Best FEMALE Anime Characters (BASED ON FANS!!!)

Which female figure from the world of anime, ranging from the sweet to the sinister, was the favorite among fans?

With quite a promising beginning to the year 2022, popular anime films including Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer, amongst many others, have brought to light a large number of compelling female characters in the medium of anime.

Despite the fact that male heroes in anime are nevertheless, for the most part, the norm, the medium continues to provide a variety of intriguing female protagonists that can’t resist but seize the spotlight.

Regardless of the story or the genre of the Japanese anime, female anime heroines have a way of winning over the hearts of viewers. This may range from courageous leading women to emotionally taxing love affairs.


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Several anime ladies have proven to be popular favorites among anime enthusiasts and supporters on Ranker, regardless of the fact that they are not always in the starring position in their respective series.

Note that the Ranker lists are always active and remain to accumulate votes; thus, it is possible that some ranks have altered since this article was published.

10. Akame: Akame Ga Kill!

The protagonists of this violent anime are a band of assassins who plot their uprising versus a criminal government. Akame, the protagonist of the manga and anime series Akame Ga Kill!, is a person who, at 1st glance, seems to be a heartless murderer.


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Nevertheless, she has significantly more complex than it seems, and she frequently represses her feelings. This means that although audiences get to witness her ruthless and lethal side of her during epic combat scenes, there is additionally a mix of emotions present as well.

Because of the harmony that exists inside her character, she is without a doubt among the most potent characters in the program. Due to the fact that the audience will be following her development throughout the series, she will be simple to watch and enjoy.


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9. Mai Sakurajima: Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

The plot of such a comedy-drama anime series portrays the lives of a high school student whose world is turned upside down when he comes face to face with a wild bunny girl who is unseen to everyone else in his immediate vicinity.


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Fans believe her times of ready embarrassment to be the most adorable, even though Mai Sakurajima, the heroine, and protagonist of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, frequently appears as a pleasant yet serious girl. 

Her portrayal may be considered more realistic than that of a standard anime character, and the fact that she earned Crunchyroll’s Best Girl award, making her the website’s 8th best girl in 2019, is evidence of the appeal of her character among fans.

8. Sasha Braus: Attack On Titan

Humanity is on the verge of annihilation, and the only way to protect themselves from the man-eating Titans is to hide behind walls. 


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Despite having less screen time than some of the remaining heroes in Attack on Titan, Sasha Blouse rose to prominence very fast and became a fan favorite despite the fact that she was one of the most important supporting characters.

In the middle of a serious and, at times, weighty series, Sasha, who is lovingly referred to as Potato Girl, often delivers the much-needed humorous relaxation that the audience craves. 

Her overexcited passion for snacks and social connections with several protagonists formed her among the most loveable and quite well people on the show. 

7. Mikasa Ackerman: Attack On Titan

The fact that Mikasa Ackerman is the most well-liked female character in Attack on Titan is due, in part, to the fact that she is a character that is founded on love and devotion, and that she is dedicated to the central protagonist, Eren.


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In spite of the fact that these characteristics of her persona could suggest that she is relegated to the background, this assessment is very inaccurate given that she is firmly established by her formidable mental fortitude and physical prowess. 

Fans are drawn to her not just because of her tough exterior but also because of the kind heart they see inside her.

6. Yumeko Jabami: Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami, the alluring protagonist of the anime series Kakegurui, is the ideal illustration of a character from a manga or anime show that may be recognized by someone who has not absolutely seen that manga or anime series. In this suspenseful anime, the pupils in a school for gambling are ranked according to how much money they have won.


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Her obsession with the excitement of gaming is apparently both overdone and genuine, and the combination of her lethal and scary emotions serves to pull the viewer in. She is a prodigious gambler and she has an unusual personality. 

Even though she perhaps isn’t the most morally upstanding protagonist in this anime series, she is undeniably one of the most intriguing, well-written, and powerful characters in the show.

5. Shōko Nishimiya: A Silent Voice

The female heroine of the immediate anime classic movie “A Silent Voice,” Shōko Nishimiya, immediately won over the hearts of viewers despite the fact that the story was not adapted into a television series. 


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The narrative of the film centers on the repercussions of harassment as well as the development of a relationship between 2 high school students, and it deals with a variety of weighty subjects.

She is clinically deaf, yet despite this disability, she exudes a very endearing quality owing to the fact that she has a kind heart. 

Despite the fact that she may not possess a very robust presence, she yet managed to forge meaningful ties with her followers. 

Her individual challenges with both her mental and physical well-being kept her empathetic and relevant to viewers, which helped her become firmly established as one of the most compelling female characters in anime today.


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4. Nezuko Kamado: Demon Slayer

The female lead of Demon Slayer is without a doubt the most well-known and well-liked female character in all of anime. 


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Regardless of the reality that she was transformed into a demon, she maintains a kind and compassionate demeanor for her brother, Tanjiro, which endears her to the audience very quickly.

Even though she doesn’t receive as much screen time as the other major characters, she still gets to have a significant effect whenever she does come on screen. 

This is true whether it’s because of the pure moments she has or the recent dramatic alterations she has through.



3. Nobara Kugisaki: Jujutsu Kaisen

One of the main female prospects in the activity sequence Jujutsu Kaisen Nobara originally stood out among many of certain protagonists in the tv series for becoming the subject of the finest representations of a powerful female position. 



The fictional anime that concentrates on a secret group that is defined to eliminate the world of devilish curses features Nobara as among the female leads.

She additionally gives a great deal of comedic relief and is never bashful about expressing her thoughts and ideas. 

In addition to this, her unique abilities provide a visual dimension of intrigue, and regardless of the fact that she is up against formidable opposition, she shines as one of the most compelling female figures.


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2. Shinobu Kocho: Demon Slayer

The protagonists of this immensely famous fantasy anime are a bunch of demon slayers; yet, the show places a significant emphasis on the humanity that lies behind each character. 



Fans have developed a strong affinity for Hashira Shinobu Kocho, regardless of the fact that she has only appeared in a supporting role in the anime thus far.

Fans are drawn into her character, particularly when combined with her quiet stoic essence, which is lethal, because she retains the nasty aspects of herself, in specific her anger at the past. 

This is one of the elements of her character that is among the most intriguing features of her identity. Her persona is shrouded in a great deal of secrecy, and viewers of anime are anxious to learn more about what the future holds for her.


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1. Violet Evergarden: Violet Evergarden

In the aftermath of a devastating war, the protagonist of this brief anime series searches for both an understanding of who she is and the significance of love. 


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Violet Evergarden, the main protagonist in this anime that shares the same name, is a persona who viewers and enthusiasts really can attach to on a profound level since they pursue her voyage across the feelings peaks, and valleys of the plot line. 

Violet Evergarden’s character is a reflection of the series’s gorgeousness across its whole, and despite the fact that the anime is just a few episodes long, the dramatic backstory that surrounds her establishes her as a fan favorite among those who like watching anime.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you can see the list of the best anime female characters. We hope you will like this list.