several admirers. Both in terms of their abilities and their looks, they are comparable. 

As with the Byakugan, the Jougan is only understood by those Otsutsuki who also possess the Byakugan.

Regardless of the fact that fans have been informed differently, some continue to assume that the Jougan might possibly be an enhanced development of the Byakugan.


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5. The Connection to the Byakugan

Boruto’s mother’s family has a long history of using the byakugan. It is well known that the power has been passed down to Boruto’s younger sister. 


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The author of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, states that he neglected to grant Boruto the ability to use the Byakugan, despite the fact that he had initially intended to provide Boruto with that capability.

The authors of Boruto have claimed several times that the Jougan and the Byakugan are not connected in any way. 

It has been suggested that this kekkei genkai is either something entirely new or something that is far too ancient to be considered a part of what is understood. 

Therefore, according to canonical lore, the Jougan and the Byakugan have no connection.



4. Genetic Theory

It is known that Kaguya Otsutsuki fathered 2 sons. The progenitor of Naruto is said to have descended from one of her sons. Hinata’s family tree includes the other son as an ancestor. 


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Because of this, Boruto can trace his ancestry back to Kaguya via both of his parents.

There is a hypothesis that, due to his background, Boruto may have acquired Otsutsuki genes to a greater extent than other people.

It’s possible that Boruto’s genes are responsible for the Jougan. If this is the case, then it is likely that Boruto’s Otsutsuki ancestry has provided him with additional abilities. 

It’s possible that Boruto is the only one who could well be considered a credible danger to the Otsutsuki clan.



3. Gentle Fist

The Hyuga clan’s combat style is known as the “gentle fist,” and it is distinct from other styles. 

It is necessary to have the byakugan in order to use the chakra-blocking qualities of the “gentle fist”. Since childhood, people have drawn comparisons between Boruto’s fighting technique and that of his mother.


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However, Boruto isn’t expected to be capable to utilize the chakra-blocking technique since he doesn’t have the byakugan. 

In the future, it is likely that Boruto will be capable of employing all of the Hyuga techniques. This is because the Jougan has the ability to unveil the chakra network.

Because of this, it is possible that Boruto will need to depend on his maternal kin to provide him with the whole training he needs to utilize his jougan.



2. Blue Eyes

When Momoshiki is about to engage in his final fight, he makes a prophecy, saying, “Those blue eyes of yours will take everything from you.” The interpretation of this prophecy has not been disclosed at this time; nonetheless, there may be a connection to the Jougan.


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And besides, the Jougan is typically represented as having a coloration that is between blue and white. The Otsutsuki consider Boruto’s Jougan to be a source of difficulty as well.

There is a chance that this troubling designation and the prophecy are connected to one another in some way. 

It’s possible that the blue-eyed prophecy has more to do with his Jougan than it does with his eye color, despite the fact that the Jougan can only be found in one eye.



1. The Relationship with Toneri

Hanabi is taken hostage by Toneri Otsutsuki in the film adaptation of The Last: Naruto. Toneri, who is secretly attracted to Hinata, represents a significant risk to the planet’s environment. 


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During the time that Hinata is in his custody, he conducts an investigation on her that cannot be fully described.

There is a fan hypothesis that suggests Toneri may have tampered with Hinata’s DNA in some way. Many readers are under the impression that this was the cause of the Jougan in Boruto. 

Even if this turns out to be nothing more than a hypothesis, there is little doubt that Toneri is maintaining a close check on Boruto. 

His unusual obsession with Boruto has never been adequately explained, although it very well might have something to do with the Jougan.